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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - EMILY KINNEY

    Met her this afternoon. Such a lovely guest ☺
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - KRISTANNA LOKEN

    Super friendly when I net her today ☺
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - AIMEE GARCIA

    Such a lovely guest. Was a pleasure to have met her today. Thanks a mill ☺
  4. (Just for fun) Dream guest that has passed away

    Sadly a very tough choice to make but for me it would have to be Pat Morita.
  5. Another con

    Hi. As it's May now, if there is any announcement for another con next year would more realistic. f&l.
  6. How did everyones day go?

    Had a quiet but good day overall on Saturday. Guest wise not really for me (this time) but I picked up a few nice items at the stalls and at the auction. Cosplayers at the event were cool.@wjbleming it was great to meet a fellow forum member. Belfast has such great potential I'd hate for it to be dropped ☹
  7. Belfast Photo and Talk Schedule

    Thanks Matt ☺
  8. Belfast Photo and Talk Schedule

    Some lovely items and a nice variety today ☺
  9. Countdown

  10. Belfast Photo and Talk Schedule

    Can't wait to see whats at the auction
  11. Guest Suggestions

    I have met Brent recently and he is super nice. Always spends a few minutes talking to each fan.
  12. Countdown

    7 days :-)
  13. Countdown

    10 days
  14. Countdown

    11 days