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  1. The Guest List says Sunday only now, can we get clarification?
  2. Awesome! Been after him a long time now for his role as Meg Mucklebones
  3. Wow! Huge want! Loving the OUAT guests, thank you SM!
  4. Great guest! I've been after him for awhile now, it's been years since I saw him last.
  5. Great! Been after him for a couple of years now.
  6. I NEED Les on a shot or two, was wondering if I'd ever see him again. Thank you!
  7. That's too bad, hoping to see him again so looking forward to his next appearance, thanks!
  8. Well said. I've always wanted to meet Dickey Beer, have quite a few things for him as well.
  9. Hopefully he is in good health and able to do a future show, always a pleasure to meet Mr. Lampert. One of the only officers to show no apparent fear of Vader.
  10. Colin Hunt He played an assortment of creatures in ROTJ. He did Exeter last year, would be nice to have him up this way.
  11. Yes, please make it happen for 2017!
  12. Cool guest but I wish the Star Wars guests would be kept to the same day for the smaller shows. I won't be able to stay overnight for a minor role like a extra jawa, no matter how many I need. I hope to see him again sometime.
  13. Sounds like a pretty important Stormtrooper! And all along I thought Vader ordered Han to be placed in carbonite. Or did you mean he is merely one of the troopers who directs leads Han to the lowering platform in the chamber?
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