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  1. I was always lead to believe that gold pass gets you straight to the front of any que, diamond pass gets you in the que at any point but not to the front and then it's VQ tickets. This is year seems to of changed and for some guests it really didn't work well. First thing yesterday for some guests only diamond passes were allowed to que up and get there items signed and VQ numbers didn't go up until much later which is in part why Alan Tudyk had only got to VQ tickets 1-50 by 4.30pm yesterday.
  2. He never turned up today and was told he wasn't attending tomorrow either.
  3. Apologies for the duel posts earlier I couldn't see my original comment even after a refresh so posted the new thread instead. Shame ge can no longer attend
  4. As per the title, I can't find an official announcement in the forum but he is showing in the cancelled section of the LFCC website?
  5. Has Quentine Cancelled as there is no announcment that I can find but he is in the cancelled section on the LFCC website?
  6. ITs gona be a movie star seeing how it's announced via Cineworld but who it is we shall see
  7. Wow never thought she would be possible. Might have to go for a photo op with her
  8. Lovely guy who I'm glad is back. Will defo get a photo with him this time
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