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  1. Im suprised that showmasters havnt frozen the sales until they get back to us to let us know whats going on so they dont have to repay every1 let alone would be nice for updates
  2. Dont think we will get a vacine this year unfortunatly hope every 1 is keeping safe
  3. Would love it if brenden fraser gets announced again i was gutted to miss him this year
  4. Mmmm wish i got some diamonds this year they all sound great tbh i will definatly have to next year roll on the guests cant wait was a great con and great guests
  5. Shame could have used the money for another photo op lol
  6. is there any chance of instead of a refund we can get vouchers instead
  7. Thanks so much for your help are you going to the event this year
  8. Would i be able to upgrade while im at the con by anychance????
  9. Just wondering if i want to upgrade to a diamond how do i do it??
  10. Just wondering do we still get a goody bag or has that stopped????
  11. Thanks i will do as i havnt been refunded at least when i getthe refund ican use the funds towards the autographs
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