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  1. I think he was in his own booth, away from the main signing area. Pretty sure I walked past him at one point
  2. Without wanting to sound rude, perhaps a little compassion wouldn’t go amiss. Not every disability is visible, and not every medical condition confines sufferers to a wheelchair. Just because those of us who do not suffer cannot see what causes someone pain or the need for extra help does not mean it doesn’t exist.
  3. Finn was an absolute delight, as he always is. Met him for an autograph, on a rather old photo of myself, him and Gethin Anthony, which prompted a brief discussion about how Loras and Renly were both very important characters for me personally. He listened, was attentive and seemed to really care. If (or when, since he’s becoming a proper regular!) he comes back, I urge anyone who hasn’t met him to amend that! He’s honestly one of the sweetest guests I’ve met!
  4. All the crew I came into contact with this year were nothing short of wonderful and helpful. A special shoutout to Luke, who was running Tom Ellis’ auto queue and did a fantastic job!
  5. Such a lovely guy! Had time for everyone and really made you feel like he wanted to be there. Can we have him every year?!
  6. Fairly certain I’ve already spotted @Chris1970 and a certain bear...
  7. A bit later than planned, but I have finally arrived! Probably about 6 or so rows back
  8. Officially up and getting ready for Day Three! Hoping to possibly get the Once Upon A Time guests, Guy Henry and Sean Biggerstaff
  9. I must agree, being single and fully invested in the con life has its advantages! (Of course, if Karen Gillan comes calling, my thoughts may change!)
  10. I’m exactly the same! All this healthy food is alien to me!
  11. This is such a great announcement! Daniel’s a great actor and as such at such a reasonable price!
  12. Lemonade and cinnamon buns....fancy setting up a stall at the con?
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