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  1. today has brought us two updates for this list so lets get into it shall we. firstly we have Daniel Weyman who whilst not on screen has a Big finish credit as he is Ragan Crezzen in "The Butcher of Brisbane" i've not heard the story but its his only Doctor who Credit, he is attending the saturday and is £25. next we have someone with no credits to his name, but has appeared in a vast array of stories, Mike Stevens, his array of roles are all the usual background variety, Soldier, UNIT Soldier, Guard ETC, his stories are "The Myth Makers", "The Ambassadors of death", "Terror of the Autons" (He is listed as a stuntman on this particular story), "The Mind of Evil", "The Curse of Peledon", "The Time Monster" (And this one) and "Invasion of the Dinosaurs", so a nice and wide variety of stories, for these you have options of either the Individual DVDs, or the Blu Ray sets of Seasons 8 and 9 if the stories fall into said sets, of course you may even consider having him on Lost In Time, of course even from memory i know he's not in any surviving footage from "The Myth Makers" as that focuses on The Doctor, Vicki and Steven, but each to their own of course, hes attending Sunday and is £15. of course for Weyman, its obvious what i'm getting signed as i have no choice in variety, as for Stevens however i have a nice variety in choice, i think the mention of Lost In Time should give away that is one of my options, as i said no footage survives but i'll happily take it myself, then i'm going to chose "The Ambassadors of death" and "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" a story that is a favourite of mine and one which i think is a random choice out of what is available to me. so now i turn the question to you, are you going after these guests? and if so what will you have signed.
  2. I was honestly shocked that Jodie did a second con with LFCC that year I was happy this time around I was able to afford her on the second go, thanks to PayPal Pay in 3 that is, I was actually still paying off her David and Matt during the con and the next month as a result, I’m so glad I got diamond pass as I saw a lot of people standing around hopelessly trying to get the autograph but their VQ numbers being too high, there was a bit of complaining with people saying they were already there and should be allowed to queue, you know the usual. if anything a non Doctor who guest I’m amazed returned was Joesph Quinn given the nightmare that was last year, wasn’t as bad this year but wasn’t great either. I’ve always gotten the same hotel because it is cheapish (£200-£300 range) and is prime location along with a decent quality but July was a burning hot convention to the point it was consuming liquid like nobodies business that weekend. as with Ernie I’m gonna have to get a diamond pass, he’s not an actor I would go for a photo with, as thats limited to Doctors, Companions, Regulars or actors I consider to have significance, so Terry Molloy was chosen as he was or is Davros, Julien Glover I chose because he’s an actor of fine class and did 8 episodes, Brian Blessed I had to diamond pass and of course he’s a National bloody treasure, I’m not blind to Ghostbusters popularity but I only go for Doctor who guests, and to get the autograph I’d have to also get the photo, so my small album will have randomly, Ernie Hudson, Stuart Owens, “The Middle Man” - Torchwood: Miracle Day, along with the day of the con, it’ll be one of the more baffling ones for me to say the least
  3. I was fortunate to meet both, Jodie was on the second attempt, the first time i didn't have the money to buy the diamond pass, the second time i was fortunate to be much more financially well off, TBH LFCC in November i must have spent well over £1500 in total costs, 1/3 of that was entry tickets and two guests, i cannot begin to imagine the pure chaos if they had David Tennant and Matt Smith on the same day, but i do wish they did Diamond Pass Options where you could chose to upgrade the tickets in a personal customisation, as when i got one for Jodie i got the basic photo, would have loved one with her in the outfit, Showmasters if you're reading theres an idea for you. overall i'm a little worried undoubtedly they're sort of lacking on guests i'm after this time around, i've got 4 on the list and year theirs around 4 months to go, but the only new one being Ernie Hudson has been known to drop out, i know there will be more but hopefully you guys get my point, i would be a little disheartened if i spent all the money for a small selection of guests I've already met or the majority so, on that note if its a guest i've only met once or twice and was a regular no issues there, so Peter Davison would be lovely for me, cause with Colin and Sylvester in regular attendance i would be spending more money for an extra autograph for certain CDs to have all three signed, speaking of which question time. for this con and whats been announced, doctor who guest wise what're you planning to get signed, i pose this question with each guest and i'll list mine for the previous 4. Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy i'll list together, for Colin DVD wise i'm going for "the Twin Dilemma" as i have about 5 signatures on that one already (I'll answer what if anyones interested for this one and any other DVD/CD/Blu ray, or i'll post a link to the main video i have up somewhere) and its one of 6 DVDs i havent got signed by him, this may be boosted if i do something else but thats for a later choice, Sylvester i'm going for "Delta and the Bannermen" as by this point that DVD will have 8 Signatures, the second item i want signed by both is "Project: Lazarus" but if Peter Davison is announced (Outside chance) that will be changed to "Sirens of Time" for all 3 and if Paul McGann as well (Even more outside chance) "Zagreus". Andrew Cartmel, i'm gonna go for "Delta and the Bannermen" as well for reasons i do hope are obvious, and then his one main range CD he wrote "Winter for the Adept" i'm not the biggest fan of that one but he wrote it so why not really. Ernie Hudson is obvious that'll be "Torchwood: Miracle Day". what about you guys.
