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  1. I HAVE A FORUM NICKNAME!!! (Can you tell I’m pleased about it?) If any of you lovely people do feel like following my Bookstagram where I’ll mainly be raving about my favourite books/authors, the link is now on my profile!
  2. What a great idea for a thread! My big 'want to achieve' things for 2021 are: Write the book I've wanted to write for ten years Get my own place Make a success of my Bookstragram (I'm one of those people who'll pick up an idea and drop it two weeks later) Do more exercise Cook more often Redecorate Get comfortable in my own skin Spend as much time as possible with my friends And finally, attend a comic con!
  3. WandaVision - First two episodes are great! Very, very different to what's come before, but enjoyably so! Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany give brilliant performances, and I loved it! Super stoked for the rest of the series now!
  4. Finally got round to watching Knives Out at the weekend. Really enjoyed it! I wasn't sure about Daniel Craig at first, but he grew on me throughout the film. I thought the twist ending worked really well too. Overall, a really strong film! Bring on the sequel!
  5. Have to agree! Felt very underwhelming, and found certain guest stars to be majorly underused! Rather excited by the little teaser at the end though!
  6. Too late! I think I'll be trapped here forever now!
  7. Finally got around to watching The Prom on Netflix, which is surprising given how much I adore the musical. There's a lot about it that is good (in particular the performance by Jo Ellen Pearlman as Emma, the lead), but the one glaring problem is James Corden as Barry, one of the Broadway actors who comes to Indiana to help Emma in her campaign. Not only is he wooden, his performance as a gay man left a really bad taste in my mouth. He plays up every stereotype you can think of, and then some. Considering the film was made by Ryan Murphy, who has been an advocate for LGBT+ roles being played b
  8. I've been seriously considering starting to collect Funkos over the last few months, and with the discovery that they have the license for The Office, my resolve has all but crumbled! Thinking of starting with this one: https://www.funko.com/shop/details/dwight-with-gelatin-stapler-the-office (I, of course, blame you all for soon-to-be-realised addiction to Funkos!)
  9. Having recently finally watched Buffy from start to finish for the first time (I know, I know, I'm very late to the Buffy fandom!) it would be great if SM could get some of the main Scooby gang back together next year. I know that Alyson Hannigan, James Marsters and Anthony Head have done cons before, and it would be great if SM could also try and get Nicholas Brendon (who seems to be doing UK cons now!). And of course, Sarah Michelle Gellar would be great!
  10. Hope everyone’s keeping safe. Been told my job that was meant to be starting in May will now be delayed by a month. Let’s keep checking with our friends and hoping this’ll all be over within a month or two.
  11. While I echo the above sentiments of taking each Doctor on a story-to-story basis, if I absolutely had to choose, it would be as follows: Matt Smith David Tennant Tom Baker Peter Capaldi Jon Pertwee Peter Davison William Hartnell Patrick Troughton Sylvester McCoy Colin Baker Paul McGann Jodie Whittaker John Hurt Jo Martin
  12. This is possibly my favourite guest encounter I've ever heard! Although I've never been a die-hard Walking Dead fan, I may have to meet Cassidy if she comes back! She sounds so nice!
  13. Miriam would have been phenomenal! There have been rumours for a few years that Helen Mirren had been approached, but had always turned it down, although she was approached in 2009 for The Waters of Mars, back when the original plan had been to have a Russian scientist take the companion role, which eventually went to Lindsay Duncan. Dawn French had actually been considered twice, once when Colin Baker left (alongside Frances de la Tour and Joanna Lumley) and then again for the reboot. If we're looking for an older actress, the ones that come to mind for me are Emma Thompson, Tilda Swinto
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