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  1. Thanks for the update! Very happy to see that Aimee is the bonus guest for Tom's talk on the Sunday! Now to start getting my schedule down.
  2. It's okay Queen, I can wait. Just curious.
  3. If they do move it to the Saturday, that would mean anyone who bought the Sunday DP for priority seating at the Tom Ellis talk won't get that privilege on the Saturday? Yes, we'd get refunded for the talk price, but we'd still miss out on priority seating? Hopefully this is unlikely, and it would be actually super awesome to see Tom at two separate talks. I'll patiently await further news.
  4. Ok, thanks! Otherwise the schedule is looking fine for me so far. Just gotta work the finer details...
  5. I'm a little confused over the Tom Ellis talk, it's currently scheduled for the Saturday with Aimee Garcia, but his Diamond Pass had the talk for the Sunday, which is why I bought that Diamond Pass and it's not on the Sunday schedule...is the talk with Aimee a separate one you have to buy? Ah, you got there before me!
  6. omg this is great! Happy Lucifer fan here
  7. Oh, that's so awesome! Will seriously consider buying this photo shoot, even though I will already have a photo shoot with Tom on the Sunday with my DP. Watched ep 8 of Lucifer S4 earlier this evening, so good. Just 2 more episodes of S4 left! I highly recommend the show to those who haven't watched it, it's sublime viewing. Tongue in cheek at times though.
  8. Oh ok. I understand. Thanks Queen, for the info!
  9. Liv

    Who are you meeting!?

    This is my plan so far. Bought entry tickets for Saturday & Sunday. Everyone I want to see so far are only attending those days so that's why I'm only going for those two. I've only bought one Diamond Pass so far. I intend to buy more soon! Well, at least one more Diamond, and then photo ops and talks. I'm excited for having a way busier schedule than last year as last year was literally just Tom Welling. I cannot believe it'll almost be a year ago! I'm excited! Diamond Pass Photo Op Talk Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday Lana Parrilla ✓ (with talk) Emilie De Ravin planning Robert Carlyle dual photo op with Emilie De Ravin - planning planning Tom Ellis planning Brendan Fraser planning
  10. Tom Ellis's talk isn't showing up to buy separately at the moment...I'm most likely getting the Diamond Pass anyway, but just thought I'd let you know.
  11. Liv

    Answers to FAQ

    Ok thank you, I'll keep an eye for info closer to the event. Thanks!
  12. Liv

    Answers to FAQ

    Hey just a quick question. I won't be attending the Friday of the con this year as all of the guests I want to see so far are only attending the Saturday & Sunday. So I will be arriving in London on Friday afternoon, so I just want to ask how/where to pick up the Diamond Passes on the Friday?
  13. Oh! YES! Was this deliberate timing with Lucifer S4 now on Netflix from today? I was gonna watch tonight but my two year old twin nieces kept me busy up till now and now I'm too exhausted to watch anything lol. Anyways. This is awesome. Now, just get Tom Welling back with Michael Rosenbaum, and possibly a couple more OUAT and Lucifer guests and you'll make this girl very, very happy indeed. If that's not asking for too much.
  14. Liv

    Guest Suggestions

    Tom Ellis!!! And maybe other Lucifer cast.
  15. Liv

    Digital photo's for 2018

    How weird! Thanks Queen.