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  1. Films watched in 2018

    After promising myself I wouldn't watch it under any circumstances I somehow find myself in front of the silver screen watching "Rampage". Although the film was silly, stupid and the acting at times was terrible, there is something about Dwayne Johnson that just pulls you in and you walk away after a couple of hours thinking well it wasn't that bad. No wonder he is the most bankable star in Hollywood at the moment. All in All it wasn't the worst film I've seen in the cinema this year that title belongs to Pacific Rim Uprising apart from wanting to cash in on success of the first movie there was no point for this film to be made I would love to see Johnson in a more serious movie where he's talent is stretched, he proved in "The Snitch" he can do it..
  2. Films watched in 2018

    Saw A Winkle in Time on Sunday. It was not as bad as I was expecting especially after having read a number of not very flattering reviews about the movie. The only down side was a screaming and crying 6/7 year old four rows down constantly making a noise. Then saw "Ready Player One" again and enjoyed it even more second time around. Ended up spotting more 80's references i missed including the Gremlin. which was added without Spielberg's knowledge.
  3. Films watched in 2018

    Really enjoyed "Ready Player One" especially in 3D. Spielberg is just the absolute master when it comes to film making. Even at a running time of 2hr 20 mins it felt shorter as you get so caught up watching it. It was fun spotting all the 70/80's nostalgia and references especially if like me you grew up in that period. Critics will probably hate it but it'll certainly be in my Top 5 films of the year.
  4. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Just curious is this the most replies and views for a single thread...
  5. Films watched in 2018

    Just seen Pacific Rim 2. If they were going to make a franchise out of these movies like Transformers this film killed that idea. The first film was original, this film was boring and you really didn't care about any of the characters even if there were more battling robots
  6. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    I'm of the view it's a well known director not an actor. As they take the lead in every film. To truly complete a collection you need to get the director's signature as well. Probably completely wrong but I thought I'd just add my two penneth worth to the discussion.. :)
  7. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Steven Spielberg..
  8. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Sir Ridley Scott..Alien, Blade Runner
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - SUGAR RAY LEONARD

    Just wondering if the Duo photo shoot will be taking place on both days
  10. WOW !!!!! Awesome Guest..
  11. Films watched in 2018

    Really enjoyed Molly's Game. Jessica Chastain was outstanding along with Aaron Sorkin's writing. Calling it now Sorkin will win the 2018 Oscar for "Best Adapted Screenplay"
  12. Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    Yes there will be Sports personalities there. I received a message from Showmaster confirming this was going to happen at Collectamania 25.
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Gillian Anderson Cara Delevingne Alexandra Daddario
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - DANNY GLOVER

    Terrific Guest that's me attending next year