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  1. Merchwithamouthx

    What did you get signed?

  2. Merchwithamouthx

    Wrong Name's Wround Up!

    Great write up and was good to meet and chat with you in several queues lol
  3. Merchwithamouthx

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN RHYS-DAVIES

    Surely there is a time limit on spoilers By the way Bruce Willis was a ghost all along
  4. It may be just the way I'm reading there posts but i think we both no as per your story people will think it and not read or even look in to what they are buying
  5. Same here if it's the same page i read I also have a bad feeling some people have bought diamond pass's thinking it gives them access
  6. Merchwithamouthx

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN RHYS-DAVIES

    Sliders was one of my favourite shows ever growing up still gets me when he dies
  7. Damn, I don't think I need any Friday so good dry run lol, thanks for confirming Wrong Name
  8. Not sure its that bad as originally thought for gold's myself Wrong Name, once we are in turn left in to national and up the stairs at the end and guest are there, if im reading it all right, main entrance closer but looks less direct root, I think, and I stress I think
  9. Merchwithamouthx

    Latest Guest Announcement - KEVIN SMITH

    Anybody think will look ok if borrowed my godsons toy lightsabers for a posed photo with Kevin? Back to back style
  10. Merchwithamouthx

    Latest Guest Announcement - BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH

    I'm glad someone new where I was coming from lol
  11. If I can pursuance the misses to let me go rather then take her out this is on my list
  12. Merchwithamouthx

    Paint Pens for Autoraphs

    That's what I'm thinking just find paint pens have that almost brighter look on the colour ones
  13. Merchwithamouthx

    Paint Pens for Autoraphs

    Hmmmmmm you guys have my worrid about my paint pens now mine is for action figures so I think I might be save and if is sploges wipe away
  14. Merchwithamouthx

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTIAN

    Double shoot booked so happy with this