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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I can tell, Sean hasn't done a Showmasters event since 2014. I see him being announced for other UK events, so I'm wondering why he hasn't appeared at LFCC etc. I'd be interested to know if it's probably that he just hasn't been asked/available, or is there perhaps another reason that is known about?
  2. The only non-Doctor Who guest I've had a photo shoot with.
  3. Caroline's late husband was involved in an attempt to make a Doctor Who film, which got scuppered when the people they were trying to get interested in backing it heard about what became the McGann movie.
  4. Interesting to hear Simon Bisley is attending. He gets a mention in 'Doctor Who - The Inside Story', so will get his auto in that. I'd be very happy with Tim Dalton - I do need him in 'The Vault'. Jonathan Pryce would be great too - someone else needed in 'The Vault'. In other news, I've bought an entry ticket for the Saturday.
  5. I haven't got anything I need Matt to sign, so I may pass on him this time. I'll wait and see if another big DP Who guest for whom I do have something that needs signing is announced. I do have a gorgeous A3 print of the 11th Doctor that I'd like Matt to sign, but it does really need a dedication & a quote. The thing is I don't want to rock up at his table & he's not doing either.
  6. D-C-A, Geoffrey Beevers has just been announced for a signing event.
  7. Listening to ELO's 'Wembley or Bust' tonight reminded me that I have Shirley Henderson's auto on the CD booklet.
  8. Logged in on my mobile and noticed it says I'll need to have 250 posts to reach the next rank on my profile. Looks like the numbers on the list need to be revised down by 50 posts.
  9. Nice to see another Doctor Who guest. Sadly, I've got nothing for him to sign, having met him a couple of times already.
  10. Thanks. Maybe forums will make a comeback, like cassettes are now.
  11. I suppose it would be too expensive to get one of the DW artists at LFCC to do ones for Jodie & Ncuti for you if you wanted something that matched the ones you have. There are some very talented fans doing DW art, so what about one of them?
  12. I have a record of all my Doctor Who autographs, listed by name of the cast/crew member, so I'm thinking I can just add a note to the relevant entry, such as 'Not signed at event'. I was thinking of using a different coloured Sharpie, but of course I'd then have to remember to take that pen.
  13. I've just noticed that the 'Doctor Who Festival Handbook' from the 2015 event at ExCel features a 'Scripts & Storybords' section, which has a couple of Michael Collins storyboards. I'd have to break my rule of only getting event specific items signed at the actual event though.
  14. With regard to Mike Collins, personally I wouldn't get him to sign an episode or series related item, as I like to keep those for the cast. He does feature on the CD 'Doctor Who At The BBC - The 10th Doctor', so I'd get him to sign that. I'll see if he's selling any repo versions of one of his DW storyboards, and get him to sign one of those.
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