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  1. Just caught up on Loki's first three episodes, and I am LOVING IT!! I was initially really hesitant as to whether I'd actually enjoy it, but it's rapidly become one of my favourite entires in the MCU!! Owen Wilson is such a great choice for Mobius, and Sophia Di Martino is an excellent choice for her role (being vague to avoid spoilers). Tom Hiddleston is being Tom Hiddleston, with bucket loads of charm and wit, and I cannot wait for Season 2!
  2. Actually quite pleased with the date change as it means I'll actually be able to attend now! Just a quick question - I have entry tickets booked from the original July 2020 date, so am I right in thinking these have now rolled over to the new November dates?
  3. Fantastic announcement!!! Definitely going to be getting something signed by Brian!
  4. Loving the Once Upon A Time guests you guys have been getting in recent years!!
  5. Yay!!! Met Jessie at LFCC a few years ago and she was delightful!
  6. Brilliant!! Sean is one of the most charming guests SM have ever had - cannot recommend meeting him enough!
  7. OH MY GOD!!!! Out of everyone I thought SM were going to announce, Fiona was definitely on the 'really-hope-but-doubt-it'll-happen' list!! So impressed you've managed to sign her for LFCC!!
  8. Won't be attending in person this year (darn you, real life work!), but am planning on making use of the Pre-Order service for: Christopher Eccleston Clark Gregg Bernard Cribbins Rose Reynolds Robbie Coltrane Hannah Murray Sylvester McCoy
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