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  1. Sir Derek was very popular today, maybe second only to Karen Gillan. I had a very low VQ ticket but at 2pm was told I wouldn't be able to get in the queue till after his photoshoot finished around 3.45. Unfortunately I needed to get away (and then ended up slap bang in the middle of the protest march around Grosvenor Place!), but I did meet him once before in 2011.
  2. Yeah nice guy, I'm amazed he was open queue by lunchtime, I guess the price put people off - surely people haven't fallen out of love with Game of Thrones already?! He was pretty much the main man and I know the last 2-3 episodes were pretty disappointing but up until then it was 10/10 all the way.
  3. Finally got to meet Karen today who was a guest at the first LFCC I attended in 2011. Super friendly and very, very popular. I can't imagine she got to VQs.
  4. Very nice diamond pass gifts today I thought, a Police Box notebook (good size, handy for work!) and a flask (Karen Gillan and Kit Harington) respectively.
  5. I never saw that publicised anywhere - I guess it was on facebook (which I don't use)? Shame as I brought the programme from the first show I ever saw in the West End, 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof' for her to sign. She was 'Big Mama' in the Brendan Fraser, Frances O'Connor production. Hopefully she can be persuaded to come next year
  6. Adorable all round! Especially that second pic. Well done.
  7. I'm a day tripper - whether I'm a Sunday driver this year will depend on the guest list
  8. Epic for Game of Thrones fans - glad we haven't been forgotten! Well done.
  9. Agreed, expensive but very tempting and the event is suddenly looking very enticing. Come on Paul, bring your wife along as well please!
  10. Very good guest for this event, let's hope for a couple more. Well done SM.
  11. Nice guest, well respected actress with a huge heap of credits.
  12. Yay, let's hope all of Series 2 is in the can by November!
  13. I know House of the Dragon is the current thing, but nothing will touch Game of Thrones at its best. So I hope SM remember that GOT still has a lot of fans and that they can try and attract some of these guests for the first or second time: Gwendoline Christie Maisie Williams NIkolaj Coster-Waldau Liam Cunningham Mark Addy And the perhaps too much to hope for section : Sean Bean, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Stephen Dillane, Aidan Gillen, Sophie Turner
  14. Same as everyone else, It's a shame the forum has died, I can't quite figure out why that is, but this year the guest list seemed to die with it. Unless you like '80s action stars (and of course many do), it really was slim pickings. For a Summer Con, this was definitely the weakest summer event since I started going in 2011 - however, that is exacerbated by the amazing line-ups we had from 2015-2019. Like Faerie, I was pretty much only going for Olivia Cooke so that was a blow when she cancelled on Friday evening (you can't blame SM for this, clearly the House of the Dragons guests were all delayed by filming, 3 have dropped out last minute) Out of desperation I met the 2 Stranger Things guests, Temeura Morrison (nice guy, but ouch the price) and I had a photo with Jessica Henwick. On Saturdays in the past I would have met 12 quality guests. In normal circumstances I wouldn't have met any of the people I did today, lovely as they are, but I felt I had to make some sort of day of it - though I did attend 4 talks to pass the time, some were good, some not so good. We can only hope they are able to build back up to that kind of level again. I'm getting on now but would still go dependent on the guest list, but to be honest had I known in advance that Olivia Cooke had cancelled, I would have stayed at home this weekend!
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