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  1. Guest Cancellation - Matthew Modine

    That's a real shame, as he was a brilliant guest for SM to get with a really varied filmography. Hopefully he'll be on the radar for future years. It does always make me chuckle though when a guest's cancellation thread generates more responses than their announcement thread! Says it all about human nature. Which I have now contributed to...

    Very good of him to come along on Sunday considering he's doing 8 shows a week at the theatre - including Fridays and Saturdays obviously.
  3. Thanks SM, will be great to meet Fenella.
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES CAAN

    In reference to a couple of earlier posts, Bonnie And Clyde is certainly a great movie, but James Caan is certainly not in it. Still, feel free to bring your DVD sleeves in for him to sign, should give him a laugh!
  5. Good event again today

    Yes Joanna Lee seemed very nice, bit of a shame I'm not much of a Bond fan! Agree on Tom Baker, my childhood doctor and the one man for me who truly embodies the part - on screen and off! And yes, good to see SM embracing and encouraging more female photographers!
  6. Good event again today

    Thanks to SM for a good event today. I expect there'll be some nay-sayers but I thought both the Tom Baker autograph and photoshoot queues were tightly controlled and organised very well, although I was done by 2.30pm so didn't see how the last hour or so went. I met Sylvia Sims as well as Tom, quite a character! Hopefully some newcomers to the Film Fair will be tempted to come again
  7. London Film Fair Moves to New Venue..

    Those damn Sunday trains! Shame as this venue was perfect for me, but only 9 stops on the bus to Russell Square.
  8. Pre orders

    Darth Yes, I am still waiting for the return of a DVD sleeve signed by Kevin Pietersen, my only send-in item. Following advice from Queen and Nate, I was going to leave it a couple of weeks before chasing Jason. I received my other pre-orders. So thanks for the info that there are still some to be sent out. I'll send him an email next week if I'm still without. Thanks
  9. Showmasters Vouchers - valid at this event?

    Queen, once again thank you very much for taking the time to find out and let us know.
  10. Hi Does anyone know if Showmasters vouchers will be valid at this event, or at future London Film Fairs? I did ask one of the desk assistants at the previous fair in April and they were rather non-plussed! If anyone can find out before next weekend that would be great. Thanks
  11. I'm there! Great actress. Thanks again to SM.
  12. Preorder autographs

    Nate and Queen Thank you very much for taking the time to reply, I shall certainly wait a couple of weeks before any further panic ensues! The item was a DVD sleeve.
  13. Preorder autographs

    Hi Raylenth/all my pre orders from Birmingham arrived yesterday although my send-in item was not among them - before I contact Jason, do you know if send-ins typically arrive a little later than standard pre-orders? It was ordered and posted in a few days earlier than the standard items. Many thanks
  14. London Film Fair

    Well that's certainly sealed the deal for me!
  15. Latest Guest Announcement - PETER WELLER

    Well done SM, you got him back! Definitely won't pass up this chance.