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  1. Yep thats all happening aswell bloody rediculous
  2. What if people dnt have the app though i think they should test people as they queue up with the tests the kids from school have they give quick results
  3. Thing is about taking covid test though is how are they going to know if you have taken it or not unless they do it at the event
  4. Very true mate am wanting to go just nervous as if it is safe enough thats all mate and just dnt know how they will do social distancing in queues for photos and autos thats all
  5. Prob is though theres no way that they can do social distancing at an event like this let alone to many tickets have been sold so guess we will have to wait and see like you said but tbh i do think it should wait until nxt year so theres more chance the spread has slowed or even stopped or they have extra time to sort the distancing problem out
  6. Yes very true i was just wondering if any 1 new what might happen thanks so much for the reply its pretty worrying though with a crowded building for the con
  7. Hi all just wondering with the latest varient spread is rising again does that mean london film and comic con should postpone until nxt year to make sure peoples heath and well being comes first
  8. Plus the rest of jusstice league cast would be super amazing group photo
  9. Henry cavill Gal gadot Zach snyder
  10. Hopefully tom cruise makes a guest appearence lol
  11. Blimey thats good news and hes not wasting time like trump did good for him
  12. If thats the case then will still be to crowded to be honest they should leave it for this year and plan it ptoperly instead of rushing it to get people in for july the winter con would be much more better
  13. I reckon the ptizes are going to go thrpugh the roof in every con from here on out cant see many people being able to afford the prizes if they go up anymore cause plenty of people out of work where they lost there job through the pandamic me included hopefully it doesnt go that way
  14. They did mention a few months bk that even with people faccinated people will still have to wear masks and social distance
  15. Glad you are better ive had it to was horrible and with a big crowed we will end up in lockdown again expecially with the new strain popping up aswell
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