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  1. Daniel

    Films watched in 2019

    Toy Story 4 was a great sequel. It was certainly as good as the others and very funny. If you are a fan of the Toy Story films you'll love it.
  2. Daniel

    Films watched in 2019

    Child's Play remake was excellent. It was better than the original and was certainly well adapted for the digital age. Definitely worth seeing even if you are not a fan of the original.
  3. Daniel

    Stangate SG1 (Lfcc summer)

    Tamlyn Tomita (Shen Xiaoyi)
  4. Daniel

    Guest Suggestions

    Sarah Polley (Dawn of the Dead, Go & Slings & Arrows) Madeline Zima (Heroes, Californication, Betas & The Collector) Mischa Barton (The O.C., The Sixth Sense, St Trinian’s & Once and Again) Elizabeth Anne Allen (Buffy & Bull) Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, The Good Place, Gossip Girl, Heroes, Frozen & House of Lies) Jane Levy (Suburgatory, Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe & Shameless)
  5. Daniel

    Guest Suggestions

    Jason Behr (Roswell, Dawson’s Creek & Breakout Kings) Melissa Benoist (Supergirl, Glee, Whiplash & Homeland) Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone 1 & 2, Kings, My Girl & Saved) Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day, La La Land & Mary + Jane) Larisa Oleynik (Mad Men, Hawaii Five-0, Pretty Little Liars, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Secret World of Alex Mack & 3rd Rock From The Sun) Hinton Battle (Buffy, Dreamgirls & Quantum Leap)
  6. Daniel

    Films watched in 2019

    X-Men: Dark Pheonix was good and certainly better than some critics have said. The ending became to reliant on visual effects but it did engage the characters well for a while. It wasn't the best of the series but fans won't be disappointed.
  7. Daniel

    Guest Suggestions

    Lindsay Crouse (Buffy, LA Dragnet & Law & Order) Chad Lindberg (Supernatural, CSI: NY, I Spit On Your Grave & Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.) Shiri Appleby (Roswell, ER, Swimfan, Six Degrees, Girls, Un-Real & Life Unexpected) Michael Stoyanov (The Dark Knight & Blossom) Jackson Rathbone (Twilight, S Darko, The Last Airbender & Aim High) Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory, Charmed, 8 Simple Rules & 6Teen)
  8. Daniel

    Films watched in 2019

    Ma was a watchable thriller. It certainly had some tense moments and an interesting back story but still became predictable and had been done before.
  9. Daniel

    Would love all of Arrow cast & Flash cast!

    Arrow: David Meunier (Ishmael Gregor) Justin Doran (Mercenary) Jimmy Jean-Louis (The Captain) Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) Doug Jones (Deathbolt) Flash: Grant Gustin Chris Klein (Orlin Dwyer) Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) Doug Jones (Deathbolt)
  10. Daniel

    Films watched in 2019

    Rocketman was a good musical biopic of Elton John. It certainly showed both sides of fame and the struggles he had in life. Whilst not as deep as it could have been it was certainly very well done.
  11. Daniel

    Guest Suggestions

    Anna Faris (Scary Movies, The House Bunny, The Dictator, Mom & Brokeback Mountain) Teresa Palmer (A Discovery of Witches, Hacksaw Ridge, I Am Number Four, Warm Bodies & The Grudge 2) Bianca Lawson (Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Buffy & Saved By The Bell) Azura Skye (Buffy, American Horror Story, CSI: Miami, Working The Engels & One Missed Call) Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel, Ready Player One & Ouija) Claire Danes (Terminator 3 , Homeland, Romeo & Juliet & Stardust)
  12. Daniel

    Autographs acquired in 2019

    Helen Slater at Collectormania. She was really good.
  13. Daniel

    Films watched in 2019

    Godzilla King of the Monsters was a good monster movie. It wasn't as good as the last but certainly had more effects and action scenes. If you are a fan of the monster pictures you'll enjoy it.
  14. Daniel

    Guest Suggestions

    Skeet Ulrich (Jericho, Scream, Law & Order: LA, Robot Chicken & As Good As it Gets) Bailey Chase (Buffy, Batman Vs Superman, Ugly Betty, Longmire & Watch Over Me) Christine Taylor (Dodgeball, Tropic Thunder, Arrested Development & Brady Bunch) Alexa Davalos (Clash of the Titans, Chronicles of Riddick, Mob City & Angel) Leven Rambin (Hunger Games, Gone, Tomorrow People, Terminator: Sarah Connor & Percy Jackson) Adam Kaufman (Without a Trace, Dawson’s Creek & Buffy)
  15. Daniel

    Guest Suggestions

    Buffy and Angel guests please: Sarah Michelle Gellar Seth Green Kristy Wu David Boreanaz Alyson Hannigan Daniel Dae Kim Jack Conley Michelle Trachtenberg David Denman Bailey Chase Lindsay Crouse Jason Hall Elizabeth Anne Allen