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  1. Excellent! No fans of 'Witchfinder General' around here?!
  2. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN SIMM

    Bravo SM!!
  3. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - EDDIE MARSAN

    Excellent announcement - his filmography is becoming increasingly impressive!
  4. MVronsky78

    Guest Suggestions

    Edward Fox would be a nice return guest for an event like this. I bumped into him in Ryman's on the Strand yesterday, very nice chap indeed and he certainly seems to enjoy meeting his admirers!
  5. MVronsky78


    Very sad news - RIP Ms Fielding.
  6. MVronsky78

    Jeremy Bulloch announces retirement from conventions

    Very nice man, Showmasters Events won't be quite the same without seeing Jeremy chatting away, often in front of or at the side of his desk. He's the first and still only guest to have conversed with me in French (I have no idea why and it was a rather one-sided affair!)
  7. MVronsky78

    Sam Neill Appreciation! :)

    Yes, that's what I do, but then I completely forgot to congratulate Matt Smith on his Emmy nomination despite thinking about it beforehand! As you say, nerves, excitement or spontaneity takes over! Glad you had had a good time.
  8. MVronsky78

    Sam Neill Appreciation! :)

    Yes, great guy, his talk was really funny, he looks great in the photoshoots and he was very nice at the autograph table. My Dad was a friend of the eccentric late singer Screamin' Jay Hawkins, so I had to point out that in Sam's film "Death In Brunswick", there was a framed pic of Screamin' Jay on the wall at one point. "Well spotted, we all loved him" he said, looking genuinely surprised. All pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things but for me, it's these unexpected little exchanges you can have with a big guest that end up making your day. Thanks SM for persevering and getting him back.
  9. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - PETER WELLER

    I wasn't expecting Peter Weller to be fan friendly (same with James Caan and Miranda Richardson) but I was pleased to meet him and after he raved about the film 'Tom Jones' in his talk, managed a minute or two's conversation about the films of Tony Richardson and some of the great British stars and films of the early 60s. Much as I was pleased to meet Caan and Richardson as well - but as people who likely view themselves as 'serious artists', I can't imagine signing Funko Pops is their idea of a good time. It's just the reality of the situation. That's what makes it such a delight when other big stars are more receptive to all aspects of con-dom
  10. MVronsky78

    Wrong Name's Wround Up LFCC 2018

    So what was your question going to be about, Event Horizon (which did get a mention) or The Dish?! I was sat a couple of rows behind you, I felt your pain...I arrived 5 minutes late for the talk but I don't think anyone mentioned Death In Brunswich or The Piano, two other great films of Sam Neill's.
  11. MVronsky78


    Thanks for the recommendation, you might have persuaded me (although am already seeing King Lear in a couple of weeks )
  12. MVronsky78


    I very nearly met him! I was third from the front of the Capaldi queue on Sunday evening when Aidan's last customer left. I was looking forward to switching over when he said "right, I'm off to the Green Room then" I just thought, ah well Was very good with his fans from what I saw from my very close position. I might still get a ticket to his play (was good of him to attend mid-run, must be shattered), but haven't decided yet. It's by a writer I admire but unsurprisingly I'm a bit skint at the minute!
  13. MVronsky78

    Photo orientation

    Same here, I had no idea you could request portrait or landscape until I was in the Nathalie Emmanuel photo queue on Friday morning and once in sight of Nathalie a perv a couple of places ahead of me proudly announced, "cor, this is gonna be a portrait"..... Landscape always for me.
  14. MVronsky78

    Question about the Doctors (WHO)

    Dog, if I'm honest yes if you are a Whovian I think you made a mistake! I thought long and hard about it but bought Diamond Passes for Capaldi, Eccleston and Smith, ending up with high numbers for the first two - Tennant was announced too late in the day for me and I couldn't be bothered, but fortunately a friend acquired his DP and got me an autograph. Sounds like I could have met him with a VQ ticket though, which is great for those who managed to. I have posted about Capaldi and Eccleston elsewhere, but Matt Smith was charming and remembered people from the photoshoot (or at least pretended he did!) I managed to see him by about 2pm and he was still personalising then, and we had a very brief chat about The Crown. By then autographs were limited to two per person - apparently, multiple signing requests were slowing down queue progress. I suspect it was only his final hour of signing that commenced way after 5pm that he stopped personalising and limited autos to just one per person? I did think Showmasters had bitten off more than they can chew with 8-9 doctors, but ultimately the gamble paid off for all of us prepared to fork out for DPs and what an achievement.
  15. I've been coming to Showmasters events for 7 years now and have probably met around 200(!) guests. Of all the guests I've met in that time, particularly 'big' guests, I think Peter is now the guest I have been most impressed by, particularly considering the demands on his time at the event and the volume of diamond passes he had to get through (I appreciate it is disappointing for anyone who wanted to meet him using a VQ on both days). He was great fun at the photoshoot, gave an interesting, genuine and often funny talk, and at the autograph table took time with everyone to accommodate signing requests in all shapes and sizes. A lot of thought went into dedications etc but he wasn't slow at all, just fully engaged with the experience and there seemed to be no lag in energy. I finally saw him at around 5pm on Sunday and normally by this stage a 'big' guest would be told to rattle through the signatures with no personalisations in production line 'hi, bye' fashion considering there looked like at least 100 DP holders still to see, but I think his modus operandi stayed the same right up until the last one was signed? That means a lot to those like me who prefer the autograph to the photograph on balance, so many thanks Peter (and SM)! If he comes back, get yourselves a diamond pass, you won't regret it.