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Latest Guest Appearance: Lana Parrilla

Attending: Saturday & Sunday

Autograph Price: £65

Photo Shoot Price: £65

Talk Price: £15 (Sunday ONLY)

Diamond Pass Price: £185 (Saturday), £200 (Sunday)

1x Guaranteed in person autograph

1x Guaranteed standard photo shoot

1x Exclusive gift

1x Priority seat in talk (Sunday ONLY)

Tickets on sale now

*Once Upon A Time - Regina Mills / Evil Queen

*Lost - Greta

*24 - Sarah Gavin

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OMG. This is fate. Omg. I LOVE Lana. Once Upon a Time is one of my favourite shows ever, and Regina is my favourite character. OMG. This is awesome. :clap:Like, didn't I say last year after LFCC 2018 that Lana Parilla was on my guest wish list for this year? :D 

Hey guys. Long time no see. :P I've been watching the updates the last few weeks. And I'm keeping fingers crossed for Tom to come back with Michael Rosenbaum this time,

But Lana alone is enough for me to have to book up again! :YAHOO:It's so crazy. Like, I went to Vancouver last October, and visited Steveston aka Storybrooke which was amazing. Is that fate, or what? :wub2:

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On 1/18/2019 at 7:45 PM, StuartG2198 said:

Talks will be announced closer to the time though I would ANTICIPATE there will be a OUAT one with these three in attendance.

Looking at the current diamond talks, they are all charging individually for seperate talks.

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