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  1. I take it diamond passes for Ernie Hudson will carry over then for next year? Which should be interesting depending on his part in the reboot of quantum leap and also ghostbusters 4
  2. @dogsoldierspoon yeah he’s the last of the 3 I need to fully class my aliens poster completed. paul reiser cynthia dale Scott and Jonathan henn But to get Reiser I will call it complete :). but yeah considering he’s been in the boys aliens and also stranger things and more it needs to happen. the day it happens Showmasters can take my money!! Lol
  3. @dogsoldierspoonI agree if didn’t have entry tickets already I probably would have done the same as you but even though my guest list has depleted over the last plus weeks still looking forward to it :). my last guests: Andy Serkis Arian Richards henry Thomas Dee Wallace Robert mcnaughton the one and only person who I know @dogsoldierspoonyou agree with me needs to happen at another LFCC is Paul Reiser!!!
  4. I know we have David harbour and it’s a long shot but how about bull Pullman as currently both are at the west end currently this weekend :).
  5. @Mageloneand @sammyromie I hate to say it but Robert Davi isn’t coming anymore.
  6. Ajknight1972 I believe that ray hassett now can’t make it to London film and comic con and is now attending London film and comic con spring 2023
  7. After watching aliens yesterday and just getting to the end of stranger things season 4, I know I post it every year but Jason can you please get Paul Reiser please! :) he’s never ever done a comic con in England please please please make it happen would make a lot of aliens fans and stranger things fans happy! :).
  8. One person that could make and complete a lot of poster not only for Aliens fans but stranger things fans. Paul Reiser!!! He’s never ever done a Uk comic con/ autograph signing, please please make it happen :). also he doesn’t start his latest tour till august.
  9. Wanted guest for this year Aliens: Paul Reiser,Cynthia Dale Scott, Michael Beihn and Christopher Henn. Neil Patrick Harris Clancy Brown Denise Richards Dina Meyer Jake Busey Goonies: Sean astin, Jonathan Ke Huy Quan,Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen, Martha Plimpton,Kerri Green,Jo Pantoliano and Robert Davi Martin Kove Ralph Macchio
  10. Goonies cast reunion!! If not this year get them booked in ASAP for next year would be amazing! :) aliens guests: Paul Reiser Cynthia Dale Scott Christopher Henn michael beihn
  11. Gonna be awesome and gonna put a guess out like everyone else is, Clancy Brown
  12. Over all was an amazing weekend, my only grumble was the placement of Bob Gale on the Friday, the pit boss and the crew member on the stalls were amazing and handled the situation of bob gale showing up late, I felt that knowing that bob was going to be really popular The placement for the Friday was a bit awkward and saw that there were 3 empty bays on the main guest area on the back wall and felt he would have been better there for Friday. This also happened last year with William hope.The other confusion was the photo shoots going on in E and F and how they were laid out. Felt it went in to one big congestion zone getting in and out, and that you had to snake back on your self to put your bag on the table and que up have photo and felt like it should have been u shaped. But over all amazing convention :)
  13. Think saturdays shoot time table needs re loading as showing fridays one twice atm
  14. Yeah this also happened to William hope, amazing guy to meet and amazing price of £15, first U.K. con and needed his autograph on my multi signed aliens poster, they put him on one of the side walls near the cafe place and boy was he busy! Even got to the point where people were queuing all the way through the walk way gap near by.
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