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The films you've seen, in 2017

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Rogue One, twice. As back then not a SW fan I loved it! i loved every single bit of that, especially Cassian Andor.


Carry on.. Follow that Camel  


Just seen my 30th film this year...Atomic Blonde Charlize Theron  kicking butt and she does that very well indeed.  Off to see the "The Dark Tower"  tomorrow even though it's been panned by the critics it does have the saving grace of having  Idris Elba in it.  We will see.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - I've heard a fair bit of negativity about this as time has passed since it's release, but I really enjoyed it. People shooting stuff, flying around, funny robot, hilarious Peter Cushing cartoon, Mads, blind guy, noble deaths, - what's not to like?

Force Majeure - Really good black comedy. A family on a skiing holiday think they are about to get hit by an avalanche, the mother cradles the kids while the dad runs away. Causes a bit of marital strife, that. 

Moana - Enjoyed, but I was a little disappointed. I thought D 'The Rock' J voicing basically an animated version of The Rock would have been more entertaining. 

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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - Was ok. Not great, but ok. Seemed like a lot could have been cut out and Dane DeHaan was not good, but the film was ok.

Atomic Blonde - I enjoyed it. Basically a female John Wick set in 80's Berlin. Punch, kick, pew pew.

The Dark Tower - I tried reading the first novel once but never finished it. I have a friend who is a massive fan of the comics and goes on about how epic they are. This film was not. It wasn't bad, but it was just a standard, forgettable action movie. A bit disappointing really.

Detroit - Full on. Very heavy going and tense. It's based on real events from the Detroit riots in 1967 but if half of it is true, then it's truly sickening that this could ever happen. Great film.

Baywatch (2017) - They really did nothing to try and make it any different from every other comedy/action movie out there. Bad performances, worse jokes, stupid story. It was just a bad movie through and through. Which is why I'm surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did! 

Colossal (again!) - Love this film. See my earlier short review.

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