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  1. Hope everyone’s keeping safe. Been told my job that was meant to be starting in May will now be delayed by a month. Let’s keep checking with our friends and hoping this’ll all be over within a month or two.
  2. While I echo the above sentiments of taking each Doctor on a story-to-story basis, if I absolutely had to choose, it would be as follows: Matt Smith David Tennant Tom Baker Peter Capaldi Jon Pertwee Peter Davison William Hartnell Patrick Troughton Sylvester McCoy Colin Baker Paul McGann Jodie Whittaker John Hurt Jo Martin
  3. This is possibly my favourite guest encounter I've ever heard! Although I've never been a die-hard Walking Dead fan, I may have to meet Cassidy if she comes back! She sounds so nice!
  4. Miriam would have been phenomenal! There have been rumours for a few years that Helen Mirren had been approached, but had always turned it down, although she was approached in 2009 for The Waters of Mars, back when the original plan had been to have a Russian scientist take the companion role, which eventually went to Lindsay Duncan. Dawn French had actually been considered twice, once when Colin Baker left (alongside Frances de la Tour and Joanna Lumley) and then again for the reboot. If we're looking for an older actress, the ones that come to mind for me are Emma Thompson, Tilda Swinton, or, my personal choice, Noma Dumezweni
  5. I really, really wanted to like this episode. It had all the ingredients to make it a classic, The Doctor vs The Master! The Cyberman hunting down the companions! Gallifrey! Time Lords! A hitherto unknown plot twist a la The War Doctor! And then...we got that. A total disregard for canon and all that has come before, with so many plot holes created. Why did the Doctor need more regenerations in The Time of the Doctor? Why, if the Master says he remembers The Doctor choosing the name The Doctor before he ran away (which we knew was Hartnell's first incarnation) does pre-Hartnell Jo Martin call herself The Doctor? So many questions! The positives, although there were no many, were worth the rest of it. Sacha Dhawan (who, for anyone undecided about meeting him this summer, is the lovelies man around) makes a perfect Master. He's got the unpredictably of Missy, with the flair of Delgado and Simm. My personal head cannon is that he's pre-Missy, post-Saxon, and he strikes a perfect balance between the two of them. Bradley Walsh is, as ever, wonderful as Graham. He's proven he's more than capable of holding his own when it comes to drama, and if today's rumour proves true, he'll be sorely missed. Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill were good, but underused, as seems par for the course now. Jo Martin really was a wonder, and I hope we see her again, even if she didn't turn out to be number 14, which I had hoped. I do wonder how much longer Chibnall has left in charge, and indeed how much longer Whittaker will stay. If she decides to follow Tennant, Smith and Capaldi and do three series before moving on, can we start the petition now for Hayley Atwell or Evanna Lynch?
  6. As it stands: Sacha Dhawan (Photo and Auto) Robbie Coltrane (Diamond, still can't get over the fact he's coming!) Colin Baker (Photo and Auto) Sylvester McCoy (Photo and Auto) Clark Gregg (Diamond) Nick Frost (Auto) Julian Glover (Auto) Natalia Tena (Auto)
  7. Oh Showmasters, you beauties! I've always hoped we'd eventually get Robbie, and now you've got him! As someone who finds a lot of himself in Hagrid and has longed for a while to meet the man behind the half-giant, this announcement is truly brilliant!!
  8. I think he was in his own booth, away from the main signing area. Pretty sure I walked past him at one point
  9. Without wanting to sound rude, perhaps a little compassion wouldn’t go amiss. Not every disability is visible, and not every medical condition confines sufferers to a wheelchair. Just because those of us who do not suffer cannot see what causes someone pain or the need for extra help does not mean it doesn’t exist.
  10. Finn was an absolute delight, as he always is. Met him for an autograph, on a rather old photo of myself, him and Gethin Anthony, which prompted a brief discussion about how Loras and Renly were both very important characters for me personally. He listened, was attentive and seemed to really care. If (or when, since he’s becoming a proper regular!) he comes back, I urge anyone who hasn’t met him to amend that! He’s honestly one of the sweetest guests I’ve met!
  11. All the crew I came into contact with this year were nothing short of wonderful and helpful. A special shoutout to Luke, who was running Tom Ellis’ auto queue and did a fantastic job!
  12. Such a lovely guy! Had time for everyone and really made you feel like he wanted to be there. Can we have him every year?!
  13. Fairly certain I’ve already spotted @Chris1970 and a certain bear...
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