  4. i was unaware that Jean had suffered a stroke, i do hope she's okay now, i'm at the point where if i fail to get anyone on that cover of Lost in time, the space is gonna be blank as a mark of respect in my own way, i'm not going to replace them with another name, just seems wrong, the cover is for the regulars, which for her role as Sara Kingdom, Marsh in my opinion earns that spot, and i'm getting Levine next month i know he's not benton in any of those episodes but as far as i'm concerned its his journey and he does play a regular eventually. the way i view it if i miss Russell i'll be sad yes, but not without understanding, the man has had a long life and his career has never really gone away, he did a TV show for 2 years in the 1960's and became immortalised as a result, thats what i love about this series, as for Anneke ive got her on a dvd already but i've not met her as i custom ordered "Power of the Daleks" Special Edition, i dont regret it as it is dedicated to me, but i still wanna meet her of course.
  5. Russell is one of the top contenders on a list of people I want but I know that’s a borderline impossibility now, the man is 97 closer to 98, I hope he’s not suffering as id love for him to be the first centurion companion as it would be the most appropriate. Padbury is one I sadly missed out on as she was meant to attend in 2020 but pulled out, according to Frazer Hines it was back issues and I’m happy to take his word on that, I know the two are friends, so I’d love both her and Frazer to attend together, it’s a shame you can’t do the new dates, I fortunately work on a zero hour contract so time off is effectively me saying I’m not bothered to work and I’m golden, and if anything I have the least usage of requested off days at my place of work so a date change is never an issue for me, I can take days off to do the fantom events whenever I want, but I do prioritise LFCC given it’s a bigger event and usually has more guests, not that I think there’s been some overlap. really the guests I want badly are William Russell, Carol Ann Ford, Jean Marsh, Anneke Wills, Frazer Hines, John Levene and Wendy Padbury so I can finish the cover of my lost in time project with the 10th space likely going to David Graham if I ever meet him, anyone else who just happens to be in those 18 odd episodes goes on the back, which is also running out of space so into the booklet soon enough lmao
  6. Also since this forum is gaining a lot of traction with discussion do you think they may focus winter on Doctor who for its 60th? I just hope for more Who related guests around the year myself specifically some 60s and 70s companions for how few of them are left.
  7. I wish they would get a few more but like you said you’re limited to cult projects, or on the occasion those who have dabbled in that area as a side whilst Acting is their main thing, Andrew Cartmell is attending as a comic writer, but I know him best for Doctor who as a script editor during McCoys tenure, same with Furman he went as a comic guest but I got him as a writer on a Cd, for a less obscure one (the now disgraced) Noel Clarke despite not attending could have signed Torchwood Series 1 as a director as he directed “Combat” from that series. Even Sylvester McCoy I believe directed a doctor who related project which hasn’t seen a release Beyond VHS called “Bidding Adieu” which was his personal video diary of his time on the movie, it has interviews with him, McGann, Ashbrook and even Anneke wills (side note LFCC get her please)
  8. I meant it in good spirit not promoting but just informing fans of good places to look for those sort of guests as opposed to a straight up alternative as I see it as a hand in hand, LFCC gets the bigger guests such as last year having David Tennant and Matt Smith two youd never see at a Fantom event (also Fantom have a stall at LFCC so I’m sure it’s a grey zone of morality).
  9. With Aaronovitch it was my first LFCC and I wasn’t as keeping up with guests as I was I met 5 that con as I only did one day and didn’t have the relatively disposable income I have nowadays, had I seen the name I would have tried to have the money to get it. it’s a shame LFCC doesn’t get that many writers so far I’ve only had luck with I want to say off the top of my head 1 writer which was Simon Furman who wrote “axis of Insanity” but it’s more focused on actors really, i did get a sound engineer amazingly when Alister Lock attended, honestly he was lovely to meet, thats more an this show thing or as I plan to do Fantoms signings for Doctor who.
  10. I’ve only met Paul Cornell once and he was lovely made him feel old by telling him that the day prior “Human Nature”/“Family of blood” had just turned 15 and he gave me a joking upset look, but he was I think the first writer I’d met, I wanna meet him again to have him on my Series 3, as all I have there is Harry Lloyd and I think is the most lacking set of the RTD era (actual series wise as I do only have one signature on The complete specials). Aaronovitch I want because I love “Remembrance of the Daleks” and I’ve got 5 on that so far, but I plan to have my copy of “Delta and the Bannerman” signed by Cartmel myself as by that point in time my copy will have 8 signatures and with him (and McCoy) that’ll be a nice 10 with 6 actors including both regulars, the director, the script editor and two from a special feature, which atm are the only ones I have on said set
  11. thats odd, i never had that issue, i recognised him last minute when i was walking around and after searching in my bag and pulling out the dvd on the 4th attempt (with only 3 cases in my bag) i asked him to sign to which he was more than happy, this was in 2019 however so i don't know how much has changed, apparently Ben Aaronavitch (Who wrote the dvd i had with me) was there but i didn't have the funds and didn't check.
