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  1. No real lows - I thought it was a great event. Highs all round. We got around to all the guests we wanted to and had a great day on Friday. In some ways wish I had attended on Sat and Sun as well but I was worried about the volume of people and the heat. I would say, though of course nothing will change, that the venue has extortionate prices for food and drink....! I am all for everybody making some money but £2.50 for a can of drink.... Also, is it me or is the number of stalls diminishing? I am sure the gap between them is getting wider? Also, could probably do with a bit more variety on the stalls? Where was Arrow DVDs this year? I thought that was cool last year! Shame...! All good though, well done SM!
  2. I am going big...what about Tim Curry? Or Gillian Anderson...? Or Kane Hodder?
  3. People will always pick up on the negatives. It is a complicated event and some elements are outside Showmasters control. In the round, I think they do a really good job. The guy marshalling the Paige Turco queue on Friday was really good. She was late arriving but he kept everybody informed, calm and in good spirits, fanning us down with some paper and offering us mints. Top bloke!
  4. I was there with my 12 year old son yesterday but opted out for today and tomorrow. If I had been there today, meeting DD would have been top priority. No feedback from anyone yet but did everyone have a good time meeting David? I would also be interested to know whether he got to any VQs, or whether he just saw Diamonds? Hope anyone who went today had a good one!
  5. Just wondered what people thought about any movies (or other TV shows etc) they are aware of which are on VHS but didn't ever get officially transferred over to DVD or Blu-Ray. I was looking through my collection and realised I have a few including The Keep (1983) and Tube Mice (1980s cartoon). Has anybody got any suggestions on good movies or shows which are on VHS but not on DVD?
  6. Yeah Matt the Arrow DVD stall was awesome! I got Maniac Cop and the Burning. Horror collection coming on well!
  7. QS might well tell me off because this is not strictly on topic but I am hoping LFCC will go back to two events a year again (Spring and Summer?)? It would be great to have a couple of cons in London next year, rather than a full year of waiting for the next one!!!!
  8. Terence Stamp turned up, so for me it was magnificent just on that basis. A few organisational issues but I don't think you can ever completely resolve them with an event as complicated as this, where there are so many variables and things that can go wrong. At the end of the day, the guests make the event for me and if there is someone there you really like, you get to meet them and they turn out to genuinely appreciate your interest, then it all feels very worthwhile. It has been a great LFCC! Well done SM! Roll on next year!
  9. I reckon, with everything, including travel, entry, DPs, autos, photos, stalls, around about £1,200. Worth it though. Had a great time and got some great items / memories.
  10. Shelly - do you mean they ran out of the prints that were supposed to come with the DP? If so, I am not surprised because when I collected mine on Friday, along with the mugs etc, they didn't punch the dogtag like they normally do. After walking away with my son, we both noticed this and thought that some people could take the opportunity to collect prints mugs etc more than once.
  11. Yes, Terence was great at the auto desk and with the photos. He was surprised when I gave him a DVD cover for The Collector to sign, as I think most people were going for Superman! Very pleased to answer a couple of questions I had for him and seemed to really appreciate my interest in his work. Regarding the photo, I have had better ones. Not Terence's fault but yeah I was tired and a bit overwhelmed at meeting what is one of my three favourite actors of all time. By the way, maybe its me but was the Terence photo a really close up shot. When I say that, I mean more close up than normal!? Maybe that was avoid people trying to kneel before Zod!!!
  12. A bit annoyed there is a dealer at the front of the queue with nearly 50 items before us diamonds. doesnt seem fair?
  13. Really great day, thanks SM. I was in the general entry queue at 7am, so was ok getting low VQs. I was amazed that Veronica Cartwright didn't need a VQ and was just an open queue! She was top of my list! The only thing I experienced was that some of the guests were a little late (E.g. Christopher Lloyd signing after 11am, Tom Skerritt also didn't start signing till after 12pm!). Despite having 4 diamonds and an early start in the queue, I didn't get my first auto until just after 10am, so I started to worry a little.....but it all came together in the end. After a few years attending these events, I still cannot believe how SM manage to put together the logistics where there are so many variables, and keep us all (mostly) happy! By the way, the stalls are decent this year. Liked the Arrow DVDs stall selling old horror B movies. Good to see!! Roll on tomorrow!
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