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Ticket booked! Am I the only one who thinks its weird Ian doesn't have a Diamond Pass? Or is he not that big? For me he is.


He was there last year as well, so whilst he's always popular it may not be necessary.

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I met Ian last year with my 10 year old son for an auto and photo op. My son is a massive Star Wars fan, so despite the high price it was a must!


I must say that of all the guests last year, Ian was my favourite. A really nice, approachable and accommodating guy, who put my son at ease and did his "Emperor voice" for him ("Young Jedi")!


Ian was only at LFCC for 1 day last year and was very (but not impossibly) busy. I would recommend an early morning start if you want a low enough VQ to be sure of an auto. Given that he attended only last year though, it is possible that this year's queuing will be a little less busy, which is good news!


I would love to meet him again but simply cant afford to this time, with all the other great announcements!


Hopefully this helps some of you....

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