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  1. Over all was an amazing weekend, my only grumble was the placement of Bob Gale on the Friday, the pit boss and the crew member on the stalls were amazing and handled the situation of bob gale showing up late, I felt that knowing that bob was going to be really popular The placement for the Friday was a bit awkward and saw that there were 3 empty bays on the main guest area on the back wall and felt he would have been better there for Friday. This also happened last year with William hope.The other confusion was the photo shoots going on in E and F and how they were laid out. Felt it went in to one big congestion zone getting in and out, and that you had to snake back on your self to put your bag on the table and que up have photo and felt like it should have been u shaped. But over all amazing convention :)
  2. Think saturdays shoot time table needs re loading as showing fridays one twice atm
  3. Yeah this also happened to William hope, amazing guy to meet and amazing price of £15, first U.K. con and needed his autograph on my multi signed aliens poster, they put him on one of the side walls near the cafe place and boy was he busy! Even got to the point where people were queuing all the way through the walk way gap near by.
  4. my Guess for the guest that has some moves could be John travolta, Kevin bacon but then when I think has some moves I also think Martial arts so Jackie chan, Jet Li. As of the first guest thinking Sir Anthony Hopkins as west world.
  5. Just a hunch but now we have Val Kilmer aka one batman, I recon since it is the first batman film anniversary I recon maybe Michael Keaton, Christian bale, George clooney, but would class as a big legend mr Jack Nicholson! but that’s just a hunch either that or tom cruise for a top gun rival reunion!!
  6. I agree with raylenths choice of stateside stills, if you email stateside stills and send them the image they can always see what they can suggest they are very good especially with special orders even if you can’t see them on their main website.
  7. Definitely need Wayne Knight!!! Totally agree with you on all these guests! Adding Joseph mazzello and D B Wong would be amazing.
  8. Going with great in capitals and also saying great tv and movie guest I’m going to guess David McCallum who was in the great escape and also done tv shows :), but guessing and would love it to be Kiefer Sutherland, but also Anthony Hopkins would be insane!!
  9. Just finished watching Encino Man/ California Man. Think we need a reunion and since we have Brendan Fraser how about some of the other cast? Sean Astin And Pauly Shore
  10. Kiefer Sutherland!!!!!!! Please pretty please as he is on tour with his band at the moment in Europe and in Brighton on the 23rd :)
  11. Aliens Paul Reiser!!!! Michael biehn Cynthia Dale Scott Joseph Henn jurassic park Jeff Goldblum Joseph Mazzello Wayne Knight D B Wong The Goonies (Need that Reunion!!) Sean Astin Josh Brolin Corey Feldman Jeff Cohen Jonathan Ke Hu Quan Kerry Green Martha Plimpton Robert Davi Joe Pantoliano Other Guests Charlie Sheen Michael Douglas Michael Keaton
  12. Readie19 : best Idea is just keep your eye on the forum and also plus they us all my post the day of announcements before hand, also keep an eye on face book :)
  13. Jurassic park. Laura Dern Jeff Goldblum Joseph Mazzello Wayne Knight B.D Wong X-Files. Gillian Anderson (yes I know she’s not doing conventions no more). But at some point she’s gonna need some money! Falling skies Noah Wyle Drew Roy Moon Bloodgood Sarah Carter Colin Cunningham Will Patton and the rest of the cast of Falling Skies. Aliens Michael Biehn Paul Reiser!!! Cynthia Dale Scott!!! Christopher Henn!!! please get last 3 Showmasters you would make me and a lot of aliens fans very happy! :) especially me. Xmen Hugh Jackman
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