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  1. I didn't I'm afraid, maybe the Space camel can oblige, he was definitely there...
  2. Great guest - he gave the best performance in House of the Dragon. Love his Shane Meadows films.
  3. It was great to meet Susan George, Carol Cleveland and Sally Thomsett at the London Film Fair today, particularly Susan who I've wanted to meet for some time. Thanks Showmasters for bringing these guests to London. Shame about the weather...
  4. Thanks Faerie, agreed. Still, at least it sounds he can laugh about it!
  5. I couldn't go on Saturday so didn't meet him, but one thing I wondered - was he expecting to be written out of "How To Get Away With Murder"? I was very surprised given his character seemed to be the second lead. I pretty much stopped watching after that. He was great onstage in 'Red'. I'll meet him one day.
  6. Given his autograph looks like a spider's leg, it probably doesn't matter that much? Slightly frustrating but it is Stranger Things after all.
  7. He probably hasn't been drinking - that's what helps.
  8. I'm sure there will also be people wearing them out of respect for those attendees who are "vulnerable and not as immune". Because we're not all selfish and irresponsible are we?!
  9. I raised the 'invalid vouchers' issue with the pre-order shop last week, and Jason G confirmed "they are having problems". He offered to do my order manually for me and apply it to my voucher code, I'm still waiting to see if that will work. I suggest anyone having problems with the pre-order site should drop him an email, although at this late stage, I'd be surprised if SM manage to sort it out.
  10. All you can do is use your common sense and do what is going to make you feel comfortable. You can't rely on others, least of all this Government, to provide advice or assistance on these kind of life choices. I'm sure there are many of us thinking along the same lines.
  11. Good to hear, hope he comes back again in the future. He was really the only guest this time I wanted to meet, thus not meeting the criteria of my post-pandemic rule of not attending any Cons unless there are at least 3 essential meets
  12. Thanks for posting Sir Harry, very useful for those of us still not using Facebook or Twitter.
  13. Isn't his name Leonard Whiting?! Anyway, good to see him.
  14. Same here, thanks for the post but with my booster due in a few days I didn't want to risk attending either. Did Madeline Smith and Valerie Leon appear as scheduled? They were the two I would have wanted to meet.
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