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  1. Hi, I've not been to to the LFF since the move to the Royal National Hotel, so I'm just wondering whereabouts on the Bedford Way side of the hotel the entrance to the event is. I've had a look on Google Streetview but can't see anything that looks like an entrance to a function suite. I'm sure it will be signposted on the day, but a little intel now would be most welcome. I'm looking to arrive around 9.30 so maybe there will be an obvious queue to join by then. Geoff
  2. It was the piece of plastic that made me realise it was you just in front of me in Bernard's auto queue. As I said to Bernard, it's always great to meet the voice of my childhood.
  3. In 'Doctor Who - The Complete History' Volume 89, Jamie is credited in the cast list for 'World Enough And Time'/'The Doctor Falls' as a Mondasian Cyberman (& a patient). He is also credited as a Mondasian Cyberman in the 'The Tenth Planet' sequences from 'Twice Upon A Time', though he didn't appear in the final programme.
  4. Thought it might, but not a problem. Thanks for confirming.
  5. Having bought a DP for Jenna when she was Saturday only, does that mean my DP will become a Saturday only one, or could it be used on either day?
  6. What ID do you need to show to collect your own Diamond Pass? I have nothing with a photo on & I rent a room, so more or less all I have is a bank account statement & birth certificate, would that be okay?
  7. I went to my Eventbrite account & downloaded the DP a second time - the new one has the right address.
  8. Thanks QS, was hoping that would be the case.
  9. What happens with the joint photoshoot with Camille? Is that refunded in full, or does it become a solo photoshoot with a part refund?
  10. Great 'Who' guest. Donald also played Rassilon in the Series 9 finale 'Hell Bent' and Erasmus Darkening in The Sarah Jane Adventures story The Eternity Trap.
  11. Cheers Stuart. I've had that photoshoot myself. It just that Whovian friends are wondering if we will have Who guests not from the 8th Doctor era posing with a McGann era TARDIS/console.
  12. Do we know yet if this is in front of a TARDIS or a console, & if so which Doctor the TARDIS/console relates to?
  13. My photos from the weekend. Worth a look if your a Doctor Who cosplayer. https://www.facebook.com/geoff.kennell/media_set?set=a.798079320312676.1073741867.100003318467275&type=3&pnref=story If you spot yourself or anyone you know, please tell me. Cheers
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