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  1. okay so today brought us a few guests, to add to our expensive lists. firstly we have sir Derek Jacobi who was Yana or The Master in "Utopia" for that episode you'd need any copy of Series 3 or a Series 3 Volume 4, he also played the Master in "Scream of The Shalka", and has more recently been playing the War Master for Big Finish. he is attending the Saturday only and is £45 for an Autograph and £125 for a diamond Pass next we have the Ace guest of this line up (PUNS), Sophie Aldred who plays ace is also attending, for her you'll need "Dragonfire" any DVD from Seasons 25 & 26 or perhaps the Blu Ray sets of Seasons 24 or 26, she's also in the recent "Power of the Doctor" meaning either an individual copy of that episode or the Steelbook containing it, plus she has a large variety of Big Finish to chose from. She is attending both Days and is £20 for an autograph. lastly we have Tessa Peak-Jones who whilst more commonly known to UK audiences as Raquel in Only fools and Horses, she was in an Episode of Doctor who, something her character mentioned (Although in what would have been a great meta reference Jones never appeared prior to doing OFAH) she's in Matt Smiths final episode "The Time of the Doctor", so for that there are again many options, the "Individual" release containing the previous 11th Doctor Christmas Specials, or either version of the 50th anniversary specials boxset. she is attending Sunday Only and is £20. as for my plans with these guests Jacobi will be on my Complete Third Series, and will be a diamond pass, so i can get everything included, Aldred despite her price will be on my copys of "Dragonfire", "Light at the End", "Shadow of the Scourge" and The Dalek Collection, and i will be going for the photo with her in the Ace Jacket which is £35 for anyone asking, and as for Jones it will be my copy of "Time of the Doctor" from the 50th boxset.
  2. I get what you mean, I’m working on getting my “Light at the end” signed I’ve now got Davison on it twice once on the front and now on the character page with Sarah Sutton, I’m hoping to have Colin and Sylvester on their character pages later this year, which is why an appearance by Sophie Aldred and Nicola Bryant would be lovely, specifically what I can get them on.
  3. Had the series come back in 2008 then it would be better as we’d get one every 5 years, but 2 years after a big number is ridiculous at best
  4. Maybe they don't see 60 as a significant number, which is understandable, but then again not many series make it to 60, sorta the same reason i'm gonna chuckle for a good while if people in 2025 start questioning why theres no 20th anniversary celebration, because a few people have said their should be one for the revival, and im laughing because big finish had been handling the show for 6 years previous.
  5. As for LFCC itself, still waiting on new guests, but I've made some changes to my line up, namingly with Colin Baker, as I've switched him from "Mindwarp" to "Caves of Androzani" as i'll be able to get Peter Davison on that Tomorrow actually, and its reorganising the combinations i can get. speaking of that i hope LFCC gets Katy Manning and John Levene as i've managed to score a copy of "The Dæmons" signed by Richard Franklin, so unless he attends anything which is very unlikely, that'll be my best shot to get whose left of the 71-73 regulars.
  6. As for what we're not mentioning i've got my final number and £420 is the current amount, which yeah is a lot but as you said last chance for one of them, it'll go up to £435 if i can get the money together and use it on my script book of "The Tomb of the Cybermen".
  7. The signatures which are dedicated are thankfully on lesser items mainly companion Chronicles, and in those ones if i got the second actor from them i could use a silver pen and have the original name covered leaving the signature intact.
  8. Yeah i wasnt able to check who was who when i made the order, all i saw was the Jackie Lane and went for it, had to check all the covers, some are dedicated but those can be covered up by another dedication, and yeah waiting on that event we can't mention they're only at 11 so the 12th should hopefully be soon, and then i'll know if i'm breaching £400 or not
  9. so we've not had any guest announcements for a while, would have assumed we'd get one today but i guess not. in unrelated news managed to pick up a CD of "The Celestial Toymaker" signed by Jackie Lane and a copy of "Fury from the Deep" signed by a few people, including Roy Spencer who has gone off the radar to my knowledge and Richard Mayes who has passed on, so overall not too bad (The Set also has Frazer Hines)
  10. It actually may be important, as they like Glynis Barber and Michael Brandon are a package deal, so i'm still hopeful that they're rebooking the Birmingham guests, so it could see Peter Purves, Maureen O'Brien and Terry Molloy amongst others, i understand that whilst for me its good to get two new names for others its nothing really.
  11. okay so whilst we have lost Julien Glover there is considerable evidence that we may be getting the cancelled Birmingham guests firstly we have Brian Murphy Murphy whilst not appearing on screen voices a character in a Big finish audio specifically the early adventures audio “The Home Guard” ironically enough I already have the story, need to listen to it though. he is attending on the Sunday only and is £20 for a autograph and/or a Photo. Now for one that when they announced her for Birmingham it flew under my radar, Linda Regan. now if you thought Murphy was obscure for appearing in Big finish, Regan is even more considerably so, as she appeared in “Carnival of monsters” but is only listed for Episode 1 as a stunt double for Katy Manning, effectively this one is just as obscure as Shirley Conrad. Regan is attending on the Sunday and is £15 for the autograph and/or a photo. now if I’m being honest given Doctor who fans lost Julien Glover and whilst so far we’ve only had these two in replacements it’s a little underwhelming but there is a strong chance we could see others from the cancelled event, when it comes to Regan I’m going to need to evaluate whose left before deciding her signature placement on my copy, but so far she’s going on the back.
  12. theres meant to be an announcement tonight at 7, will try and keep everyone updated at that time i will be on a mobile so i can't promise that i can do a proper job with the updates, but i'm hoping for more Who guests. I've already seen a lot of people complain about them not wanting anymore Doctor who guests, but at the same time, its gonna be 11-12 days shy of the 60th what do they expect.
  13. That is unfortunate, i've only the LFCC in November, but i will likely be saving money for a small signing in decemeber, which is gonna mean that i'm gonna likely have to keep that basic and dip into the savings i keep away from my money.
  14. Also the LFCC winter web-page is still listing Gemma Powell as being in Doctor who, given how long ago she was announced, this is a mistake on the part of Showmasters, whilst Doctor who does have a Gemma Powell listed she was a child actress extra who appeared in two episodes, not the elder actress that is attending this convention.
  15. Today has seen another announcement for Doctor who fans in the return of Jessica Martin, best known to fans as Mags in "The Greatest Show in The Galaxy" a role she reprised in a trilogy of Audios for Big Finish which saw the character upgraded to Companion, "The Monsters of Gokroth", "The moons of Vulpana" and "An Alien Werewolf in London", she was also heard on screen in "Voyage of the Dammed" as the queen (God Bless her), along with two audios "Signs and Warriors" from the main range and "The Last of the Colophon" from the Fourth Doctor Adventures range. whilst the CDs are obviously self explanatory, for "Voyage of the Dammed" there are multiple options, either the individual DVD of the Christmas special, The Christmas Special boxset and any copy of The Complete 4th Series. i have Martin on my "The Greatest show in the Galaxy", The Complete Fourth Series and "The Monsters of Gokroth" so this time i'm going for "The Moons of Vulpana", although i will be needing to purchase myself a copy of said Audio first, which i am really behind when it comes to getting ones i need, as i'm still in need of a copy of "the Year of Martha". Martin is appearing both days and from memory is £10 for an autograph, honestly she is a lovely person to meet.
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