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  1. Yes, I might have had my photoshoot with Alice Cooper by now. Ah well.
  2. Queen (and Stuart) thanks so much for all your help and best wishes for the future.
  3. Hi, bear in mind that I was in the queue next to hers very early, about 9.20am - I think she already had about 15 people queuing, I would expect she was fairly busy all day especially as she gives everyone a lot of attention, standing out in front of the table. Is also there tomorrow I understand.
  4. Enjoyed today - although was on my way home by 10:30! Wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it having undergone surgery two weeks ago, but couldn't easily give up my Charles Dance photo opportunity. So glad he made it this time. Also met Jerome Flynn, Ivana Baquero, Ben Crompton and Bella Ramsey - all very nice. Most exuberantly friendly guest of the morning was Cassady McClincy of the Walking Dead, who was parked next to Ben Crompton - I've never seen a guest so delighted to be at a con! Hugs all round etc. Hope her energy doesn't burn out.
  5. Real shame about Samantha, but not sure if my tired body would have been able to hang around for the 5:45pm photoshoot!
  6. Thanks as always Queen for the prompt reply.
  7. Hello I apologise if I have missed this elsewhere - I assume DPs will be picked up on Saturday/Sunday once the show begins, rather than any Friday pick up a la the Summer LFCC? Thanks
  8. Was listed as a guest for the April event on the leaflet distributed at the Film Fair event in February. I hope SM can definitely manage to get her for this one.
  9. Was recently cast in the Seagull at the Playhouse Theatre, so probably needs to rehearse and learn her lines.
  10. Blimey, Tommy Wiseau! Or is it James Franco?
  11. It's been a busy week... A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood 3/5 - an eccentric, sentimental story about Fred Rogers, a beloved American children's TV presenter pretty much unheard of outside the States. I saw it for Oscar-nominated Tom Hanks, who delivers as usual - in fact, in anyone else's hands, Rogers might have come across as plain creepy. But the film just about works and does hit upon some universal emotional truths. Richard Jewell 3/5 - solidly made account of the 1996 Atlanta bombing and the grossly unfair persecution of Richard Jewell, the Security Guard who discovered
  12. Showmasters, thank you very much for attracting a guest of Virginia's calibre to this event. She was a lovely lady, still sharp as nails and an absolute pleasure to meet - I wish I'd decided to bring an extra DVD sleeve or two for her to sign now, oh well!
  13. The Lighthouse 2/5 - well what a disappointment! Having eagerly awaited it for months on the back of tremendous advance buzz, this was ever so tedious. There was a lot of comic potential to be unearthed here given the premise but there were very few chuckles for me. Visually and aurally it was hugely impressive (those with sensitive ears might need to bring plugs with them!), but as an overall entertainment experience I would expect audience and critic opinion to differ wildly here.
  14. What the hell?! That is pretty awesome. Lock up your chickens though.
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