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  1. MVronsky78


    Lovely guy, I've met him twice before but not got a professional photoshoot, this must now be done.
  2. MVronsky78


    Damn. Not the lead singer of Echo & The Bunnymen then. Thought he was a bit cheap.
  3. MVronsky78

    Photo from today.

    Nice photos, it was difficult to get Leslie Ash's autograph without getting Toyah's and vice-versa, as they were both being crewed by the same person and had the same queue! Fortunately I wanted both as well as Susan Hampshire's. All three were nice to meet, especially the latter. I always enjoy these events, this was my first of 2019 and I was in and out within an hour - before Tom Baker had arrived!
  4. MVronsky78

    Easy Rider Peter Fonda RIP

    Yes another icon of 60s/70s cinema gone. I didn't meet him but I did attend an 'in conversation with' he gave at the BFI Southbank a few years ago. He came across as likeable and very laid back.
  5. MVronsky78

    Guest Suggestions

    These can be applied to next summer's event as well of course: Brad Dourif Chris Sarandon Lou Gossett Jr Nancy Allen Amy Irving David Keith Heather Graham Madchen Amick Jennifer Tilly Gina Gershon Edward Fox Matthew Modine Anthony Mackie Matthew Lewis Evanna Lynch Anna Paquin Sharon Stone Skeet Ulrich Rose McGowan Yaphet Kotto Gary Busey Whoopi Goldberg Mary McDonnell Henry Thomas Billy Zane Maria Bello Michael Sheen Burt Young Michael Biehn Linda Hamilton Anyone from Game Of Thrones & Star Wars and pretty much any affordable half-decent British actor
  6. MVronsky78

    Price of Diamond Passes

    It's all about how much you want to spend Tim and how much you want to meet a particular guest. It also depends upon your commitment to the event - for example by staying to the close of the event on Sunday, you could have met just about any diamond guest you wanted to (barring one or two exceptions) on open queue. If you've got kids, holidays, a car, a house to redecorate etc - then diamond passes are very expensive and presumably prohibitive. If you haven't and film and TV is your primary hobby, then diamond passes have now become an essential component of LFCC for a lot of us con-lovers. And I would imagine that most of us on the forum fall into the latter category, though by no means all as is clear from reading peoples' posts.
  7. MVronsky78

    Guests you missed this year

    I chose not to meet Val Kilmer in the end. I really admire his performances in films like 'The Doors' and 'Tombstone' but those of you old enough to remember the 1990s will know that Val had a reputation for being not only difficult on set, but a downright nightmare to deal with! This kind of put me off, along with his very cruel illness which has clearly been such a difficult and humbling experience for him (I'm always a bit wary of booking guests who come to shows like this when they are clearly not well, as it can be an upsetting experience to see your heroes brought down low). However, reading on this forum about his efforts to interact with fans at the event has been really very touching, and I now do kind of regret having deprived myself of what could have been a moving and memorable experience. I'm pleased for everyone who got to meet him. Other possibles who I also didn't meet in the end included Barbara Shelley and the Village Of The Damned guests, as well as Phil Daniels and Kerry Ingram. Unfortunately this in no way proved a money-saving exercise as I ended up meeting Zachary Quinto and Carrie-Anne Moss, neither of whom were on my list to begin with
  8. MVronsky78

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    And 1941...!
  9. My LFCC pre-order arrived today - how efficient is that?! Less than a week after the show finished. Bravo to Jason G and his team.
  10. MVronsky78

    David Naughton Appreciation

    Yes he's a nice guy, I met him late morning on Friday I think, he was certainly busy for most of that day. What I hadn't realised was that he had a #5 US hit single with the theme from his short-lived TV show 'Makin' It'! Should have done my homework and asked him about his short-lived pop career rather than asking the usual American Werewolf questions...
  11. MVronsky78

    Showing friends and family

    He's already had 3 of those! Don't worry, he'll never know...
  12. MVronsky78

    Showing friends and family

    My Mum used to like looking at them, and my Dad does but his first question is always "how much did that one cost"?! And I rarely tell him the truth...
  13. Most of Stanley Kubrick's movies improve on second or third viewing. I've seen them all except his debut 'Fear and Desire' from 1952 and whilst there are a few I wouldn't want to see a second time, the likes of Dr Strangelove, The Shining and A Clockwork Orange all improved on second/third viewings. Full Metal Jacket was a classic straightaway - I'm still trying to persuade myself of the merits of 2001 though... For any film buff, the exhibition on him just down the road from Olympia at the Design Museum is an absolute must. Adam Baldwin and the Burns sisters have visited it!