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  1. With Destination Star Trek now officially rescheduled to Nov 2021 it'll only be a matter of time before November's LFCC is cancelled
  2. Just a general question how do I upload a photo on my desktop to here..Thanks
  3. Bloodshot- Okay action film with an interesting reveal half way through the film, apart from that nothing really original. I did get very confused by the chase scene in London( keep an eye on the car number plates and you will see why).
  4. Along with "The Invisible Man" can also recommend "Dark Waters". It's a film in the same vain as the movie "Erin Brockovich" Mark Ruffalo plays real life lawyer Rob Bilott who's a corporate lawyer who takes on a environmental lawsuit against the chemical giant "Dupont" and exposes their lengthily history of pollution in the surrounding area. It's scary watching this film being played out as it shows how big business put profits above a human life. It also shows the length a big company will go to drag the case out in the hope that it will eventually go away. Mark Ruffalo is excellent in the movie and carries it throughout the 2 hours he's on screen. Ann Hathaway is a little under used as his wife, but she gives a sense how this lawsuit took over Bilott's life for well over a decade. It's worth sticking round to the end of the movie as there's a written monologue which I found very disturbing and thought provoking that a company's profits are everything.
  5. Just seen "Birds of Prey" blah blah blah blah. Have to say it made Cats look an Oscar winner for best picture. It was terrible. A lot of people will love it and I'm glad for them but for me it ranks as one of the longest 1 hr 50 mins of my life.
  6. I have just watched the new Guy Ritchie film "The Gentlemen" he's back to what he does best. In the same vein as Rocknrolla, Snatch and Lock Stock there's lots of strong language. violence and laughs throughout. Colin Farrell steals the movie as "coach" along with Hugh Grant who is also terrific as a sleazy Journalist. Really enjoyed the film what with JoJo Rabbit a couple of days ago 2020 is shaping up very nicely to be a vintage film viewing year.
  7. For me, 2019 has not been a vintage year it was pretty slow up till "End Game". Cats ( wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be)it was my 43rd and last film of this year. For me my Top 5 films are in no particular order: The Joker The Irishman ( De Niro and Scorsese best to their very best) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood( A Tarantino masterpiece) John Wick 3 Aladdin Giant Turkey's of the year which I thought were horrendous. 4) Terminator Dark Fate ( a franchise hopefully now put out of its misery) 3) X-Men Dark Phoenix 2) Godzilla King of the Monsters 1) Hellboy ( which was hell to watch) Next year looks to be amazing with "TeneT" the standout film for me Happy New Year everyone
  8. I did like the Borg Alcove especially with the guy dressed up as a Borg pretending to assimilate guests it was a lot of fun...
  9. Thank you SM for changing the time of the Alice Eve photo shoot. I was so disappointment that I was going to miss it as I had to leave at 2pm on Saturday but now with it taking place earlier I can attend. On this very wet miserable Friday afternoon you have made my day :)
  10. Oh well booked Alice Eve for Saturday but got to leave at 2pm..Guess these things happen
  11. Showing my age..First saw Star Wars January 1st 1977 at a cinema in Tottenham Court Road.it was one of the first public showings in the U.K(none of this midnight screening nonsense) we were around 30th in the queue. The queue that morning went on for over a mile..Till this day nothing takes away the roar of the Imperial cruiser in the first scene as it comes into view. So with the last film planned for December it's been a heck of a journey.
  12. I have two great memories from the Martin Sheen Oval prop photo shoot. The first was when he arrived at the shoot all the people there clapping and cheering as he entered, it felt like we were all in a scene from the "West Wing" as he thanked people for their applause. The second was the pleasure of spending a few brief but wonderful moment with this amazing man and as I left saying to me "thank you so much for coming". I hope this experience will make him want to come back to London because we must certainly would love to see him again.
  13. He was due today but cancelled tried to rebook for Saturday but the shoot was sold out. Just wanting for the refund email
  14. Robert Picardo missing for Friday...unless he's now on a more updated schedule
  15. Has Bob Gale actually got a functioning Delorean time machine as he's down to do a photo shoot on Friday 90 minutes before he's due to arrive (going by the Preliminary schedule..)
  16. My guess would be Mark Sinclair or as he's better known as Vin Diesel..
  17. My latest viewing X-Men Dark Phoenix which for me was very disappointing and finishing the 19 year run of the franchise with a whimper more then a bang. Now Disney have the rights, I can see it being rebooted in a few years time and done properly.
  18. The same could be said for the Hellboy reboot..The script, acting and CGI were terrible even Ian Mcshane couldn't save it with his very witty intro..
  19. Ibis Earl Court £272 for 2 night 26/7 to 28/7
  20. One of my favourite returning guests on STNG..Dwight Schultz
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