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  1. They're usually pretty boring like a keyring or a pen, had a diamond pass for Joseph Quinn and David Harbour in the summer and the gift for both of them was the same Stranger Things keyring
  2. How likely do people think it is I'll be able to get an autograph without a diamond pass? I've met her before and had a photo with her one of the previous times she attended the event so can't really justify a diamond pass purely for the autograph. Thanks for any thoughts ☺️
  3. https://londonfilmandcomiccon.com/guest/sylvester-mccoy-2/ Only Friday and Saturday according to the website
  4. He was only scheduled to appear Friday and Saturday according to the website
  5. I've only had 1 ticket reissued which is very concerning as should have about 15 of them, emailed numerous times about it but no response, just going to print all the one's I've got and see what happens °-°
  6. Are we able to bring our own selection of Sharpie pens along for guests to sign with? I had a poster last year signed by two guests in black as that was all they had and it's very difficult to see on a dark blue background. Thanks in advance :)
  7. Last year I believe it was 25 or 50 but may I be wrong and/or it may have changed this year
  8. Genuinely can't believe what a great price he is too, saw his name and instantly thought this will upset my bank account but am delighted with the cost
  9. This may be a silly question as I know it isn't stated but thought I'd double check, his Diamond Pass doesn't come with an exclusive print does it?
  10. Yeah that's fair enough, I have batch 2 so shall just watch to see how he is with those in front to judge it on the day :)
  11. What do people think he'll be like? Do you think he'll pose or anything for photos or put his arm around you for them? Interested to know what to expect considering this is his first time
  12. I met Rowan Atkinson many years ago and got his autograph but would definitely meet him again for a photo if he was to be announced :)
  13. Hi, first time comment so please bear with me. I've been to LFCC every year since 2014 but this is the first year I have decided to get a large number of photoshoots as in the past it has pretty much only been autographs. Since the schedule has been released I have a few clashes but all I have worked out how to do apart from two, one is on the Saturday and the other on the Sunday so I thought I'd see if I can get some expert opinions on it. The first one is on the Saturday between John Cleese (batch 10) and Matt Lucas (batch 4). As I am batch 10 for John I know I'll be in the afternoon shoot which is between 15:25-16:25, however Matt's is at 15:45-16:25. Any opinions on how/if I will be able to manage this? The second is on Sunday between David Morrissey (batch 3) and Christopher Lloyd (batch 2), David's is at 13:05-13:30 and Christopher's is at 13:00-13:30, again any opinion on how/if I will manage this would be greatly appreciated as all the other clashes I know how I will deal with but these two I am not too sure. Thanks.
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