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  1. Can you confirm if the previously announced guests are still attending? Looks like there might be a Rangers FC reunion on the cards?
  2. Yeah, I never read the small print :-( I'd still like to pay cash and voucher though, that doesn't seem doable?
  3. Trying to use the vouchers I do have, how do you 'pay' with multiple vouchers or cash and vouchers if the limit exceeds the voucher total?
  4. Ahh, cheers, was only looking on the "guest days & prices" thread, he's not on that.
  5. Is he still appearing? Unless I'm missing something can't see his name anywhere :-(
  6. Hi, is there any way of checking what refunds I have received? Pretty sure I'm still waiting for a couple. Thanks
  7. My floating head next to Sandra Dickinson is quite funny :-D although the girl in the bag drop zone did suggest photo-shopping a body into it :-D my head on the rocks body, like it ;-)
  8. One of the lucky ones! I've not even had a reply
  9. I've just walked all the way round Olympia and the usual entrances are boarded up due to building work. The only way in is via the 4 doors opposite the rail station. Surely they're not going to get 10k people in and out of there before 9am!
  10. Showmasters/eventbrite don't keep the remaining balance, as Showmasters said the vouchers would be refunded after 2 years if they weren't used That's the bit I was more concerned about :-( Thanks for clarifying that :-)
  11. That's just it, I am willing to pay the extra by card. Just seems unreasonable that I have to spend the exact amount or risk losing money! Not all the photoshoots are the same price :-( If eventbrite took a couple of quid off a lot of people, they're quids in :-( Also, lets say I was only attending this event to meet one person in particular and they don't get rescheduled within the voucher's valid date, I'm forced to attend something I don't want to or lose MY photoshoot money :-(
  12. Finally sorted it :-( Would you know if you can use a voucher AND pay by cash if the total price is more than the voucher's worth? Seems a bit naughty that you have to spend the exact amount or risk losing some?
  13. How do I use a voucher? There doesn't appear to be an option.
  14. When these are eventually processed do we have to spend the amount in one go or does the Eventbrite system recognise there could be still money left on it and keep it open? Cheers
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