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  1. I had such a laugh talking to him last time he was there . Great guest!
  2. I think they may have deleted their account and started anew. I can't seem to find it either.
  3. I see the new dates for Glasgow were announced last week. 22nd-23rd July 2023 @ Braehead Arena.
  4. I had the misfortune of hearing a soundbite of it on the radio. It seems to be the product of what happens when you have a lot of money lying around and nothing to spend it on. Fair play to him, but he could have at least kept it for his own private collection and not public consumption.
  5. Not sure why I waited so long to meet him He had been to a few cons that I went to over the years. Glad I finally did. A lovely gent. Great to talk too.
  6. What can I saw about this lovely lady. Very charming. She took the time pay attention and chat to 6yr old daughter at her first comicon. Everyone should make sure to meet her!
  7. Glad to have met him. Absolutely lovely. Seems to genuinely enjoy the interaction with fans.
  8. Brasco


    I assume that @showmasters has changed the refund policy on photoshoots again? As per below with regards to Colin Baker not making it to Glasgow. I don't know if this was info that was made public and I have just missed it. For people with lack of self control with money (as in an idiot like me haha), I would have probably booked photo shoots for Glasgow when I had money available. Instead I didn't want to risk guest cancellation and be left with a load of vouchers that I may not have been able to use and a such I've spent my cash elsewhere in life. This is not a complaint, just feedback Just pointing out that a lot of information seems to not be available as of late, without a lot of investigation. I appreciate that a larger number of the casual customers will use social media mostly. But personally the forum for me is the main feed for up to date Showmasters related info. And as of late it seems to be getting more and more neglected.
  9. Amanda Abbington Sacha Dhawan Julian Glover
  10. Copied from Facebook Unfortunately, due to a last minute change in plans, Colin Baker is unable to join us for Film & Comic Con Glasgow this weekend. We hope to welcome him to a future Film & Comic Con Glasgow again soon.
  11. The photo/talk schedule is available on the main website for the con. https://www.filmandcomicconglasgow.com/ (I'm sure someone more tech savy can post a copy of it here. I have tried and failed several times )
  12. Sort out a storage for my autos/photos. Buy a prop/piece of memorabilia. (I have always thought about it, but I've never seen anything I've wanted to commit too). Come up with an idea to cosplay next year at a con. I've never done it before. ( a year should be enough time to plan, right?? )
  13. My first con was a few years ago. I only realised it was taking place the day before. I had forever seen adverts for previous cons in SFX magazine and never really thought about actually going. I saw Dirk Benedict was gonna be there and thought, why not? I loved the The A-Team and realised I could actually meet one of them, I was not disappointed, he was a lovely guy. I came away like the kid who had just been given the best Christmas present of all time. I was buzzing for ages after. So that was my first experience of meeting someone to get their auto and several hundreds of £'s later (at least, so far). I've been going to cons ever since. Roll on the next one!
  14. Hi Dancol The previous post to your's has the answer to your question via a Facebook post from Jason. Q: Is November going to happen do you think? A: we put out official statements about events once everything has been looked into and weighed up and it is then put out as a proper statement , I am not going to put out a comment with out a full statement , at this time our official statement is we will look at where things are around 2 months out from all events , that has been our policy sins all this kicked off , hope that helps
  15. It's only natural for anyone to be concerned what's going on just now. I just feel that no one can speculate what is going on in 2/3 months time, when there is so much uncertainty about the next few days. All you can do is plan as if an event is going ahead. Book your accommodation, book your travel. Plan on it going ahead. I would use the same caution I use for any event that is more than a few weeks in advance, regardless of the current situation . Just incase MY circumstances change and I can no longer go. As tempting as it is to book using "advanced saver rates" to save a few £'s. I don't. I've had my accommodation booked for Collectormania in Birmingham since sometime last year. But I can cancel it anytime up to and including 24hrs before. Obviously my entry tickets/photos ops etc are a different story. If I cancel then i'm out of pocket.
  16. True, but minus the reviews. Although not always the case, I associate the other thread with first time watching of relatively new films. Also, The Book of Eli.
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