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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - LANCE HENRIKSEN

    Such a nice guy. Have met him a few times already and is always nice to his fans☺
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Shirley Manson would be a lovely surprise announcement.
  3. Dave Prowse Empire Day

    Thanks showmasters. It was a pleasure to have met Dave today.
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - DAVE PROWSE

    Can't believe the event is on tomorrow. Time has flown by.
  5. Dave Prowse Empire Day

    Flight booked. Can't wait.
  6. Nice guest announcement for Newcastle. Sadly I can't make it this year ☹
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - KATEE SACKHOFF

    Met her previously. A very nice guest and great announcement.
  8. One day.

    Delighted that a BFCC has been announced for 2018. One day might actually work out better for these events.
  9. Tickets

    Hope to get mine this weekend ☺
  10. Guest Cancellation - Dave Prowse

    Sad to hear this but not unexpected. Wishing him all the best. Was lovely to have met him at previous events.
  11. Thank You

    Was a great event. Thanks to all crew and guests.
  12. Which Alien film is the best?

    If I had to choose it would be Aliens.
  13. Schedule is up

    Many thanks for sharing.