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    You shall henceforth be known as Perry Mason Bear.
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    Thank you Nate, I actually missed this because I am in Hospital again and am on my phone with signatures off. Just to make sure nothing happens again I have taken the necessary steps to prevent this from happening again. Broken record time again: Our warnings always come with an Explanation. No one expects you to agree with it, but if you want to keep posting on here you will have to accept the warning and the rules. I've used that example before: if you stand in an Empire Cinema ranting About how much better the Odeon chain is, or in Burger King yelling how much the Whopper sucks compared to McDonalds you can invoke your "Right to free speech" any way you want. You will still be asked to shut up and if you don't you will be asked to leave. It's exactly the same Thing for this Forum here. One correction on the Forum isn't a Problem. Even an official warning is not an issue. Get another one and yeah, that's when the issues begin. I also said that before, we are not warning People forever.
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    When one door closes, another opens. Or so they say. Hope you find a job that makes you happy then
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    Maybe that knitting con next to LCC
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    I see no Problems with that. And yes, in would be the 20 Pounds Price.
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    Neither am I....... But we'd have more con time
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    Agents of Shield cast!
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    It is a golden opportunity yes, you can go so many ways, I did the same last year, I worked as a teacher for 5 years, but started working in the private sector last year and have no regrets whatsoever
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    So sorry to hear that! *hug*
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    4 more work days...
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    Naah, next week when it is more calm.
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    Every time someone asks it gets pushed back a day. No seriously, it should be up at some Point today.
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    I have brought up those Questions. But as Batflash says, confirmation will only come at some Point today. The Office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and I am not going to make stuff up just to post something. Sometimes I can reach someone on the Weekend who can quickly help me out. But more often I can't. And unless Jason has a bout of insomnia no amount of repeating Questions is going to get you an answer at 2.30 AM Monday morning. The Floor plan is (if we get one) always put up close to the Event. Too many Things can Change, so it is only posted close to the Show. It is very likely the same reason for the Main Entrance confirmation. Yes, I did let them know that the FAQ says differently. That bit was likely overlooked or it changed between the FAQ being put up and the venue putting their info up. There will be an answer at some Point today.
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    Gal Gadot Karen Gillan Hayden Christensen Jake Lloyd Billie Piper Jodie Whittaker Linda Hamilton David Tennant Peter Capaldi Lynda Carter
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    Carey Mulligan Rakie Ayola Meera Syal Hermione Norris Natalie Gumede
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    Robert Sheehan!! Though I agree, anyone from the show would be cool to meet
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    Jurassic park. Laura Dern Jeff Goldblum Joseph Mazzello Wayne Knight B.D Wong X-Files. Gillian Anderson (yes I know she’s not doing conventions no more). But at some point she’s gonna need some money! Falling skies Noah Wyle Drew Roy Moon Bloodgood Sarah Carter Colin Cunningham Will Patton and the rest of the cast of Falling Skies. Aliens Michael Biehn Paul Reiser!!! Cynthia Dale Scott!!! Christopher Henn!!! please get last 3 Showmasters you would make me and a lot of aliens fans very happy! :) especially me. Xmen Hugh Jackman
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    James Spader would be awesome
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    Just finished The Umbrella Academy and would love to meet anyone from that show!
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    Ken Leung (Lost, Saw) Danny Glover (Saw) Skeet Ulrich (Scream, Riverdale) Matthew Lillard (Scream, Twin Peaks, Scooby Doo) Alan Dale (Lost, Ugly Betty, Torchwood, Neighbours, Once Upon A Time) Maggie Grace (Lost, Taken) Gillian Anderson (The X-Files, The Fall, Hannbial, Sex Education)
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    How about some cast members from some big movies coming out this year Avengers: Endgame Robert Downey Jr Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Mark Ruffalo Letita Wright Tom Holland Paul Bettany Zoe Saldana Toy Story 4 Tom Hanks Tim Allen Wallace Shawn Annie Potts Blake Clarke Joan Cusack Jodi Benson Michael Keaton The Lion King 2019 Donald Glover Seth Rogen John Oliver Alfre Woodard Eric Andre Chiwetel Ejiofor James Earl Jones Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Ryan Reynolds Ikue Ōtani Justice Smith Captain Marvel Brie Larson Jude Law Ben Mendelsohn Djimon Hounsou Lashana Lynch Samuel L. Jackson Star Wars episode 9 Mark Hamill Daisy Ridley Adam Driver John Boyega Oscar Isaac Lupita Nyong'o Billie Lourd Brian Herring Kelly Marie Tran Domhnall Gleason i’d be happy if atleast one person on this list comes to LFCC this year
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    40 years since Alien so would be cool with some guests from it. Sigourney Weaver Tom Skerritt Yaphet Kotto Veronica Cartwright Ian Holm Ridley Scott
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    I plan on retiring when I'm 50
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    Lost my job last week, so no work days left for me!
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