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  1. Sorry Catherine, I didn't mean that in a bad way. There's no harm asking, I just meant it's something they will be aware of, when they have a few guests from the same show/film so will be looking into if it's possible.
  2. The organisers will be well aware of the options for group shots Catherine, and as you say will announce them if they are possible when they can.
  3. Yes, unless otherwise specified in the original announcement you can purchase up to 5, as per the usual VQ rules, including however many are in the pass allowance.
  4. Yes, unless otherwise stated in their announcement you can purchase up to 5 auto's (including the one's in your package)
  5. True story that!
  6. Last year you had to go out a specific door but the crew were good at pointing it out. When in doubt just make sure you keep your entry ticket so you have that as back up as well.
  7. Oh and for the sake of not being accused of favouritism - there are other social media platforms available for contacting said author.
  8. I did think that but wasn't sure if they would be able to say before it was publicly released but one can only ask.
  9. All I saw was Sudbury and I was like SUDBURY YAY. My Mum live just outside there so it's a town I know.
  10. We all love a good Frind. Anywhooo. Scott Derrickson please
  11. I think it'll be closer to the event white, the only other option you would have would be to email YALC directly as the schedule is controlled by them rather than Showmasters.
  12. Indeed, and other Hobbit people aplenty would be good.
  13. It's just what some people choose to type there Dalek, it can be a list of people you've met/want to meet or a random vegetable. The choice is yours as long as it doesn't break the forum rules.
  14. I can't comment on that side of it John, I'm not a collector of Star Wars auto's but I'm sure there will always be some interest. It's just a case of if there's enough interest to do anything about it. Any how it's not something Showmasters would comment on publicly as they do not discuss negotiations or who they may be talking to.