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  1. Dave Prowse Empire Day

    Flight booked. Can't wait.
  2. Nice guest announcement for Newcastle. Sadly I can't make it this year ☹
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - KATEE SACKHOFF

    Met her previously. A very nice guest and great announcement.
  4. One day.

    Delighted that a BFCC has been announced for 2018. One day might actually work out better for these events.
  5. Tickets

    Hope to get mine this weekend ☺
  6. Guest Cancellation - Dave Prowse

    Sad to hear this but not unexpected. Wishing him all the best. Was lovely to have met him at previous events.
  7. Thank You

    Was a great event. Thanks to all crew and guests.
  8. Which Alien film is the best?

    If I had to choose it would be Aliens.
  9. Schedule is up

    Many thanks for sharing.
  10. What guests do you want to see next year?

    Eiza Taylor would be very cool.
  11. Dean Cain Appreciation Thread

    Was the nicest guest at the event by a mile.
  12. Fave moment of the convention?

    My favourite moments were talking to crew and other attendees over the weekend . Everyone was so nice.
  13. Crew Appreciation Thread

    Great to see all the positive feedback. Tempted to crew myself at an event :-)
  14. Thanks to all the crew who make this event possible. The Scottish girl in the red shirt looking after Alan's VQ on Friday afternoon was amazing :-) If any other crew impressed you (not that they all don't do a great job) please do not hesitate to mention here :-)
  15. Latest Guest Announcement - SOCAL VAL

    Met her today. So glad I did. Such a nice guest :-)