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  1. Great guest, not many bigger British films than Trainspotting and The Full Monty n the last 20 years!
  2. Yes, I had a feeling that was coming! Great price from Showmasters.
  3. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - JENNA COLEMAN

    Nice, who wouldn't want Jenna Coleman for Christmas? Hopefully I'll have seen her in 'All My Sons' by LFCC.
  4. And hopefully Sir Chef by then!! I might have to make my way to Birmingham.
  5. Wow! Great to see that Terence must have enjoyed himself last time in 2017! And cheaper for the Birmingham crowd too.
  6. Really pleased about this one, let's hope for two more out of John Landis, Griffin Dunne and Jenny Agutter
  7. Looking forward to Billy's talk, as he hasn't managed to utter a word on the previous two occasions I have met him
  8. Excellent! No fans of 'Witchfinder General' around here?!
  9. MVronsky78

    Latest Guest Announcement - EDDIE MARSAN

    Excellent announcement - his filmography is becoming increasingly impressive!
  10. MVronsky78

    Guest Suggestions

    Edward Fox would be a nice return guest for an event like this. I bumped into him in Ryman's on the Strand yesterday, very nice chap indeed and he certainly seems to enjoy meeting his admirers!
  11. MVronsky78

    Jeremy Bulloch announces retirement from conventions

    Very nice man, Showmasters Events won't be quite the same without seeing Jeremy chatting away, often in front of or at the side of his desk. He's the first and still only guest to have conversed with me in French (I have no idea why and it was a rather one-sided affair!)
  12. MVronsky78

    Sam Neill Appreciation! :)

    Yes, that's what I do, but then I completely forgot to congratulate Matt Smith on his Emmy nomination despite thinking about it beforehand! As you say, nerves, excitement or spontaneity takes over! Glad you had had a good time.