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  1. Would love to see any of the Preacher stars - they've all been in so many good films and TV shows it'd be well worth it :)
  2. kingneeko

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Preacher guests pleeaaase!!! Series Two is out soon :)
  3. I was his assistant on Friday and he was an absolute babe! Hands down the best guest I've had the privilege to work with.
  4. kingneeko

    Guest suggestions

    Can we please get some Firefly folks! Nathan, Alan, Adam etc??
  5. kingneeko

    Smoking electric cigarettes inside

    I personally think this is more an Earls Court issue than a Showmasters one. Until it is banned or signage put around the building forbidding it (which would be up to Earls Court) I don't think Showmasters could stop anyone doing it.
  6. Does anyone know the name of the artist who had the really good Batman Beyond and Transformers art prints? My friend and I picked up a flyer thinking it was his info but it wasn't and now we don't know who he is. He was about a two-thirds of the way down the middle aisle on the right side. Please help!!!
  7. Hopefully they will announce if they will do disability/carers tickets before the general release. Would be handy to know if we need to book two tickets or not.