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  1. Brasco

    Beckett Authentication

    I would think that any authentication service is only beneficial if you plan on selling your autographs. For me, it is all about meeting the guests and my memory of the day. I wouldn't need validation in this way. So as QS said this is a service that would need costs covered, resulting in pricing being increased elsewhere. Having seen how few people were using Beckett at collectormania last year while I queued for guests, I can't see the demand being there. Even if it was free I doubt there would be a tremendous increase in demand for the service.
  2. I always enjoy reading your review. Helps me make up for the fact I've not managed to make it to LFCC yet lol.
  3. Brasco

    New terminator film!

    I'm looking forward to another expansion of the terminator world. Although I'm not going to be too surprised if it doesn't do as well as hoped. Like a lot of sequels/reboots etc, people's expectations of how they think it "should be" generally dictate the reviews after. While genysis had a stinker of a "twist" (for some reason shown to everyone in the trailer), most of the films have varying degrees of merit to an extent. I do seem to recall tho that with every subsequent film James Cameron either being involved or commenting along the lines of "it's in the right hands". Then as soon as they don't perform as well as hoped by the studios, he washes his hands of it.
  4. Ditto! Only got a photo at Birmingham so potentially an auto at least this time.
  5. Brasco

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    David Hasslehoff Lou Ferrigno
  6. Really nice guest! Met her at Collectormania.
  7. Well I'm really looking forward to it now! Nice one SM!
  8. Brasco

    Opinions on the day Sat

    Yeah it was, it did give us a bit of a laugh, I was half expecting some kind of Men In Black flash of light as we stepped back outside and for 9hrs to be unaccounted for lol
  9. Brasco

    Opinions on the day Sat

    This was my first big con and it pretty much went as expected. I planned my day as best I could, my number one priority was Danny Glover. I had his photo first thing, he was an absolute delight. I got a VQ for him and eventually got an auto at about 3.45. By this point he was clearly tired and not as chatty as first thing, but he was still very polite. I would expect anyone to be this way as it's a long day. Having read up on previous experiences at the big 2 I was more than prepared to stand in queues all day for the ones I wanted. It went from one extreme to the other, I missed the Christopher Lambert talk to wait for Danny Glover, but I also got Kristanna Loken, Austin Amellio and Emily Kinney in about 5mins all in. My photo clashes probably worked out in my favour as everything was so close together it actually freed up time for autos. There were only 2 I didn't get, but they weren't must haves. Still 6 photos and about a dozen autos later, I'd definitely consider next year line-up dependant.
  10. Brasco

    Photo quality saturday

    I remember seeing those god awful photos from last year lol. I'm quite happy with all 5 photos I got, I had one in all 3 areas. My only gripe is I now have a "Prom" style pic with my pal at the Han Solo prop. He didn't even have the decency to put his hand on my hip
  11. Brasco

    Queuing and Layout

    Thinking back to yesterday, even having the layout that photo A did with the tape on the ground marking queueing areas for autos might make it a bit easier to marshal? It would certainly made it easier in photo areas B and C at the very least giving a boundary for folk to wait behind unless called.
  12. Brasco

    Queuing and Layout

    In that case CRAP! I am however glad I used peeved and not pi**ed, because I don't think the cleaners would like to clean up after the bear!
  13. Brasco

    Queuing and Layout

    I think the holding area for queuing could have taken up less space, however it is dry today, I'm sure I'd have a different opinion if it was peeing down. And perhaps "roped" queues for some guest signing. This may have helped prevent some of the Robert englund/Danny Glover queue issues with VQ's etc. It seems to be running smooth now despite witnessing a few crew/pit bosses getting their ears chewed off. I can understand people getting peeved about the problems, but remember it's not life or death folks!
  14. Brasco

    So, who're you seeing this weekend?

    I've photos booked with Danny Glover, Christopher Lambert, Richard Wilson, Frank Bruno, Kenny Johnson and Joseph Marcell. Looking to get autos from all of the above plus Billy Boyd, Sylvester McCoy, Mark Williams, Chad Coleman, Ray Park, Austin Emilio, Emily Kinney, Jordan Woods-Robinson, Michelle Ryan, Kristanna Loken, Donald Sumpter, Jeremy Bulloch and Valene Lane. All in one day!