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  1. MVronsky78


    Toby was nice to meet and we had a brief chat about his first TV role in the Camomile Lawn - which I very much enjoyed as a 17 year old when it first screened But for almost any actor whose first love is the theatre (as Toby's clearly is) they can often be dismissive of their screen work as opposed to stage. It's just one of those things.
  2. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN SIMM

    Agreed John Simm was very nice and had time for brief exchanges with everyone that I could see. Would definitely recommend meeting him - I didn't get, or thankfully need a Diamond Pass but the DP price for John was very fair. I had VQ 130 and met him just before 3pm. Apart from Tom Baker whose time was restricted, he was pretty much the most popular guest of the day that I could see. Ted Raimi also did very well.
  3. MVronsky78

    George Lazenby

    Roughly 9:45am, almost straightaway. So full marks to George for getting there early.
  4. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - JASON ISAACS

    Great guest, sounds like he was a treat to meet at the previous event.
  5. MVronsky78

    George Lazenby

    Sorry for the delay, yes sarcasm I'm afraid - I thanked him for coming and received no response to that nor a second polite remark. So at that point as a customer you just cut your losses and accept that you got what you paid for and nothing more! But he did ask if I wanted the same dedication on both my 8x10 and DVD sleeve so am grateful for that! My friend behind me in the queue didn't fare much better in terms of pleasantries either - but I'm not complaining, I got what I wanted and nice and early too - I just like being sarcastic
  6. MVronsky78

    What did you get signed?

    As well as a couple of others I have mentioned elsewhere I got signed 8x10s from Eddie Marsan, Sylvester McCoy, Lucy Davis, Keith Allen, John Simm and Toby Stephens. All were very pleasant and open and I probably had a couple of minutes chat with all of them. You can't really expect anything more from any event than that so all things considered LFCC Spring was a big hit with me. I hope SM run it again next year with the same balance of guests. I also had time to have a decent look around the stalls in mid-afternoon as well, which I never have time for in the summer!
  7. MVronsky78

    George Lazenby

    Yes, he was so shocked to meet me yesterday morning that he could barely utter a word! Nonetheless, was great indeed to meet a 007.
  8. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID WARNER

    Met David for the second time yesterday, what a lovely man he is. Charming, polite, never rushes anyone - and he has been in so many decent films. Was great to meet him again.
  9. MVronsky78

    RIP Gordon Banks

    Yes indeed, it was a privilege to meet him a couple of years ago. A great hero of 66 and beyond.
  10. What a brilliant guest, superb in The Opposite Of Sex and The Ice Storm, seems like yesterday that I saw those films in the cinema. Sadly, it wasn't...
  11. Great guest, not many bigger British films than Trainspotting and The Full Monty n the last 20 years!
  12. Yes, I had a feeling that was coming! Great price from Showmasters.
  13. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - JENNA COLEMAN

    Nice, who wouldn't want Jenna Coleman for Christmas? Hopefully I'll have seen her in 'All My Sons' by LFCC.
  14. And hopefully Sir Chef by then!! I might have to make my way to Birmingham.
  15. Wow! Great to see that Terence must have enjoyed himself last time in 2017! And cheaper for the Birmingham crowd too.