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  1. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALICE COOPER

    What the hell?! That is pretty awesome. Lock up your chickens though.
  2. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - IVANA BAQUERO

    Wow, the lead from one of the top ten films of the century so far - at least, according to the latest issue of Empire magazine. Great guest.
  3. MVronsky78

    Films watched in 2020

    Just Mercy 3/5 - Solidly made, but unsurprising, injustice drama set in the dreaded Alabama. A tad overlong but good performances from Michael B Jordan and Jamie Foxx. One to get your blood boiling!
  4. MVronsky78

    Films watched in 2020

    Bombshell 3.5/5 - slick, smartly acted drama about the scandal that engulfed Fox News, and Roger Ailes in particular in 2016. Charlize Theron dominates the film with her uncanny performance as Megyn Kelly, but John Lithgow is also excellent as Ailes - I'm surprised he hasn't been talked about more as an awards contender this season. Special mention to Nicole Kidman, who according to the end credits required no fewer than 4 assistants during the making of the film - impressive divaness by anyone's standards.
  5. MVronsky78

    Films watched in 2020

    1917 - 4/5. Technically a brilliantly made film, immersive and skilful in a similar fashion to Dunkirk. But similarly to Dunkirk, for some reason the film did not engage or move me as much as I thought it would, perhaps because the outcome is quite predictable once you get past the halfway point.
  6. MVronsky78

    New 2020 Dates London Film Fair.

    Worth noting though that the majority of the (elderly) guests tend to cease signing and leave the venue between 3 and 4pm, in my experience.
  7. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - HENRY THOMAS

    Excellent, thanks for bringing him to London, much needed by E.T. fans!
  8. MVronsky78

    Films watched in 2020

    At the cinema: Little Women 3/5 straightforward version of the classic novel, I was expecting more of a quirky treatment given Greta Gerwig directed, but she obviously has a lot of reverence for the material. Very likable cast. JoJo Rabbit 2/5 generally unfunny and one note satirical comedy that simply doesn't hit its targets effectively at all. A first mis-step from Taika Waititi.
  9. Quite the distinguished guest, many thanks!
  10. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM SKERRITT

    Nice to see him back, especially as I am sure the last time he came over we were informed it would be his last European event.
  11. MVronsky78


    Lovely guy, I've met him twice before but not got a professional photoshoot, this must now be done.
  12. MVronsky78


    Damn. Not the lead singer of Echo & The Bunnymen then. Thought he was a bit cheap.