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  1. I hope to attend but that depends on how many of my suggested guests attend.....
  2. The following would be great: Jessica Alba Blake Likely Ryan Reynolds Emma Watson Riz Ahmed Susan Sarandon Sheila Vand Mary Elizabeth Wanstead Megan Fox Sean Penn Medalion Rahimi Fairuza Balk Matt Damon Alexandra Daddario Elisha Cuthbert Mark Ruffalo Evangeline Lilly Keanu Reeves Gal Godot Lyndsey Fonseca Niousha Noor Shohreh Aghdashloo Alicia Vikander Jennifer Connelly Nazanin Boniadi
  3. Despite the fact Megan Fox didn't turn up and I therefore didn't get my birthday hug, I had a good time. Thank you everyone
  4. Sorry to hear you're not well and hope you get well soon! Meeting Megan Fox was going to be my birthday present so I'm crushed...
  5. I bought a collector's book ticket. Can I upgrade it to a bumblebee ticket please? The bumblebee option wasn't available when I bought my ticket. Thank you
  6. I'v bought 3 entry tickets for myself and two friends but all three are in my name. Will my friends be allowed entry despite my name being on all three tickets? Thank you
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