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  1. The biggest guest announcement thread sadly is now full of sadness - I cant believe this Adam West RIP
  2. Now OBVIOUSLY, this is a massive guest announcement and clearly one heck of a major headlining guest! HOLY #CATWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry force of habit) HOLY BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Lets face it it could near enough be anyone that would be realistic at a con like this, I'm not reading too much into the whole way the graphics are laid out or indeed the wording because it could be a red herring to throw perceptive peeps off the trail. I'd be really happy if Adam Hughes was the big guest, but, alas a geek can dream :)
  4. I'm really surprised that no one else has commented on this thread about how wonderful a guest announcement this is, admittedly being a child of the eighties I grew up watching and enjoyed watching Spitting Image and its always nice to meet those wonderful people behind or indeed under those #Latex creations and for so long Jessicas name would be at the end of the credits on Spitting Image. There was at one point I did watch doctor who and the most memorable moment was the end sequence where Jessica scared the bejeesus out of me LOLZ! Finally, now, there is a wonderfully decent guest who will now see me want to attend to meet am really looking forward to this brilliant opportunity :)
  5. A TRUE headlining guest if ever there was one, and at a very cheap price as well, will be a true honour to meet such an iconic legend. IMO Stuntpeople are the unsung heroes.
  6. Its not often one is winded and in temporary shock when they hear of a passing... This happened a few moments ago when I heard the VERY sad and tragic news of a chap, a gentleman and someone whom I addressed directly to his face a few years back at LFCC as: "A National Treasure." There are no words to describe how so many of us must be feeling right now Ironically I was only watching "1984" a few days ago and because of recent OTHER events it just has much more prominence now Dearest John, Rest In Peace Sir, Thank you for everything. Thoughts go out to his Family, Friends, work colleagues and legions of fans everywhere. "DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER!"
  7. Can a mod change the title of my post to: Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds are together now RIP There are no wordsm, absolutely no words
  8. As if this last week hasn't been horrid enough - now dearly departed Princess Fishers Mom, Debbie has been rushed to hospital following a possible stroke Really praying and sending the best to her- hasnt her family suffered enough this week?
  9. Am numb with shock and tears streming down my face - cant believe it, this has hit us all hard There are noo words As I said on twitter earlier: In tears here :'( @carrieffisher we #Love you and will continue to do so. The Force will be with #CarrieFisher always #StarWars
  10. Sometime back I heard that they were going to be remaking old sitcoms, and practically had palpitations when I heard they were going to be doing a one off episode of Till Death Us Do Part, I was worried about who they'd get to be in the lead role, that of Alf Garnett and was so hoping that it wouldn't be the wrong choice. Last night on BBC Four the VERY CAPABLE Simon (most know him from The Fast Show) Day undertook the role of Alf Garnett, and straight from the get go I realised that this was by FAR the best choice, Simons look, the voice, the mannerisms, everything was just so spot on and without a doubt he did my Family proud- I certainly know my Grandma would have been happy with this. I'm really glad that Simon Day did Warren and the role of Alf SO much justice- and yes, I have publicly thanked Simon for this. :)
  11. I'm in tears here, 83. My thoughts go out to his Family and Friends at tjhis very sad time
  12. I heard Bruce Willis is a total jerk when he's not being filmed........ Bruce Willis is one of those names that is synonymous with being funny with signing, I've heard a great deal said about his signing habits and his collaboration with Kevin Smith is legendary- Smith is certainly not a fan. I heard a lot stuff said up to and including the day of the RED premiere which was held at the Southbank if I recall, this was in 2010, we were up the top by the stairs waiting for Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis to come up which they did they stopped for some promo pics and we were given the "He'll do some press then come back to you." it just so happened that the area where we were wasn't that crowded and so we could move position with ease there weren't many people there at all, and so we moved to opposite the press... And then Bruce came over to us with the proviso that he would sign one each, he did the frickin line!!!! He signed my Pulp Fiction steelbook and certainly was happy with that- still am. Not sure how he is these days with signing though.
  13. Kenny and Rusty at Empire (Showmasters) Day back in 2012 - they both brought down the house during their hysterical talk- it was Kenny who stole the show :)
  14. Its kinda hit me hard, this one, first met Kenny in 2007 and was a real pleasure to have met him again in 2010 and subsequent years since, all who met him met a wonderful guy who's personality shone onscreen - yep this is a tough pill to swallow at the moment. My thoughts go out to his Family, Friends and those within the Industry for this very sad loss RIP Kenny.
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