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  1. Keith David's shoot from Saturday is currently absent (in case anyone's keeping count of missing sets).
  2. Re: Simon Pegg's appearance at LFCC in 2004... It's true that he didn't want to charge for his autograph (he said this publicly on the day). However, it wasn't possible to get his signature without paying, as he set up a deal where you went to his queue and bought a ticket for the talk he was doing later that day with Nick Frost. And once you'd bought that ticket, you were invited to step forward and meet Simon. His autograph, it was said, was free - an add-on to the talk ticket. It was a cunning bit of reframing, but no one minded as the package was an excellent deal (I don't recall the exact price but it was either £10 or £15). I've no idea what Simon thinks about charging now, or whether he'd be up for doing something similar again, albeit for a higher price. But that's how he played it back then.
  3. From the Showmasters account on Twitter: "...here's a clue - the guest has a letter D." Harold Bishop is still in the running.
  4. I had a crew member in area D on Sunday put their hand on my back and leave it there for a few seconds, as if pushing me towards the collection desk (I couldn't go anywhere - there was a small queue). I didn't like it. It's not a huge complaint for me, but I think that crew do need to be careful, as it can be a very big deal for some people. Any kind of physical contact should be 'invite only'.
  5. Well, of course. But they're also a company charging for products and services. So while they have a legal right to do what they like, one would hope that they would allow criticism to stand publicly and respond to it.
  6. All that lovely splashback on blokes' hands: not just their own wee but hundreds of others' too, making it super sterile.
  7. Does anyone fancy a crack at answering the question above? It'd help out an Autographica newbie - and, as far as good deeds go, it'll count towards one of your five a day. Thanks!
  8. Quick question: when you buy tickets online, are you supposed to get a confirmation email from Autographica as well as one from PayPal? I ask because I've only had one from PayPal so far. If that's as it's meant to be, that's fine. I just thought I'd better check.
  9. Is this the case now? If I order entry and photo tickets today, no tickets will be posted? I ask because on 24 February, Dave said: I just want to check the situation. Thanks!
  10. Edit: Never mind - I've just realised that this announcement has been posted in various different sections, so I'm retracting my guess. It was rubbish, anyway.
  11. On reflection, I think that you guys have a fair point, in as much as the type of fan who attends signings is more likely to (want to) attend LFCC. The other event I mentioned is primarily a screening and talk, so... I dunno, it just struck me that, when people were asking for the shoot to be brought forward to the morning, there was another, bigger Doctor Who event on then. But thinking about it, I can see that it might be a bit of a different situation with that, as it's not purely an autograph/photoshoot kind of crowd. That's not to say that a fair few people attending the morning thing aren't planning to go to LFCC later in the day, but no one can know for sure, and wherever a guest's shoot is scheduled there'll be some people wishing it was elsewhere. It's hard. Anyway, I reiterate my 'good luck'. I honestly wasn't trying to shoot anything down or stick a barrier in anyone's way. I was just musing on a situation that occurred to me. It's a heck of a packed weekend for Doctor Who fans. Heads down, eyes front, and I'll see you out the other side.
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