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  1. What hard target film looked in imdb and its not there
  2. Cheers for the quick reply i couldnt remember such along time ago lol
  3. Hi just a question ive still got the ticket from oct 2014 when she cancelled would it be ok to use that ticket??
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Hayden christenson plz
  5. Collectamania brocher

    Ah ill do that thanks
  6. Collectamania brocher

    Is there an online shop because i want 3 one for me and 2 for my kids
  7. Opinions on the day Sat

    Thats what i said on another thread i feel sorry for the crew in robert englund and danny glovees queue they had people shouting in there face and my kids saw it good way to scare kids the crew tried there best i thought they done well tbh
  8. Collectamania brocher

    Does anyone know if theres away of getting them still
  9. Collectamania brocher

    Dam just wondering how i can get my hands on 1 now the event is finished
  10. Collectamania brocher

    Just wondering if there was any on sale was looking but couldnt find them
  11. Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    What a great bloke he is met him yesterday we had a great chat
  12. Thats what i ment collectormania and if theres a winter 1 plus lfcc
  13. Thats a huge relief then lol so cant wait am doing both this year might even do the winter collectormania see what thats like too lol
  14. Just curious never been to collectormania b4 is sat busy as in utta madness lol