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  1. I don't understand why it's such an effort for showmasters to give us a map and tell us what entrance we go in. It's really not that hard.
  2. I presume it's the grand hall like last year. Then walk round to main entrance like last time
  3. Last year's spring con was a totally different entrance to the summer.
  4. Let's hope his not late. As he has a Lot of diamond pass to get through.
  5. I have John simm diamond pass batch 8 and lain Glen photo shoot batch 4. Both photos are at same time 9:30 which one should I go to first?
  6. i noticed the legends of tommorrow photo shoot is only 5 mins long surley that will be longer now the ones like me with single photo for both can join the duo?
  7. With regards to diamond pass are we able to collect day before the event
  8. While I was disappointed with the no touching policy he was really nice to me. And that's all I ever ask for.
  9. That's great. Was hoping to collect my diamond pass Thursday.
  10. Any news on collecting diamond pass on Thursday?
  11. Hoping we can collect diamond pass on Thursday like we could last year. Makes life a lot easier for staff and customer.
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