  12. new guest announcement this time a script editor/writer in the form of Andrew Cartmel, who was the script editor for the entirety of Sylvester McCoy's Era on the show, he also wrote a number of audios "Winter for the Adept" from the main range, along with three stories from the Lost Stories Range "Crime of the Century", "Animal" and "Earth Aid", so those are available for choice, along with every DVD from McCoys era or even the Blu ray Boxsets of Season 24 and 26, he's attending every day and if i remember as he hasn't a listed price he's £10.
  13. So as ive posted on other blogs on this forum, i will update this with all relevant doctor who related guests, be them, large, small or even obscure, as this is just something i love to do. firstly we have Maureen O'Brien who played the 1st new companion of the classic series Vicki, so her stories are from "The Rescue" to "The Myth Makers" so you'll need any copy of those stories be it DVD, CD or even the latest Blu Ray boxset of Season 2, of course you could also have "Lost in time" signed as she is in 4 episodes featured on that set along with a healthy number of clips, maybe even her catalogue of Big Finish Audio is to your taste, she is attending on the sunday Only and will cost £15 for an Autograph or a Photo. Next we have Peter Purves a man more locked in with Doctor who than just his appearances as Steven Taylor from 1965 to 1966 as along side his tenure from the stories "The Chase" to "The Savages" and his Big finish catalogue, but he also hosted Blue Peter for 10 years, in which many of his Doctor who moments are captured and preserved on DVD and Blu Ray so any of the Stories which feature Blue Peter Footage such as "Robot" could be signed, of course he's also featured heavily on "Lost in time" with a total of 4 episodes along with many clips, if you are so daring, of course you have a wide variety of choice for his stories format, be it DVD, Blu Ray, or even (And if you haven't listened to his narration for the TV soundtracks i would highly recommend) CDs, like Maureen he's on Sunday and will be £15. Continuing with the Classic Companions that have been so far announced we have the ever so wonderful Katy Manning, Manning was in the series from "Terror of the Autons" to "The Green Death" before she made return appearances in "The Death of the Doctor" in the Sarah Jane Adventures and then more recently in "The Power of the Doctor", shes also made a healthy number of Big Finish Appearances either as Jo Grant or her original character Iris Wildthyme, so from the TV you'll need the aforementioned stories either on their individual DVDs, the three Collection Box-sets (As Season 9 is due in 4 days) either Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures or a complete Box-set of that series, and "power of the Doctor" either its individual set or its Steelbook packaging in The Complete Series 13 Specials, like the two previously mentioned she is £15 but is attending Saturday only. from the rogues catalogue of monsters we have arguably the most popular actor to have played Davros, Terry Molloy, his on screen stories are "Resurrection of the Daleks", "Revelation of the Daleks" and "Remembrance of the Daleks" as the Dalek Creator, but he also had a fourth appearance where he had a turn as Russell in "Attack of the Cybermen", so for those you'd need the DVDs (Either originals or Special Editions) or perhaps the Season 22 Box-set, maybe even The Davros Collection, of course he indeed has one of the most healthy Big Finish catalogues such as "I, Davros" a fantastic Series of Audios, he is on Sunday and is £15 for either Autograph or Photo. Of course we have a Doctor, the 6th one to be precise, so any story from "The Twin Dilemma" to "The Ultimate Foe" is what you want, however if you're feeling more on the obscure side he was also Commander Maxil in "Arc of Infinity" where he gets the job by Shooting Peter Davison, his Big Finish Catalogue is large and too numerous to name here, but he made a recent return in "Power of the Doctor" so any variation of those stories is ideal, be it DVD or Blu Ray, he is on both days, and is £20 for either signature or Photo. for fans of the New (and more popular series) we have John Simm who along with Derek Jacobi introduced The Master to the screen in "Utopia" he is on a limited set of Stories, So Series 3 Volume 4, The Complete Third Series, "The End of Time", The Complete Specials or The Complete Tenth Series are what you'd be after either DVD or Blu Ray wise, he is £30 and is on the Saturday but he also has a diamond pass offering, for £70. any more guests and i'll update here for fans.
  14. Last post on this... post. so the con has been and gone there was a fire hazard Saturday because of Joseph Quinn and the lack of the control there, but sadly of course two guests were unable to attend who've been in who, Terry Molloy who was ill and Dichen Lachman who i believe was due to a schedule conflict, but i hope everyone like me had fun. see everyone in July.
  15. So in a shockingly late announcement by Showmasters, we have what i'm guessing will be the last guest update for this blog. Victoria Yeates was in the Big finish audio "The Monsters of Gokroth" from the main ranger, i dunno who she played as i haven't listened to it yet, shes attending both days and will set you back £30 for her Autograph.
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