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  1. Ive got a John Simm diamond pass, can i go to the afternoon slot instead off morning?
  2. Ming-Na Wen Diamond pass Sat, how do photos work for me?
  3. So with the new cosplay guidelines tab on the website the venue, travel, faq etc etc all the important info has gone from the website does anyone have screenshots of the pages? Thanks
  4. I had this aswell so thought i'd be cheeky and go for batch no1...theres no batch numbers on any of my photo tickets...let the photo queue riots commence 😱
  5. Hmm sooooo did not need to buy early tickets however is there no noted autograph times?
  6. Sorry can i just add a question to this topic, is there no early entry tickets this year? Ive been every year and alwayd had seperate queues for early entry and then 11am. Thanks
  7. I found myself (would have been just after 1pm) on the video, even more gutted now i realise how near i was, oh well i may not have got any autographs but i do have a collection of sunburn :-/
  8. This has now happened!!! All priorities to ticket holders, im near gateb to buy (have been here since 9:30) and have been told we might not get in at all.
  9. Ok so i'm round the side of earls court at B Gate and have been told that they have stopped no tickets going in and min if all 2 hours, been queueing since 9:30 round the other side. All priortieries are to ticket holders. Talked to a couple who have came out that all vt's are well past normal no's :-(
  10. Same i get there for half9 sat and yet when i went to purchase the Hayden photo on the day 2year ago they were sold out by 10 :-/ -k-
  11. Ok so there defo wont be word of photoshoots times before this thursday? Been holding off buying early birds as theres only 3 people i want autographed and 1 photo, plus its going to be a early travelling nightmare for me with costs. -k-
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