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  1. Message for Showmasters Just so you are aware Diamond Passes - Specifically Boreanaz and Grint (There may be others) are not showing photo shoot batch numbers on the tickets.
  2. Thanks yeah I have sent an e-mail too, but they are only just back so may take a few days for them to check.
  3. Hello Everyone I need some help. On Sunday I left my Sylvana Henriques autograph on her desk. If anyone has picked it up in error I would be very grateful if you could contact me or leave a message on here. The autograph was To Andy. Thanks Andy
  4. I went to print my updated Clark Gregg Diamond pass it showed up on my phone yesterday but has disappeared. Anyone know what's happening?
  5. Where is the link to the app for winter?
  6. Colum Regan ' David Tennant's body double in Journey's End ( Meta-crisis Doctor)
  7. Curse of The Fatal Death Doctors: Rowan Atkinson, Richard E Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant & Joanna Lumley. With a group shot on offer.
  8. If Rick is a Saturday / Sunday guest how can he be in the Friday Top Gun photoshoot? Checking before I purchase
  9. Do we know when reschedule or issuing of vouchers will happen for the cancellation?
  10. Is this the correct date as it's usually the bank holiday weekend?
  11. Going in post order Annalise Morris - Bogle in Chronicles of Narnia Matt Doran – Mouse – The Matrix Charlie Bewley – Demetri – Twlight Saga Justine Wachsberger – Gianna – Twilight Saga Noel Fisher - Vladamir - Twilight Saga Tinsel Korey – Emily – Twilight Saga MC Gainey - Mr Friendly from Lost Leonard Roberts – D.L Hawkins – Heroes Chaske Spencer – Sam Uley – Twilight Saga Fredric Lehne - Marshal Edward Mars – Lost Nabil Shaban – Sil – Doctor Who Hope that helps Although I think most were answered before I got the message Andy
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