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  1. Impressed that they are up so quick! Will have to wait until payday to buy mine though!
  2. He was fantastic! Especially as the queuing was pretty crazy on the Saturday!
  3. Ahh yes! That’s amazing, without realising we’d both been forum members too. That was a crazy build up, 4 diamond batches!
  4. Thank you, it certainly helped me distract myself. Some amazing guests and fellow fans!
  5. Hi Everyone, this weekend was my first ever comic con experience and in the build up I had been a little bit nervous and concerned about going. On Friday morning I had some truly devastating news and therefore it was going to be enough tougher to head down to London for a full weekend on my own, but the amazing thing I quickly found out about comic con is that you are never alone. Over the two days I got to speak to so many people when queuing for photos or trying to have a little bit of a rest between photos and looking at the different stalls, a place to fully fit in with people who understand being a fan of franchises or actors. The main thing I want to do with this post is thank everyone on the forum as I have been reading and occasionally posting since booking my tickets to go. The amazing tips really helped and whoever posted about the case to keep your photos in (sorry I cannot remember who it was) was certainly the best tip ever keeping them all nice and flat and safe from damage, also on arrival on the Saturday keeping my printed out tickets dry! I found Saturday to be totally crazy and was feeling like I couldn’t cope with the heat and how busy it was, but once the photos started it wasn’t as bad. The Sunday was much more relaxed I felt and just that little bit of extra space to move between the photo booths and be able to look around the guests signing. Once again thank you all so very much for the help in the build up, this forum really is fantastic!
  6. I had 5 photos on the Saturday and 8 on the Sunday! Saturday: Sunday:
  7. He was so lovely in the photoshoot too! His autograph queue looked constant and was great to see him taking selfies with people too
  8. He really was brilliant, I had a photo shoot. Was great to see him looking so good as well!
  9. You have to turn on the notification setting. I seem to be getting each one twice, even if I read it!
  10. So happy I have both Jason and John booked as they sound so fun! I’ll probably go shy and just stand next to them though!
  11. I went a little bit crazy yesterday and have added 6 more photos to my Sunday! Billy Dee Williams Bob Gale and Delorean DeVon Murray Finn Jones Manu Bennett Martin Sheen
  12. I’m jumping in to say me too as well! Went a bit crazy yesterday filling up my Sunday oops!
  13. Good shout! I will have to bring my portable charger anyway as my battery is shocking on my phone!
  14. In terms of tickets, do I need to print them all out or can you just use them on your phone/app?
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