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  1. As many of the original UK Gladiators that you can get from the 90s. I met about 7 of them y. I mentioned this London con to them and they seemed really up for doing it, so please try and get them as they will go down really well. It was only a small con yesterday and they were some of the busiest guests there.
  2. He was in the UK for the United Nations talk, as he posted on Twitter about it and that he was due to attend.
  3. I just finished watching the last season of Once Upon a Time yesterday after getting it for Christmas and I was just saying that I would love for them to do comic con.
  4. I still haven’t received an email through yet regarding the refund.
  5. I haven’t received any emails regarding this refund yet, but I’ll keep checking. I received my Val Kilmer one on Monday.
  6. I was just wondering if anyone has received their refunds through for Paige for the Sunday photo shoot yet? I haven’t had an email about this yet.
  7. It is a shame, as I was looking forward to the group photo. I have gone from having 17 photos down to 13 within one week. I hope all of my others are there tomorrow when I go.
  8. Thank you for finding out for us and trying your hardest over the last few days with the issues reading this group photo to find out what was happening. I really appreciate it and hopefully everyone else does as well.
  9. How about the group photo, as it is not a group now but a duo?
  10. Someone has just posted on a group on Facebook but they have just got word that Margot Kidder has cancelled, but I don't know how true this is and where they have heard it from. If this is true then the group photo would have to be cancelled, as it would be a duo and not a group now.
  11. Okay, thank you. I have already organised the way that I am going to do my photoshoots and what booth they're in but I know sometimes things cannot be helped and they maybe missed. I know sometimes photoshoots run over, or the guest is late to their one. I remember two years ago I was following Kenny Baker and his carer around for half an hour, as they didn't know how to get to their shoot destination which caused the ones after them to run late. There was quite a following in the end behind Kenny as we were going around, but he did keep looking back and smiling at me. Hopefully I won't miss any now, as they're all on the same floor, which makes it so much easier.
  12. I've had a look through but I haven't been able to see it on here, what happens if a photo shoot is missed? I know they don't do refunds but do they still offer vouchers to use, as I missed one two years and just got there when the guest was leaving the photo booth so I went to the sales desk and they exchanged the price of the photo for a voucher to use instead for an autograph. I have quite a few clashes and I'm also worried about delays getting to the venue, such as traffic being bad or an accident on the roads etc. I'm just a worrier but as it is coming closer to the event I am starting to worry about these things more now. I don't want to miss any of my photo shoots but if it does happen I don't want to lose out on any money that I've paid either.
  13. I had already booked an individual photo with Terence and Morgot, the only reason I got this one was because of the three villains from Superman II in it. I wasn't really fused about Morgot being in it, as it was just for the Villains. For me personally I don't really see the point of the group one now. I think the selling point for this was having the three villains, as most people wouldn't have bothered buying it otherwise and especially at that cost. It is just unfortunately that Jack is ill and cannot come over now.
  14. I totally agree that there should be the offer of a refund for this, as now it is not the product that people paid for. If the photo went ahead there would be a huge gap in the photo regarding Jack not being there and the photo will not have the same meaning as what it was meant to have. There are the single photo shoots with the remaining guests, which will have much more of an appeal. This group photo, to me, just seems pointless now really. I do hope that Jack makes a speedy recovery though but I don't see this opportunity with the whole group photo been offered again, as they probably won't be able to get all of these to attend the same convention at the same time. Hopefully SM will understand that the paying public are not happen and will offer a refund on this.
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