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  1. Liam Dolan


    it would be amazing if Lynda Carter came to London Film & Comic Con shomasters please make it happen please
  2. Liam Dolan

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM FELTON

    amazing guest but sadly not for me but still a cool guest
  3. yes fantastic i did not get to meet Eccleston last year cause cause i did not have enough money
  4. Liam Dolan

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Gal Gadot Karen Gillan Hayden Christensen Jake Lloyd Billie Piper Jodie Whittaker Linda Hamilton David Tennant Peter Capaldi Lynda Carter
  5. Liam Dolan


    amazing guest announcement only thing is its a shame Kane Hodder is not doing a Jason costume photo shoot which is a shame still great guest
  6. wow amazing guest announcement i really like Superman Returns
  7. Liam Dolan


    yes this is great as i could not meet Tom Baker last year i think i would get a Diamond Pass for Tom Baker cant wait
  8. great announcement is she not is she doing a photo shoots or not ?
  9. amazing guest announcement great price love the Addams family films
  10. Liam Dolan


    wow amazing Aquaman is awesome he must have loved last years LFCC
  11. yes amazing guest i wanted to meet Helen Slater back in 2017 at collector mania 24 but cound not go to that convention sadly also maybe for those that have already met Helen they could do a Super girl DUO photo shoot with both Helen & Laura
  12. Liam Dolan

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    id love to meet Jodie Whittaker Karen Gillan Gal Gadot Lynda Carter Hayden Christensen David Tennant Peter Capaldi The Undertaker at either Collectormana or London Film & Comic Con Summer if they all do conventions ?
  13. Liam Dolan

    Latest Guest Announcement - JENNA COLEMAN

    yes amazing guest announcement i & gueat price
  14. Liam Dolan

    Guest Suggestions

    Hugh Jackman Gal Gadot Lynda Carter Famke Jansen Jodie Whittaker David Tennant Chris EVans Karren Gillan Hayden Christensen Mark Rufflo Ben Affleck Jude Law Johnny Depp Emily Blunt Dyke Van Dyke Julie Andrews Felicity Jones James Earl Hones