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  1. CM:MK in the shopping centre?

    will there ever be another MK Showmasters convention in the future ?
  2. New Conventions ???

    i wonder if show masters would ever do a Northamptonshire Convention maybe ?
  3. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    i would love if there was the real Wonder Woman at UK conventions in 2018 or the future
  4. Horror Guests and Horror Franchises

    i would love it if Show Masters Would Bring Back Sarah Butler from I Spit On Your Grave 2018 or the future
  5. Doctor Who/Class guests

    seing as Peter Capaldi is Leaving Dr Who maybe we will see if Peter Capaldi will be a UK Conventions id love it if Michelle Gomez & John Barrowman Karen Gillian Paul McGann Matt Lucus Sylvester McCoy Sophie Aldred Tom Baker Colin Baker Nicola Bryant Frazier Hines Wendy Padbury David Bradley Noel Clarke Catherine Tate Jenna Coleman all do Uk Conventions in the future