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  1. Warwick Davis signature is really nice. Although you can't clearly read his name it is neatly done and consistent on all three photos that I have got. He also added the year he signed them and was happy to add quotes that I requested. Geat guy to meet!
  2. Agreed really enjoyed it. Shame Netflix can't do anymore.
  3. Never seen the appeal in them myself either. A lot of them look nothing like who they are supposed to be.
  4. I didn't realise that. Maybe then if SM could do the same t&c.
  5. I haven't had the chance to watch any of the latest season of Fear Of The Walking Dead. Is she one of the main cast?
  6. When I have purchased tickets for gigs there is an optional 'ticket protection' policy where for a small additional fee you are able to claim your money back if you wish to cancel for any reason. Would be good if SM could look into doing a similar thing.
  7. Maybe I was imagining it but I am sure that William Shatner had been announced for this event but I cannot see him listed?
  8. I'm calling it now! SM seen my guest suggestion post that Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan may be available and taken my advice and have snapped them up!
  9. Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan may be available now. Quick SM snap them up before someone else does!
  10. I am going to keep on asking - Dwight Schultz.
  11. Thinking outside the box here (not even sure if these are the sort of guests SM would try to get) - Philip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, Stacey Solomon, Johnny Vegas, Lee Evans, Peter Kaye, Timmy Mallet, Alan Carr, Jonathon Ross, Graham Norton.
  12. A must meet for me if I go. Was disappointed when he cancelled before.
  13. Mine are in my signature. I have kept a record of where and when I met them all.
  14. A few that I have watched recently - Ma (2019). What a great film! Yes it is cliched (but aren't a lot of horror) and it is a while before Ma's intentions become clear. But it told a good story and kept me entertained throughout. A lot of horror films have disappointed me recently but this is definitely one of the better ones. The Perfection (2019). This film was so frustrating! Started of great with a good twist. Then unfortunately it had another twist which took it into another direction completely and ruined it for me. A film of two halves. Shame as if it stuck along the same early storyline it would have been so much better. X -Men: Days Of Future Past (2014). Haven't seen this before. Good storyline and action. Enjoyed it. Film4 are showing X-Men films this coming week so will be good to catch up on them before Dark Phoenix is released.
  15. Being as vague as possible (so not to break forum rules) it unfortunately won't be him. He has exclusive deal elsewhere.
  16. The main cast from Big Bang Theory would be great. Going by the post though it seems like it is someone well known for both film and tv work which I think may rule them out.
  17. Either Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart or Stone Cold Steve Austin would be awesome!
  18. End Game. I thought it was good in parts but not the epic masterpiece I was expecting.
  19. Days Gone. It's been getting a lot of poor reviews and I can't see why. Been really enjoying it myself. Only negatives from me are long loading screens and it can be a bit tiresome looking for fuel for your bike. Overall great game that I recommend if into action horror games.
  20. Escape Room (2017) I noticed that this had been added recently onto Netflix and by the description I was hoping it would be like the SAW films. Its only a short film but it took about a hour before anything happened and by that time the characters were so unlikable I was past caring. If anybody else had the misfortune to see it can they explain the ending? Who was responsible? Why did they do it? Maybe it's me being dumb lol but I just didn't understand it!
  21. I have got the box set as well. Brought back so many great memories and still as great as i remember it being all them many years ago. Enjoy!
  22. My favourite guest announced so far. Her scene 'now who's going to save me?' left a lasting impression on me when I was a youngster!
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