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  1. CJ Graham was one of my top guests the whole weekend. He was so fun and talkative and so humble and grateful to meet fans. I went for my photo with him both in costume and out as Tommy Jarvis. I had seen how he was grabbing people in line before me and I thought "oh no, what's he going to do when he sees me come over as Tommy Jarvis". It reached my turn and I took a step towards him and we stared down for a moment, then he grabbed me, yanked me over and we took the picture. But then he was so sweet in the out of costume photo shoot. I gave him my axe and asked him to attack me again! haha. I had a good chat with him at his autograph table. He asked me if he scared me. I said I was bracing myself after watching what he was doing to none tommys in the line in front of me and he said "yeah, as much as I hate Tommy Jarvis, you're an alright Tommy Jarvis". He loved the cosplay and he loved that I had bought a camp crystal lake sign to get signed. He also started a kill count war on my mask as I got both CJ and Kane to sign my mask. He told me how sometimes he worries if he scares people grabbing them, but he explained that when he's in the costume he can't speak and people can't see his face so it's hard for him to make the experience memorable. Even out of costume he wants people to have a good time with him. He doesn't want anyone to walk away from him feeling like they just gave him money for nothing. He's very grateful for the people who take their time to come and visit him so the least he can do is give them his time back. Honestly what a great guy.
  2. Please can a member of LFCC staff clear this up. I have seen a lot of ticket resell posts in LFCC fb groups. At first, it was just normal "Selling ticket for "day" " Until someone pointed out that ID may be checked. There are now a lot of posts with sellers stating they will provide the buyer with a copy of their ID. Correct me if I'm wrong but I would assume that if you are asked to present ID and present someone else's ID then you will still be refused entry? A lot of people are asking how this would go if it was a gift. Is there any way you can discern the difference between gifts and reselling? I.e. if a gift does the person who bought the gift have to be present, etc. I know LFCC don't really do ID checks (they don't check every single person) but I imagine you do spot checks and all it takes is one spot check and someone who bought a resold ticket and there's going to be people complaining they were not informed etc so just want an LFCC staff member to clear this situation up and I will relay to the FB group.
  3. I'm going as Steve from stranger things (scoops ahoy version) for all 3 days. I'm also doing Tommy Jarvis Friday PM, Alan Grant Saturday AM, and Frank the pug from MIB Sunday. Yep, I'm gonna be dying on that last one.
  4. Friday Kane Hodder CJ Graham CJ Graham in costume Matthew Lillard Alfie Allen and Gemma Whelan Saturday Val Kilmer Brendan Fraser Charlie Sheen Bob Gale Billy Dee Williams Ben Barnes Sunday William Zabka Tom Felton Christina Ricci Lisa & Louise Burns Autographs: Kane Hodder, CJ Graham, Lisa and Louise Burns, David Naughton, Finn Jones, Curzon Dobell, Kaili Vernoff, Stephen Gevedon, Matthew Lillard & Paul Blake
  5. This. I tend to scope it out as soon as I get through the doors on Friday while it's quiet and I can see each desk clearly.
  6. I've suffered the headache so you don't have to . I've made an easier reading version of Friday's schedule. Still working on Saturday's. Ignore the messiness of the blocks in places, I guess Excel doesn't translate well to google sheets. Friday Preliminary Schedule let me know if anything needs editing.
  7. Can anyone make out who's under Leslie Eastbrook Friday?
  8. Can anyone make out who's under Adam Baldwin on Friday?
  9. If I was going off of the use of the word great alone then maybe Hugh Jackman because of the greatest showman? Or someone else from that movie maybe but then again I've not known Hugh Jackman or Zac Efron to appear in anything on TV. I'm stumped so I'm just gonna throw my usual out there in the hopes that one day they'll bring him back and I can stop dreading that I'll never meet him. Michael J Fox
  10. I can only imagine this for the same reason that other cons aren't getting any around this time of year. Market saturation.
  11. I'd think it would be useful if LFCC could post beforehand whether or not a guest will accept selfies at their tables. I know a lot of people who were a bit miffed at LFCC spring when they found out about 80% of the guests were accepting selfies when they had already paid for a photo shoot. Some people prefer photo shoot. Some people prefer selfie if it's available.
  12. I think this year should be the return of Sigourney Weaver given the Alien Anniversary. Still holding out on MJ fox coming back at some point.
  13. I know there's a cosplay forum but I posted something there last year that's still the top post with no answers so seems to be dead. I basically just want to get an idea of if a prop I have planned will be allowed. I don't wanna give too much away about it but basically it's gonna work as a background to my cosplay. I'm going to build it on a wooden palet that will be on wheels that I will pull behind me. Eveything built on if will be foam/polystyrene/cardboard so completely safe and can't hurt anyone. I saw the event managers wheeling in the crowd on scooters on Saturday so can't see this would be a problem especially as it'll be pulled along behind me but just figured I'd check.
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