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  1. I got the gold pass which I'd never purchased before. Negatives: Gold only entrance was used as an exit by a lot of of non gold pass making it harder to get back in as a gold pass holder. Staff on the first day were not aware of certain benefits of gold and time was wasted going between staff to collect DP Talk tickets that come included. Gold only seating was used by non gold holders one couple were asked to move by staff but did not get up. Gold / Diamond seating signage vanished over the weekend from the main stage and a member of staff replaced them with cardboard signs. Clearly someone stole those signs as they did not agree with the seating arangements. Gold having to queue with non gold for certain talks this I know used to be seperate queue pre 2019. Possitives: Gold benefits. Guest variety and themes like BTTF, ET, Gremlins, Red Dwarf ect a great idea even if not all seated together and not all on the same day. Even though Saturday was crowded I didn't feel penned in I was able to get to three talks, two guests and two photo ops all before leaving soon after 2pm did not leave due to crowds. All but one member of staff were happy and not exhausted, it was hot even when the air con was doing its job. Plenty to see and a good ammount of items on the floors to see. Did not do the minions shoot as people wearing the same hat all weekend was not the best idea they could have had. But I did get a photo with the minions that were on the floor the staff were helpful and friendly.
  2. Even cheaper with a charity event that was done around the release of Venom 2 through his best beginnings charity. I ended up with three personalized signed postcards one with the talk for £15 and donated another two lots of £10 and without asking got sent another two. I'd love to have met him but not for £95 I wanted to ask about the Ealing Studios building Imaginarium Studios.
  3. Don't know about VQ numbers as I had a gold pass and arrived towards 11 and walked straight to the back of the line so maybe this was another big benefit of the gold that I did not see from any other guest that weekend as they do advertise about joining the back of the line for any non diamond pass guests. Had no idea the wait otherwise would be this long. I don't know about slow to sign just seemed about normal really. Not rushed through so I suppose that could explain it, did feel a little sorry for her choice of mask did look unformtable in the heat but I'm wearing my mask and sanitizing my hands as Zoe did lower the mask briefly when I met her I didn't ask for a photo I don't know if photos were allowed or not but I'm avoiding close contact. Maybe she was slower because of adjusting her mask every so often it was something very ornate perhaps wasn't the best choice with long wearing compared with some options. Really friendly and talkative but no more so than some guests I've met.
  4. I didn't actually ask, but he did hint about hoping to make more. This was when I asked about his favorite episodes Doug did say he really liked the feature length episode they did most recently so perhaps you could take that as a hint of more longer cut episodes to come.
  5. Gizmo was sitting with him at the talk too really fun when guests carry about items related to there work with them.
  6. It was also a great talk too really interesting and enjoyable to watch.
  7. They did some years ago when it was at Earls Court, I've met them all at different events over time but yes would be amazing to get them all together in the same event day and for a group photo too.
  8. I did see his desk hardly if any queue at all on Friday and Sunday but the price was a little out of what I was ready to spend. But did love the talk on Friday I think it was and got to ask a question really happy with that.
  9. I've never noticed any quality issues on the 10x8 the event hosts supply. Bair in mind any you get printed elsewhere only use professional services and not inkjet ink at home it won't be worth it doing it at home as it won't last I've only printed two at home ever one was signed on a white space so should last just fine even if the image does not and the other was signed directly to the photo but black ink used so should be okay but if you have time always send off or head to boots to get them printed.
  10. The communication is borderline useless on the app, why have it and not inform of updates on the day like changes of guests and locations of panels.
  11. I was wondering why I didn't see his headshot on any of the walls yesturday.
  12. Today was brilliant my first event in almost three years so I got the gold as it's been so long. Really worth it, gold entrance was quick and smooth. Going out and back in too is so handy. Gold allocated seating certainly is setup and I was on the first row for all the talks I went to today and with spacing perhaps that's just a Friday thing but loved that. Some techie issues with every panel I went to but it was nothing that actually didn't bring some fun and laughter once sorted so all good fun. Being able to go back to back with talks without stress is brilliant. With past LFCC Summers I've never had so many talks that I wanted to attend so this is a real treat. I might save up again and get gold more often if this keeps up over the weekend. Will get my prop shoot over the weekend and fingers crossed three back to back talks with ease as today and one guest in the morning before heading to a friends wedding reception. My only complaint and something out of Showmasters control is some distant building site noise but this didn't get in the way of the talks and the location of the main stage is direct sunshine again nothing Showmasters has control over.
  13. I am wondering the same but I'd be keeping my mask on at all times. Used to be I'd get up close to the guest I'd always wait for indication or what they'd want or what the person maning the table suggests. I've had two with no posed photos so I'd just see what others are doing and follow suit as long as no rules that say no photos. However what you could do if you want some basic proof after I did this for Hayley Atwell was to take the signed item after and hold it up to show the guests photo thats on the wall and enable time date stamp to the photo. this way you are not breaching the no photos sign and still get that proof if you wanted that. I'm not to bothered about getting proof I know I was there I know other than buying signed books or through charities supported by the guest I've got it in person.
  14. I'm going for the first time in three years and purchased a gold for the first time too just so I can have the best possible experience back after so many years. It will speed up many things from years I've been and seen them being used. As for by how much it depends on what you want to use them on. Myself is the gold entrance on day 2 and 3 will be faster. Talks everything but diamond guest talks will be a huge benefit. If you are concerned about any benefits of gold bring a printout of all the gold benefits to show them.
  15. The replies started of so well reassuring even then ... it's tumbled down since I've been wearing surgical masks even before vaccinated I find they provide a great seal on my face and 98% filteration masks have to be changed every four hours so maybe this is why some think they don't work when they are just applied and not changed. I respect the choice of others not to wear them but others who do should also have views respected. I've tried FFP2 and can't get them to create a seal as good as the masks I had been using all along.
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