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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - SAM NEILL

    Misread that as a Neil Diamond pass
  2. Cryptic clue .. the woman who sings 'chicken madras' in the Just Eat ad?
  3. Went to see it today - absolutely amazing. Forget the prequels - this is SW as it should be....
  4. Showmasters Private Signing - Poppy Hands

    Snap - mine was okay too. Thanks to Jason for his help - really pleased.
  5. Showmasters Private Signing - Poppy Hands

    Thanks will do.
  6. Showmasters Private Signing - Poppy Hands

    Still not had mine ... have they all gone out?
  7. Showmasters Private Signing - Poppy Hands

    Mine still not come
  8. Showmasters Private Signing - Poppy Hands

    Great thanks
  9. Showmasters Private Signing - Poppy Hands

    Do we know when these will be sent out??
  10. Pre-Orders

    I can't seem to get any images for the BFCC pre-orders - is there something wrong with the site?
  11. Great guy - met him at Empire Day and we chatted for ages....
  12. Gotta say that is pretty damn impressive..... well done Showmasters
  13. Probably already been posted but http://www.movieinsider.com/movies/july/2015/ Tom Cruise?
  14. What a difference from summer.

    I didn't go this summer but have been to plenty in the past. Really enjoyed today and thought it was a pleasant change to have some room; actually had chance to see what the stands had on offer. Met a few of the stormtroopers - great guys all of them. Is it me or are Peter Duncan and Ralph Macchio ageing disturbingly well!!? Cosplay parade was brilliant too, fair play to those who took part. Didn't see who won though ....... anyone know?