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  1. Jurassic Park, Halloween, Superman, They Live, Willow, License to Drive and Young Guns would be reasonable and great ones though as they have great actors
  2. Also Jaws 2 as I would love to meet Jeannot Swarzc, John Williams, Joe Alves, Lorraine Gary, Keith Gordon, Billy Van Zandt, Jeffrey Kramer, Mark Gruner, Ann Dusenberry, David Elliott and Marc Giplin
  3. Lethal Weapon 4 Die Hard Beetlejuice Coming to America
  4. Cliffhanger 25. Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow and Michael Rooker would all be great guests
  5. C. Thomas Howell Rob Lowe Ralph Macchio Dante Basco Tim Curry Matt Dillon
  6. C. Thomas Howell Rob Lowe Ralph Macchio Dante Basco Tim Curry Matt Dillon
  7. Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Jason Lee, Michael Rooker, Brian O'Halloran, Shannon Doherty, Joey Lauren Adams, Claire Forlani, Jeff Anderson, Jeremy London and anyone else from the View Askew Films Judd Nelson, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Anthony Michael Hall, Kelly LeBrock, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Andrew McCarthy, Jon Cryer and anyone else from the Brat Pack Films
  8. Carl Weathers Robert Englund RUTGER HAUER!!!! Please
  9. Gutted i didn't meet him. If Showmasters are reading this, please bring him back next year. He seems so nice and I guess everyone else seems to agree. His films are great and I love his podcasts and stories, especially the David Addison Bruce Willis Cop Out video, watch it if you haven't. If he comes next year I'll definitely straight away buy a photo shoot and maybe a diamond pass. I am glad that it seems he is a great guy in real life, like he comes across on his videos, can't wait for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which he starts shooting in September
  10. Isn't Kitch the channel, I have seen their videos for the last three years. In the new one I am behind them when they get the Tobe Hooper autograph. Also, Tom was a great guest and one of the most pleasant I have ever met. He was kind and made a lot of jokes while I got his autograph, and was great. I definitely recommend anyone else meeting him and him attending another Showmasters event.
  11. Steven Yeun Dante Basco Carlos Valdes Helen Slater Dean Cain Tim Curry
  12. John Leeson Matthew Waterhouse John Rhys-Davies Tom Wilson Tobe Hooper Wil Wheaton
  13. Jeremy London (Mallrats) Brian O'Halloran (Clerks,Clerks II, Mallrats,Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) Jeff Anderson (Clerks,Clerks II,Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) David Morrissey (Doctor Who,The Walking Dead) Michael Rooker (Missippi Burning,Days of Thunder,Mallrats, Cliffhanger,Tombstone,Super,The Walking Dead,Guardians of the Galaxy) Helen Slater (Supergirl,The Legend of Billie Jean,The Secret of My Success,City Slickers) Sean Astin (The Goonies,Rudy,Toy Soldiers,The Lord of the Rings,Memphis Belle) Brandon Routh (Superman Returns,Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,Zack and Miri,DC Legends of Tomorrow) Jeannot Swarzc (Jaws 2,Somewhere in Time,Supergirl,Santa Clause: The Movie) Jason Lee (Mallrats,Chasing Amy,Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,Alvin & the Chipmunks) C. Thomas Howell (E.T the Extra-Terrestrial,The Outsiders,Red Dawn,Secret Admirer,The Hitcher,Grandview USA,Justice League: Paradox,The Amazing Spider-Man,LBJ) Ralph Macchio (The Outsiders,The Karate Kid,My Cousin Vinny,Crossroads) Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense,A. I. Artificial Intelligence,Secondhand Lions,Tusk) Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire,Stuart Little) Corey Feldman (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter/A New Beggining,Time After Time,The Fox and the Hound,Gremlins,The Goonies,The Lost Boys,Stand by Me,License to Drive,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Dream a Little Dream) Jerry O'Connell (Scream 2,Dtand by Me,Sliders,Jerry Maguire)
  14. Robert Englund Lance Henriksen Tim Curry Michael Biehn Edward Furlong Danny Glover Linda Hamilton Bill Skarsgaard Carrie Henn Kevin Smith
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