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  1. Good to hear, hope he comes back again in the future. He was really the only guest this time I wanted to meet, thus not meeting the criteria of my post-pandemic rule of not attending any Cons unless there are at least 3 essential meets
  2. Thanks for posting Sir Harry, very useful for those of us still not using Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Isn't his name Leonard Whiting?! Anyway, good to see him.
  4. Same here, thanks for the post but with my booster due in a few days I didn't want to risk attending either. Did Madeline Smith and Valerie Leon appear as scheduled? They were the two I would have wanted to meet.
  5. Most important consideration - as a valuable customer, can I request a plexiglass divider photoshoot even if the Celeb doesn't want one?!
  6. The Diamond Pass process is the convention equivalent of the penalty shootout. Not ideal, people will always moan about it - but no one has come up with a better solution. For Brian Blessed, see Meatloaf, Peter Capaldi etc. Every Con there's at least one DP guest who sees very little VQ action - that's why you if you can't face leaving the con without meeting a certain person, you should buy the DP.
  7. Ouch. It does happen occasionally. Most egregious example I can remember is from several years back, when C Thomas Howell (£15) was sitting next to Ralph Macchio (£25). Howell was clearly peeved at this 'slight' and by mid-morning his price had 'rocketed up' to £20! So i don't think we can always blame Showmasters for this sort of thing, although of course the senior figures could always say to the actor/agent "sorry, you've been advertised as £35 and we have to put our foot down and keep prices as advertised". But they aren't going to do that are they? Would be embarrassing if the actor flounced out and for £15 difference, if you really want to meet someone, you're still going to. At least photoshoot prices are bought and paid for.
  8. Well AJ it took 3 emails from me before I received a sensible response, and my emails were increasingly more assertive/disgruntled/lengthy than the last. If you don't make your displeasure clear, you will be taken for a mug - and I still think I should have fought for a refund and not a voucher, as I bought the ticket last January well before the change in T & Cs.
  9. Just updating that my Felicity Jones autograph arrived special delivery today, I hope others have received theirs. All good
  10. Thanks for the link Steve, my voucher didn't have the amount on it either and I had no idea how to check for sure!
  11. Sorry to follow on the back of this, and for being thick, but when one receives a new voucher from SM, how can you tell you've been refunded the correct amount without going into Eventbrite and spending it on something else?!
  12. Doesn't look like you'll get a response here Chris, probably best to email the shop - but I expect hundreds of customers are in the same boat,
  13. The choice is yours - you either hold on to it and hope SM can book Alice for one of their events next year, or you can email the shop and ask for the money to be returned in the form of a voucher. I have recently opted for the latter and the voucher was sent to me very quickly.
  14. Thanks for the info, glad it went well and roll on November.
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