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  1. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    Couple of big star wars guest suggesstion including a few from the prequel era to celebrates its 20th anniversary next near Felicity Jones, John Boyega, Emilia Clarke, Ahmed Best, Kelly Marie Tran, Alan Tudyk, Joonas Suotamo, Clive Revill, Donald Glover, Temuera Morrison, Donnie Yen, Riz Ahmed, Forest Whitaker, Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen A few I'd like to see but dought they will ever do a convention. Frank Oz, Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson and James Earl Jones
  2. James O'leary

    LFCC 2018 Schedule - UPDATED 26/7

    I cant see peter mayhew on the new schedule
  3. James O'leary

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    Sxxx she was one of the main people I was hoping to meet this year. I know its a long shot but I strongly reccomend trying to get her to attend next years LFCC ( either the one in the Summer or the one in the spring )
  4. James O'leary

    Guest Cancellation - Katee Sackhoff

    Dame!! I was really looking foward to meeting her. Hopefully she can attend next year ?
  5. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    Cosplayer: Ivy Doomkity Letitia Wright Chris Hemsworth Kelly Marie Tran David Tennant Evenna Lynch John Boyega Billy Dee Williams
  6. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    Just a few star wars suggestions Caroline Blakiston Paul Blake Riz Ahmed Madds Mikkelsen Donnie Yen Felicity Jones Alan Tudyk Angus Mcinnes George Roubicek Barrie Holland Temuera Morrison
  7. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    It would be great to have Jodi Whittaker Peter Davison Matt Smith David Tennant and Tom Baker attend then we would have all surviving doctors at this years LFCC other suggestions: David Hasselhoff David Graham Joonas Suotamo Temuera Morrison Bonnie Wright Felicity Jones Gail Kim Dan Foglar Christopher Lloyd Deep Roy Celeste Yarnell James & Oliver Phelps Billy Dee williams Evenna Lynch Tim Curry Sarah Michelle Galler Hayden Christensen
  8. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    Deep Roy Christopher Lloyd James & Oliver Phelps Evenna Lynch Billy Dee Williams Tim Curry Burt Ward Julie Newmar Buzz Aldrin Zoe Saldana Felicity Jones Alan Tudyk Madds Mikkelsen Dick Van Dyke James Earl Jones Whoopie Goldburg
  9. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    Sam Witwer Sarah Michelle Galler David Hasselhoff Evanna Lynch Gary oldman Billy Dee Williams Tim Curry Jackie Chan
  10. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    Felictiy Jones & Eddie Redmaye I loved watching them perform as Stephen and Jane Hawking in the theory of everything along with seeing Felicity as Jyn Erson in Rouge One and Eddie Redmaye as Ryan in thomas and friends: sodors legend of the lost tresure and Newt Schmander in Fantastic Beasts and where to find them
  11. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    We now have David Bradley, Colin Baker, Slyvester McCoy, Christopher Eccleston and Peter Capaldi attending LFCC the year. Now just Add Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Paul McGaun, Matt Smith & David Tennant and LFCC will have all surviving Doctors at the con. I really would love to meet Tom and David. I'd also love to see David Graham Jeremy Wilkin Gary Oldman Angelina Jolie James Earl Jones Riz Ahmed Felicity Jones Donnie Yen Shazad Latif Mr. T Robert Downey Jr Tara Strong Rob Paulson Jim Parsons Kunal Nayyar and Harrison Ford ( the last one will never happen )
  12. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    Star wars: Mark Hamil, Billy Dee Williams, Temuera morrison, Spencer Wilding, Femi Taylor, Joonas Suotamo, Daniel Logan, Ahmed Best, Natilie Portman, , Denis Lawson, Billie Lourd, Hayden Christiensen, Madds Mikkelsen, Felicity Jones, Caroline Blakiston, Riz Ahmed, Jimmy Smitts, Forest Whitaker, Dickey Beer, Alan Harris, Gwendoline Christie, Frank Oz, Ken Colley, Jaing Wen, Donnie Yen, Anthony Daniels, Garrick Hagon, Angus Mcinnes, Jack Klaff, Mike Edmonds, Domhall Gleeson, Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson, and James Earl Jones doctor who: David Tennant, Bernard Cribbins, Tom Baker Sarah Sutton, Catherine Tate & Paul Mcgann Other suggestions:Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Christopher Lloyd, David Graham, Ben Kingsley, Ernie Hudson, Jennifer Runyon, David Hasselhoff, Dolph Lundgreen, Jennifer Wenger, Casper Van dien, Sam Jones, Mr T, Dirk Benadict, Dwight Schultz, Jack Ging, Lou Ferrigno, Sarah Michelle Galler and Tim Curry Harry Potter :James & Oliver Phelps, Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith, Evanna Lynch, Bonnie Wright, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Boham Carter and Brendon Gleeson
  13. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    Joonas Suotamo ( chewbacca in the last jedi and Solo: a star wars story ) especially because Peter Mayhew is attending Frank Oz Gail Kim the A team: Dwight Schultz, Dirk Benadict, Mr T, Marla Heasley, Jack Ging, Bill Lucking, Melinda Culea, Eddie Velez, Carl Franklin, Bill Dyer, Judith Ledford David Tennant Billie Lourd David Graham Gary Oldman John Goodman Angelina Jolie batman: Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether & Julie Newmar Ernie Hudson David Hasselhoff Dolph Lundgreen Jennifer Runyon ( ghostbusters ) Temuera Morrison Hugh Jackman
  14. James O'leary

    Guest suggestions.

    TOS: Marianna Hill Celeste Yarnell Bobby Clark Eddie Paskey Laurel Goodwin George Takei TGN: Whoopi Goldburg Brent Spiner Patrick Stewart star trek 2009: Zachary Quinto Simong Pegg Eric Bana Bruce Greenwood Karl Urban Chris Hemsworth
  15. James O'leary

    Guest Suggestions

    Possibly get Robert Butler the director of the star trek pilot ( the cage ) and a few episodes of batman ( including two which guest stared Frank Gorshin as the Riddler ) Chance might be low but I woul love to meet this legend. other suggestions Gary Oldman David Tennant Billie Lourd Hugh Jackman Patrick Warburton Kelsey Grammer Julie Newmar Burt Ward Lee Meriwether Samuel L. Jackson Liam Neeson Jackie Chan Whoopie Goldburg Bradd Garret Ian Whyte The Big Bang Theory cast ( Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Couco, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik & Kevin Sussman ) David Cross Seth Rogen Dustin Hoffman Nancy Cartwright Hank Azaria Mark Hamil James Earl Jones