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  1. Films watched in 2018

    War for the Planet of the Apes - Fantastic addition to the series. It was so much more than the trailers led you to believe. Definitely one to get you right in the feels. Paddington 2 - Still can't get my head around how much I enjoyed this. On paper I should have hated it lol
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - DANNY GLOVER

    I cannot wait. What a legend!
  3. Tickets

    I don't think I've missed the announcement on being able to buy them. Is there such a thing as a normal length of time before the events that tickets are released? I know glasgow and London tickets are available already.
  4. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Dunkirk. Went in thinking it might be a bit grim, but came out feeling sense of pride. Dispite a spitfire with magic powers lol.
  5. Saturday Experience

    I can understand the disappointment of not having more guests,depending on what you class as big guests. Certainly the fewest I've experienced in the last 4 years. But I guess unless Showmasters have black mail material the wish to use against guests (I'm guessing this isn't the most feasible business model lol) to make them come, we'll just have to hope for more next year.
  6. Saturday Experience

    I'll be honest I never went down the area where they usually go, however I did see a few tables down that section. Also the gent that does the "Saltire" comics had his stall.
  7. Home from another enjoyable con at Glasgow. We had early entry tickets and once again it was a good choice. Started with a quick nosey around to see where guests were seated. As expected this year it seemed quieter, I assume due to the smaller line up. I admit I was apprehensive about this year for this very reason. However I was so glad I went. I had a great laugh in the Retro Gaming area, struggling to remember combos to try and beat my friend at Street Fighter 2. I met Colette Hiller, Mark Rolston, Jeanette Goldstein as previously planned. All 3 of them were lovely and fantastic to talk too. Colette was a particular highlight taking pictures with everyone (at the time). I also decided on the day to meet Rusty Goffe. Based solely on finding out about his extensive CV. It was a great choice. He is a really nice, funny gentleman. Can't recommend highly enough how much I am so glad I did. I was a bit short for time today so didn't stay for the talks this year. My loss based on previous years. I sometimes think other forum users are too quick to complain about "crap" or lack lustre line ups etc. But it's horses for courses. What might not spark your interest, may be a hero for others etc. I for one am just glad that things like this event happen. Already looking forward to the next one. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
  8. First time going

    Glasgow is a relatively compact layout. Main arena floor after you pass the first foyer area. All the stalls and stages are here. Auto's are generally done upstairs to the right dependent on guest numbers. With the line up this year I doubt VQ's will be used. But that's not to say they won't!
  9. I've stayed at this hotel a few times. Never heard of them being overbooked before.
  10. I think this means my wife is definitely going now lol
  11. Build your own R2-D2

    It does look fun. My only concern would be will the collection be completed? I've heard of some of these types of things being cancelled before the end due to lack of sales. But it would be a pretty cool thing to make. And it'd be a managable cost by only paying bit by bit.
  12. Build your own R2-D2

    As in the advert for the magazine thing on the telly? It could be fun but if it's that, then it'll end up costing about £900 :-o
  13. Showmasters Forum Exclusive Competition!

    Donald My favourite character is Max Rockatansky from the Mad Max films. Glasgow Film and Comic Con
  14. Saw you walking about yesterday. Awesome costumes! Well done!