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  1. Please can someone help me with the last post I put up would really be helpful don't know what to do
  2. Exactly mate it's only a month away and no 1 on here
  3. I'm not sure this has been said before I have 2 tickets for the full weekend and only I can make it can I refund the other one for vouchers??
  4. I've seen them too they look terrible
  5. Hi i wont be able to go this year but can nxt year can i move my tickets to that date
  6. Thanks for tge update mate thought that would happen tbh so look forward to novembers now and hopefully we can use our july tickets for that event fingers crossed
  7. Think winter con has more of a chance tbh
  8. Just wondering if we all buy tickets and queue at the door and they decide to send some people away do they get refunds tbh isnt there fault just wondering thats all
  9. Thats the only prob mate hopefully you are wrong but you might not be thats the only problem let alone theres a new varient a vietemenese one now aswell wish it would just bugger off now and stop mutating already
  10. Only problem with the variant keep mutating
  11. Cant see that happening anytime soon with the indian varient spreading
  12. Thats horrible ive had friends that have passed away from it aswell and hopefully they get this idian farient under control nxt b4 it gets out of control
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