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  1. SON - Mum, how come you and all the celebrities are wearing face masks in these photos? ME - Well son, let me tell you about the year 2020.
  2. OMG I would love to meet him. Best Moriarty ever!
  3. With Supernatural ending, any chance of Misha, Jensen and Jared? Come on Showmasters, work your magic!
  4. Limited budget this year so will see who else gets announced, but think I might have to get a photo
  5. I only bought tickets to the Spring con for Clark Gregg, I didn't go when he cancelled, but was really glad to hear that he was going the the Summer con as I always go then. I am Batch 1 Spring, hopfully they do sort it. I really don't want to spend too much time waiting, that's why I always get Batch 1 lol.
  6. Why is it not Friday yet? Why do I not have the power of time travel yet?
  7. Thinking I might get a photo op with him. Gonna put him on my maybe list for now, can't go mad as I gotta keep money for the Summer con
  8. Met him last year, great guest. Glad to see him back again.
  9. This is just what I need, another con Oh well, here I come
  10. Everyone on my guest suggestion list lol. I can dream But for real, just Clark Gregg atm
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