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  1. AckAck

    Guest Cancellation - Joseph Marcell

    Luckily I met him at Birmingham F&C Con last year.....
  2. AckAck

    London Spring - Talk & Photo Schedule

    Any comments on the lack of diamond talks for gold pass holders?
  3. AckAck

    London Spring - Talk & Photo Schedule

    I would like an answer to this also. I am only attending Saturday (but that’s my choice), but as noted above there is only one dp talk all weekend. I would gladly exchange my second dp voucher for an equivalent auto (or i’ll take the £30 cash thanks showmasters).
  4. AckAck

    Guest Change - Katee Sackhoff

    I’m not surprised, was disappointed last LFCC summer also.......... It’s not really ‘a change’ though is it, it’s a cancellation. As long as she is replaced by another BSG member, then cool.
  5. AckAck


    There is still only one diamond talk for sale. Will we have to wait till 7 days before for full listings? I have a gold pass which includes 2 free dp talks, so need more options.
  6. AckAck

    Gold Pass Advice please

    I can recommend a gold pass.... I got one last summer, and it was worth it. The entry queue for golds is non existant, and you can come in and out all day without having to re-queue. The number of times previous years I have got a vq for a guest and the number didn’t even come up. To avoid any dissapointment and if you don’t like waiting in queues...then get one. I have one this event and am only there Saturday.
  7. I assumed the Birmingham event was ‘no more’, following the addition of London Spring and no mention of Birmingham event on main page (all others for 2019 being listed).
  8. AckAck

    Odo’s bucket

    Wooowww....it’s even better than I thought it would be. Fantastic, thanks.
  9. AckAck

    Odo’s bucket

    Is this a numbered limited edition? There are no pictures on the order page. £245......, a standard auto from Rene is only £20.
  10. AckAck


    I ordered mine months ago with my ticket, and got shortly after. maybe I have yours, a second one arrived the other day.......
  11. AckAck

    Friday temperature

    Cooooool....pun intended
  12. AckAck

    Friday temperature

    Some smart seller needs to jump on this and have a stand at Olympia selling hand fans, slushies etc...... They could make a killing.
  13. Past couple of days, I have dreaded looking here for fear of more cancellations. Fingers crossed......this is the last.....
  14. AckAck

    Sold Out warnings

    Fyi....looked last night and a lot of diamond passes where sold out, today they are not. Maybe they added more, didn’t try to purchase.... There’s actually only 3 sold out, all Dr Who’s!
  15. The fact that the DP’s are sold out, is it worth buying a standard photo shoot? Will there be time (pun intended) for these.