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  1. I assumed the Birmingham event was ‘no more’, following the addition of London Spring and no mention of Birmingham event on main page (all others for 2019 being listed).
  2. AckAck

    Odo’s bucket

    Wooowww....it’s even better than I thought it would be. Fantastic, thanks.
  3. AckAck

    Odo’s bucket

    Is this a numbered limited edition? There are no pictures on the order page. £245......, a standard auto from Rene is only £20.
  4. AckAck


    I ordered mine months ago with my ticket, and got shortly after. maybe I have yours, a second one arrived the other day.......
  5. AckAck

    Friday temperature

    Cooooool....pun intended
  6. AckAck

    Friday temperature

    Some smart seller needs to jump on this and have a stand at Olympia selling hand fans, slushies etc...... They could make a killing.
  7. Past couple of days, I have dreaded looking here for fear of more cancellations. Fingers crossed......this is the last.....
  8. AckAck

    Sold Out warnings

    Fyi....looked last night and a lot of diamond passes where sold out, today they are not. Maybe they added more, didn’t try to purchase.... There’s actually only 3 sold out, all Dr Who’s!
  9. The fact that the DP’s are sold out, is it worth buying a standard photo shoot? Will there be time (pun intended) for these.
  10. AckAck

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    This is the first year I joined the forums, so I am actually seeing one after another cancel. Presumably this happens every year....I just was oblivious until arriving at Olympia previously.......... Oh well this is one I have been undecided on the DP.....not a problem anymore. Only a few more days.......how many more to cancel..... Or how many more new guests.
  11. AckAck

    Diamond Guest + VQ tickets

    Thanks dude......will take my chances with VQ’s and if called a bonus.....
  12. AckAck

    Diamond Guest + VQ tickets

    If I was to a get a VQ ticket on Friday and it’s not called, will it carry over to the Saturday....or do the numbers start again? Likewise if I got a diamond pass for a guest, is there anything stopping me selling the photoshoot to someone (I am not a big one for being photoed)...., am only interested in the autos.
  13. AckAck

    Pass Pickup Times

  14. AckAck

    Pass Pickup Times

    Do you collect Gold Passes from the gold entrance on friday, or do you have to join the main line? I can’t make Thursday.
  15. AckAck

    Gold Pass Questions

    Ok just re-bumping this thread. Had another read of the gold pass extras. It says two diamond pass talks up to a value of £30 each ‘while stocks last’ Does this mean I might not get a seat?