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  1. terrier26

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    The Star Wars stage has a TBC slot on the Friday :-)
  2. terrier26

    New Guest Announcements- Friday 7pm

    I’d love it to be one of the following Wes Bentley Annette Benning Mena Suvari Thora Birch Jeff Cohen Coret Feldman
  3. Shame he can’t make the Friday...
  4. terrier26

    Guest Suggestions

    Wes Bentley jeff cohen corey Feldman
  5. terrier26

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALAN HARRIS

    Would have gone for an autograph if he was there on saturday or sunday...
  6. terrier26

    Guest Announcement - Thursday @ 7PM

    Would be nice if it was Crispin Glover to complement the BTTF guests... ...anyone from American Beauty would be fantastic.
  7. terrier26


    Fantastic guest - it's just a shame that he is only attending on the Saturday as I've only booked for Sunday :-( I would definitely have met him otherwise....
  8. Fantastic guest - it's just a shame that he is only attending on the Saturday as I've only booked for Sunday :-( I would definitely have met him otherwise....
  9. terrier26

    Guest Suggestions

    Any of the stars from American Beauty would be incredible - have any ever been approached to attend a shownasters event? My fave film of all time....an absolute masterpiece and the definitive commentary on modern society for me.
  10. terrier26

    Guest Suggestion thread

    An Italia 90 reunion would be awesome - maybe having the likes of Paul Parker, Stuart Pearce, Mark Wright, Terry Butcher, Bryan Robson, John Barnes, Chris Waddle, David Platt and Gary Lineker alongside Gazxa and Shelton that are already announced...that was a generation defining tournament and I'm sure that having such players at the event would have mass appeal for Showmasters fans.
  11. terrier26

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM WILSON

    Hi Andy, if you have the Diamond pass you are under no obligation to use all of activities included in the ticket, if there's a part of it you can't or don't want to do you don't have to, but you cannot tailor the pass to your wants. It's either the whole package or not, you cannot get refunded on that portion of the ticket you don't use. If there is an additional talk on Sunday you would have to buy an additional ticket for it as that talk wouldn't be included in the Diamond package and individual aspects of the ticket aren't usually transferable. As to if there is one taking place on Sunday I don't know, there aren't tickets on sale for one yet so there may not be. People will tell you that the only way to guarantee an auto is to have a Diamond pass. Beyond that we can only speculate. He is a rare guest so a lot of people will want him. However other than MJF who was ONLY signing for Diamond pass holders I don't think there has been a guest who hasn't reached the VQ holders but they may not get through many. In 2015 Sigourney Weaver only got through about 10 non Diamond pass holders but beyond that I think most D Pass guests have done a few VQ ticket holders. It's a smoother process now that most people know how it works. I think Jeremy Renner got through a lot of VQ ticket holders last year and people weren't rushing through at light speed. Don't forget you have the Gold Pass holders to contend with if you want to consider going for a VQ ticket as well and they get into the venue 10 minutes before general ticket holder. Also how many days the guest is attending factors in, the fewer days they are there the less people they will get through. What it boils down to is though is that no one can really say how it will go as there are so many factors involved, not least how quick he is at signing. If he's slow he's going to get through fewer people. If hundreds attend just for him there's going to be less chance. You may be ok without the Diamond pass, a lot of people were last year, but no one can really say. If you want to be 100% certain of getting it, and you really really want to get his auto, and can afford the pass I would prefer to get it myself. That way you know you are sorted. If you are traveling down on the Sunday it's good to remember that people do start queuing very early especially when they have big/rare guests as they will want to get VQ tickets themselves so depending on when you arrive at the venue you may have none or a lot of people queuing already in front of you. Remember to buy an entry ticket as well though. The only other option would be to get one through the pre order service and you can book a photo shoot with him for Sunday so you actually get to meet him. Thanks very much for the very useful advice. Going to check the funds and make a decision :-)
  12. terrier26

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM WILSON

    I'm considering buying the diamond pass as I'll be travelling from Manchester and want to guarantee an autograph. However, I'll be attending on the sunday and the talk is planned for the saturday only. Is there a talk on Sunday too or an option to have the diamond pass without the talk? Do people think that you will need a diamond pass to guarantee an autograph on a sunday?
  13. Having a > 4 hr gap between Sean Austin and Peter Mayhews photo shoot on the Sunday Sint ideal either...
  14. Fantastic guest, a definite star to meet for me - the line up for Glasgow is looking excellent!
  15. terrier26

    Guest Suggestions

    Jeremy Bulloch, Kenny Baker and Paul Blake (was due to meet him st the cancelled Bolton event) would be fantastic additions