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Latest Guest Announcement: Daniel Mays

Attending: Sat ONLY

Autograph Price: £20

Photo Shoot Price: £20


*Good Omens - Arthur Young

*Rogue One - Tivik

*Dr Who 'Night Terrors' - Alex 

*Ashes to Ashes - Jim Keats 

*Line of Duty - Danny 

*The Adventures of Tintin - Allan/ Pirate Flunky 1 

*The Bank Job - Dave Shilling 

*Dad's Army - Walker 

*The Limehouse Golem - George Flood 

*Atonement - Tommy Nettle 

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7 minutes ago, greedo_uk said:

What was the series where he was on another planet (mars?) Which got scraped. Thought that was pretty good.

I think that might have been Outcasts.

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2 minutes ago, kerry452 said:

Can anyone see him on the photo op schedule? 

If he's not there then he will be on the next draft. Some of last nights guests isn't on the schedule yet.

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