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  1. Liv

    Guest Suggestions

    Tom Ellis!!! And maybe other Lucifer cast.
  2. Liv

    Digital photo's for 2018

    How weird! Thanks Queen.
  3. Liv

    Guest Suggestions

    Tom Welling (I'm not done with just meeting him once ) Michael Rosenbaum Jennifer Morrison Ginnifer Goodwin Josh Dallas Colin O'Donoghue Rebecca Mader Dean Cain This will for sure make me broke. I'm already so pumped with the three OUAT guest list so far, but these additions plus bonus would be beyond incredible.
  4. Liv

    Digital photo's for 2018

    Oh ok. Hopefully they'll be able to be put them back up again! Thanks for the reply.
  5. Liv

    Digital photo's for 2018

    Hey, just a curious question. What happened to the Friday gallery for LFCC 2018 digital photos? They don't appear to be there anymore. Has something happened? I'm glad I ordered and downloaded my Friday photo when I did!
  6. Hoping for group photoshoot too!
  7. Liv

    Guest Suggestions

    Of course. Plenty of time! I totally get that. I'm already ecstatic with the line up so far.
  8. Liv

    Guest Suggestions

    ^ Or Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Colin O'Donoghue, Rebecca Mader, Jared Gilmore, etc. etc.
  9. That would be sweet! Hopefully a three way joint photo with Lana as well?
  10. Will Lana, Robert and Emilie do a talk together? Would be a shame if they don't!
  11. HOLY CRAP, is this LFCC the year of OUAT?!
  12. OMG, this is awesome! Loved Robert as Rumple.
  13. OMG. This is fate. Omg. I LOVE Lana. Once Upon a Time is one of my favourite shows ever, and Regina is my favourite character. OMG. This is awesome. Like, didn't I say last year after LFCC 2018 that Lana Parilla was on my guest wish list for this year? Hey guys. Long time no see. I've been watching the updates the last few weeks. And I'm keeping fingers crossed for Tom to come back with Michael Rosenbaum this time (he is actually set to visit the UK in July). But Lana alone is enough for me to have to book up again! It's so crazy. Like, I went to Vancouver last October, and visited Steveston aka Storybrooke which was amazing. Is that fate, or what?
  14. Liv

    Are you missing the Con?

    I am missing it terribly. This time last week I would have been at Tom's talk and now I'm about to go back to work. I can't believe it's been a week already. Now it feels like a lifetime ago!