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  1. That's bizarre. There is no 'button' for me to click (on iPad), but if I google https://www.londoncomicconspring.com/ it works fine....
  2. Is it just me...? The Spring London event doesn't have a link to the main site. Other events work fine i.e. London Summer 2023, so it's not my browser.
  3. What with BST Hyde Park and Wimbledon finals, busy place.
  4. Thanks that explains it... My fault for dilly dallying.
  5. Where have all the Autohraph Pre-orders gone....? Have we reached a cut-off date. I thought it was up until the first day of the con.
  6. I usually have a Gold pass (not this year), there is usually a dedicated gold entrance, so you can come in/out at leisure without queuing. I was able to get to the front of standard autograph queues with a gold, which is nice.
  7. Even if there are 1000, previous events have had 100,000 attendees over the 3 days.
  8. I took that info in the email as purely a 'marketing' tactic. I really didn't think it was going to happen, i.e. you 'could' see CL at our booth (if maybe he is passing by).
  9. At the same time, there could also be more cancellations, hopefully not though.....
  10. Bag checkers should have gloves from memory (of 2019 events). That is pretty standard. It is usually a lot quieter up on the balconies than on the main floor. There are some guests I have read about who are wearing masks (except for photo shoot).
  11. This is partly why I am going Friday this year, it is like chalk and cheese fri/sat, last LFCC I went to Friday was pleasant to walk around, whereas Saturday was like the tube. But some people don't mind masses of people.....
  12. Thanks for the clarification (I don't use FB)......
  13. Just got an additional email today from Eventbright with my ticket.....! It has a different order number than original, and is labelled free and 'complimentary'........whereas the original one from months back has the price paid. If I look in the Eventbright app, there are 2 seperate tickets listed for the same day, one paid for, the other free.
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