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  1. Where is the link to the app for winter?
  2. Colum Regan ' David Tennant's body double in Journey's End ( Meta-crisis Doctor)
  3. Curse of The Fatal Death Doctors: Rowan Atkinson, Richard E Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant & Joanna Lumley. With a group shot on offer.
  4. If Rick is a Saturday / Sunday guest how can he be in the Friday Top Gun photoshoot? Checking before I purchase
  5. Do we know when reschedule or issuing of vouchers will happen for the cancellation?
  6. Is this the correct date as it's usually the bank holiday weekend?
  7. Going in post order Annalise Morris - Bogle in Chronicles of Narnia Matt Doran – Mouse – The Matrix Charlie Bewley – Demetri – Twlight Saga Justine Wachsberger – Gianna – Twilight Saga Noel Fisher - Vladamir - Twilight Saga Tinsel Korey – Emily – Twilight Saga MC Gainey - Mr Friendly from Lost Leonard Roberts – D.L Hawkins – Heroes Chaske Spencer – Sam Uley – Twilight Saga Fredric Lehne - Marshal Edward Mars – Lost Nabil Shaban – Sil – Doctor Who Hope that helps Although I think most were answered before I got the message Andy
  8. Was this post answered as I can't seem to find a time?
  9. https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Showm...ents/8771334934 https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Offic...ge/302375408700 https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Offic...ge/221318664952
  10. The link http://www.collectormania.com/ shows 2nd - 4th June can someone please confirm the correct dates. Thanks
  11. River was found in Lets kill Hitler in the form of Mels, to show that she was never found till that point. As for the Doctor's door as it revolves around faith it could be: 1) Incarnations 1 - 10, 12 & 13 2) His companions and trusted associates 3) Susan 4) just a mirror 5) The TARDIS 6) Verity Lambert & Sidney Newman having tea with Phillip Segal, Nicholas Briggs, Russell T Davies & Stephen Moffatt
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