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  1. Could someone post a link to buy tickets? I had it but now can't find it and the site doesn't lead anywhere. Thanks.
  2. Generally I only ever meet the 'minor' Star Wars characters - and I know some get a bit of flack on here- but I've never had a bad experience including this weekend. In particular Tony Smart and Nelson Hall were great guys and Corey DW and Tom Wilton had time for a chat. Good weekend in all..... keep 'em coming.
  3. What was the series where he was on another planet (mars?) Which got scraped. Thought that was pretty good.
  4. Has worked on some great films including Raiders and A Bridge Too Far - took time to have a long chat. Nice bloke!
  5. Really great guy. I spent quite a while chatting to him and had quite a laugh - he mentioned being a battle droid so I guess the answer is yes he was. Definitely meet him if you get the chance.
  6. My money is Stallone, looks like he's over here doing some other stuff in July. Or Hayden Christensen ( probably spelt wrong ).
  7. Cryptic clue .. the woman who sings 'chicken madras' in the Just Eat ad?
  8. Went to see it today - absolutely amazing. Forget the prequels - this is SW as it should be....
  9. Snap - mine was okay too. Thanks to Jason for his help - really pleased.
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