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  1. Red Dead voice actors would be great, Robert Wiethoff and Roger Clark etc as they are doing the con circuit recently
  2. Would love if you could get Earl Boen. Been in tons of films and provided the voice for loads of films and games including World of Warcraft and my fave, monkey islands (LeChuck) Also Dominic Armato for Monkey Island
  3. With a new series of League of Gentlemen looming maybe it's time to get Mark, Steve & Reece. Would make an amazing group photo
  4. The lady asked if I wanted to pick the bag up there and handed me it. No mention of any vouchers so I assumed they was in the bag. Can I go back tomorrow and pick them up or will I be told tough luck.
  5. Where was we meant to pick up the Gold vouchers? They wasn't in my bag
  6. Queue for diamond pass so big I've missed one of my photos. What a joke
  7. Thanks QS. Can I just avoid the hassle and do Kinney's Afternoon shoot as I had nothing around then? Not a fan of pissing people off pushing through if they've started letting general admission in etc
  8. Wondering if anyone can help please. I have Alyson Hannigan at 10:10 and Emily Kinney at 10:15. I am gold but I can imagine there will be a lot of Alyson diamond's in the queue. Any suggestions please Thanks
  9. Would love some "This is England" cast
  10. Yeah I'm waiting to download my Joffery iron throne photo but having this issue. FB messages SM but no reply yet
  11. Would be great to get any of the actors from this classic on board
  12. Gutted looking through these. "DO NOT TOUCH MICHAEL J FOX, STAND NEXT TO HIM ONLY" ...Half of the photos people have their arm round the bloke
  13. I wasn't going to get into a debate but as your clearly making that statement in relation to my comments I'll respond. Ilovemyadams put it perfectly, unfortunately this country has a culture of people trying to get something for nothing which takes this away from the people that genuinely needs assistance and support. All I'm saying is Showmasters are going to have to be very careful because it will open the floodgates to people who are trying their luck as we have seen this year there is plenty of people that will do anything to avoid queing like the rest of us have to.
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