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  1. Wow! The queues for autographs is poorly organised again! Maybe all the crew should know what’s going on and how the system works. Some barriers/plastic chain links between guests would be a massive help to stop so many people queue jumping. Any thoughts?
  2. I know there are a lot of unhappy gold pass people recently. The first thing is due to the price that keeps going up but you get less and less for your money. Why even bother with autograph vouchers. I think you should just take the amount off the gold pass price or allow people to put them towards autographs. The second thing was due to the fact that General Entry were let in at the same time as I know for a fact that a lot of GE actually got VQ tickets before me and I was near the front of the gold pass queue - due to our queue being on the other side of the building to the guests. The third thing is the queue for diamond pass guests. Is there a possibility of having 2 queues: 1 for diamond and another for gold and VQ. That way tou could manage the diamond people better. Also if the VQ ticket necessity for diamond guests is scrapped for gold pass it would make a huge improvement.
  3. I think if they got Sean Bean I might have to sell a kidney
  4. Benedict Wong I think would be a great guest. Also anybody from Stargate
  5. I was recommended a company called Secol. They aren't too expensive but certainly not cheap, they supply quite a lot of museums with their Polyester acid-free archival stuff. They have a wide selection of different pages, pockets, sleeves,top loaders etc as well as storage boxes. Like Raylenth said its not worth scrimping.
  6. Really? She's 12. Cuddling her would have been beyond creepy. People! I know! That's people for you. Despite that though she was a great guest and proved very popular & I wouldn't be surprised if SM gets her back.
  7. I second that post about the crew member running Photo Area A. I can never remember his name but he is superb at every con he volunteers at. A shout out to Justin who was running the Photo Area C yesterday again he is really good as well slotting Golds into the queues. I agree with the point about the food but that is obviously a venue run service and there's nothing Showmasters can do about that. The only 2 things that need looking at is 1) having ALL crew reading from the same book so to speak about queuing for autographs and 2) just adding to the walkways between guests so the queues don't get mashed together. I think the only real way to stop people jamming these areas is to have big poster/signs up at the autograph areas stating the rules about the gold pass and VQ tickets so that everybody whose number hasn't been called up yet goes elsewhere even if its just to wait along the wall til their numbers are called. A bit like the Donald Sumpter queue this morning that worked quite well. P.S I cant believe the amount of people who were complaining about not being able to cuddle Millie today. I was thinking really your all adults and shes a 12 year old girl what did you expect.
  8. Ok now I definitely have to watch the show. Half a dozen people on Twitter in the 24 hours before this announcement recommended me to watch the show and now this announcement. When does the online shop close? Anybody know?
  9. Trust me you would have to make it. He's quality, a really nice bloke to meet
  10. Totally agree I've met 54 Game of Thrones actors so far. Another 8 at this event so I say bring them on, more the merrier I say👍 Shame about Issac as that would have meant I've met all Neds sons
  11. I'm personally hoping for Sophie Turner. It would be awesome for a double new & old Phoenix photoshoot
  12. Saw this on Twitter an announcement is to made today about James McAvoy https://twitter.com/unitedagents/status/758231643526139904
  13. I have heard good things and when I got home from work I had a parcel waiting for me from Secol. Reseaonably priced with lots of choice. Everything was packed extremely well.
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