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  1. AWESOME I wasn't expecting them to be up this quickly! Downloaded mine already. Came out really nicely, I love the digital versions more than the prints 'cause they look so much more detailed. Props, good job on getting so many photos uploaded, that's amazing work!
  2. I share with all my friends and family pretty much! They show a general interest in what I'm a fan of, TV shows, movies, actors etc and when I go on an adventure such as going to a concert or LFCC on my own, (which I'm fine with going on my own, if no one is able to come with, or isn't much interested in coming) they look forward to what I have to share. And although they may not reciprocate that interest the whole time, and the fact that I went to LFCC on my own twice now doesn't mean I may not go with one or two of them one day. They may not be into wanting to meet their favourite actors as much or be as much a fan of a show or film that some others are, but they can at least appreciate that I do. My mum in particular, has enjoyed meeting her favourite celebrities in the past, and knows of the love for particular actors, singers etc. so she understands my interests and supports me in them. Especially with my love for Tom Welling. I've been a fan of his for over 10 years and over those years she's watched all 10 seasons of Smallville with me, has given me Tom related merchandise as Christmas stocking presents and is actually generally interested in any updates I show her of what Tom's been up to in his career. We even went to the London premiere together of the film Parkland in 2013 which Tom was in (me hoping he would attend as he was at the Venice and Toronto ones previously, but sadly he didn't). Mum was generally interested in seeing the film anyways, and I was excited that I could see Tom on the big screen for the first time, especially after his long hiatus after Smallville. So when I finally got to meet him last year, of course she was going to be interested in seeing my photos with him and the autos he signed for me and all the stories I had to tell of my encounters with him. Because she's been there herself. Not to conventions, but met her celebs other ways, many years ago now, but she gets it. I also share on instagram because I have friends from various walks of life whom I met online and in person who are interested in seeing them and share similar interests. I am a member of another forum and co-moderate two boards there, (one is Tom Welling) so it's nice to also share with my fellow community there too. I guess I'm lucky. I'm sorry others of you whose family/friends don't get it.
  3. Me! I'll be crashing back to earth in a bitter dump when I go back to work on Sunday.
  4. I was really lucky, I didn't miss out on anyone I wanted to meet! Getting autos from three Diamond Guests without the need for the passes was a real achievement for me. It wasn't easy and at times it was and touch and go, but I made it work. The only thing I was sad about was having to leave Brendan Fraser's talk slightly early in order to get a good seat at Lana Parrilla's talk.
  5. Agreed! Robert was a real pleasure to meet, I feel so humbled to have met such a fantastic high quality actor as him. His talk was brilliant! I just kinda wish his talk was at the super stage instead of the other one. I wasn't right at the back, I was only about 10 or so rows from the stage but I could barely see him. One thing I remember him saying was when someone asked him what would he have liked Mr. Gold's first name to be and he just said "Bob" There were some great stories, but sadly, I cannot remember much.
  6. Lana is absolutely gorgeous I love her! She is so lovely.
  7. Here are all the autographs I got this year! Really happy with them all! Emilie De Ravin - she was lovely, so nice. Told her I visited Steveston (Aka Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time) last October and I got this postcard, thought it was an ideal thing to get signed by Emilie, the Storybrooke Library. I also told her I went whale watching from Steveston too and she said she's always wanted to do that! Next was Robert Carlyle. I took this photo whilst in Steveston, yet another perfect item to get signed, he was interested to know the Rumple cutout was still there with the spinning wheel! He was such a pleasure to meet and what an actor! Next, Brendan Fraser - The first two Mummy films are two of my favourite films of all time, I've lost count over how many times I've seen them. I've had this DVD for years, so to actually have this now signed by Brendan is really surreal. He was cool, very friendly. That was all on the Saturday, all with just VQ's no Diamond Passes despite them being Diamond guests! Really proud of that! Then on Sunday Tom Ellis - Such a genuinely nice guy. Down to earth, funny. Love him. Also got a hug from him. Oh my I hugged the Devil. Got Lucifer S3 DVD signed by Tom and Aimee Garcia. Aimee is a sweetheart and totally awesome. Gave her a high five. Lana Parrilla - I love her so much. Again I mentioned about visiting Steveston, as I had another postcard from there with Storybrooke on it. I think I rambled a little too much to her about my visit to Steveston. But she laughed. And she asked if I wanted my item's personalised, even though her sign said no personalisations. And she had a huge selection of coloured pens. I love that she chose the pink. And then I got a quick hug from her too.
  8. I'm home! Damn, it's all over. But what an AMAZING weekend! My photos with Tom Ellis and Lana Parrilla - really pleased with them. Lana is a beautiful soul, inside and out and Tom is such a nice guy, really down to earth and absolutely hilarious! Took lots of photos of the Lucifer talk and the Lana Parrilla talk!
  9. haha. The people who weren't there missed out big time!
  10. Same here! He sat on someones lap in the row in front of me! Which row were you? I was 6 rows in, in the middle.
  11. The Lucifer talk was AMAZING. I wish I had gotten a t-shirt though.
  12. Ok, going to keep fingers crossed everything runs smoothly. Thanks Raylenth! No way am I skipping my included hotel breakfast this time!
  13. Because breakfast at my hotel isn't until 8am I hope to arrive at Olympia about 8:45am tomorrow. Will that be ok do you think to get in by 9:30am? I have DPs so there's no real rush till Tom Ellis photo at 10:30am. I've not attended a Sunday before. Today was crazy but I knew it was going to be. I'm glad I arrived in good time this morning just after 8am but it meant that I had to skip breakfast at the hotel. It sucks that the hotel breakfast doesnt start till 8am at the weekend but eh.
  14. Good luck with anyone travelling by train to Olympia tomorrow! Fingers crossed thing smooth out by the afternoon, and thankfully the temperature will be much cooler by then. I'm hoping for a smooth ride coming from the south west.
  15. I've read it's going to be much cooler tomorrow and into the weekend. Still in the mid 20's in parts but way, way more manageable than freaking 38. Thank goodness. Still, Olympia is going to be hot, but seeing as it's cooling off and rain is forecast into the weekend, it shouldn't be quite as bad as sun streaming through the greenhouse ceiling all day whilst inside.
  16. Eeeee here we go! Tomorrow I travel! Should hopefully arrive in London around 2pm and arrive at Olympia at around 2:30pm. Hoping to check in hotel first then pick up my Diamond passes. But not big deal if I collect them first cause I only have to walk 5 min down the road to the hotel! I cannot believe it is now a year since my very first con, when I met Tom Welling. Where has the year gone?!
  17. Ha true. I guess I could just bring it with me
  18. Oh ok. Guess I'll just have to see what's there.
  19. Oh ok. Well, I'll definitely have watermelon for breakfast. That is, I hope the hotel continental breakfast will have it. Going to buy all of that and keep it in my mini fridge in the hotel room.
  20. Oh yeah, I'd so would have taken those home. Thanks guys. Will probably go for the poster.
  21. That is a cool mug! Anything else other than mugs though? Don't want anything too heavy or difficult to take home.
  22. Question. What kind of gifts tend to be at the Diamond gift collection? I never picked up my Tom Welling one last year. So I'm going to make sure I pick up my Tom Ellis and Lana Parrilla ones this year. Kinda hoping to get the gifts signed?
  23. I love celery. Eat it with some nice dipping sauce and you're golden.
  24. True, I'm not spending £40 at the hairdressers for the rain to undo my straightened locks. Watermelon, yes another great cool food. Celery has more water though at 95%
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