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  1. Do it Broo, it's a really fun (but also very dark) play on the Superhero genre.
  2. Given the latest announcement...more The Boys cast would be amazing. Anthony Starr Erin Moriarty Jack Quaid DominiqueMcElligot
  3. Love this announcement! Any chance of Erin Moriarty, Jack Quaid, Anthony Starr and Dominique McElligot joining him?
  4. Not quite a guest request but I didn't want to start a new thread. Just after some advice if possible please. I just wondered how busy the London Film Fair events get? What time do the guests usually turnup and start signing? Is it worth getting early bird tickets for if I'm only after a couple of guests. Would appreciate thoughts from anyone that usually attends. Thank you
  5. I kid you not, I already have his autograph from when he used to play for the Buffalo Sabres (hence part of my username). I never thought I would ever see his name mentioned in these forms though...haha, so random.
  6. Can only echo these sentiments exactly. Had an amazing experience meeting her at the signing table...had met her briefly once before at an Apple store event which she remembered. Took a photo of my artwork to show her partner and took special notice of my name. A few hours later I wondered if she would remember at the photoshoot given all the people she meets...I should never have doubted. One of my most memorable meetings ever. Can only give my huge thanks to her and Showmasters for the opportunity. Class act.
  7. Add me to the growing list of Westworld cast requests! Huge fan of the series.
  8. Yep, don't want to burst your bubble but managed to get a heart too! Pretend I didn't mention it though :)
  9. I saw a wicked Chad Coleman as Tyreese (TWD) which I think I saw in the photo thread also...I had to do a double take. Certainly made moving around Olympia much more rewarding, huge props to you all!
  10. @ArtistSKent It's probably easier for people to look here if anyone is interested...all currently unfinished but if you go through to my media it will show all the artwork I had signed from LFCC.
  11. You even got a smile from Famke! Good effort! :)
  12. I actually think it is probably a mix of all the things mentioned. I went to the Wolverine 3 premiere and you could tell she was quite over-awed by the whole experience and headed into the screening very early. I suspect she just doesn't deal very well with being the centre of attention at such a large event. As someone else mentioned, she did have a smaller con in Calgary where the photos were arranged in a similar way. In her defence, being an older lady now, the scrutiny they have to put up with in the media is pretty unforgiving. So maybe the whole 'photoshoot' thing is not something she really wanted to do (only she will know the truth). Just to add though, I think she still looks AMAZING! That said, at both the autograph desk and the photo shoot, she was incredibly polite and friendly. So I do feel sorry for anyone that didn't get the same experience...
  13. That's cryptic Murph...I'm now very intrigued?
  14. Haha, yep, I found myself watching some 80's movies (featuring attending cast) to ease the blues!
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