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  1. Scooby Doo
  2. My rule of thumb is that guests £20 and over will be on the VQ system Abigail as price is linked to popularity which is linked to the VQ sytem. I would be very surprised if a £35 guest wasn't on the VQ system.
  3. It depends what you were asking to swap to mr Mulder, if it's a completely different shoot/person then it's regarded as asking for a refund which isn't allowed. Having seen you posted earlier saying you asked to swap it for the superman shoot, then that's not an upgrade, you are asking for a refund one one guest to buy a completely separate item. Tickets are non refundable.
  4. Adz, it's been stated a few times now that the organisers will comment as soon as they can as they are talking to the venue and advisors. We are still ages away from LFCC.
  5. I can only remember 2 names as well and both are Fassbenders.
  6. Jason, I've booked a send in for C24 but it can't be posted to you until Tuesday as it will be at an event this weekend and the post office will be closed for Bank Holiday on Monday. I'm going to send it special so it will be with you by Wednesday, I hope this is OK. Shall I email you my order number?
  7. They sometimes open where they left off, so 1-100 to make sure there aren't any stranglers who didn't come thorough the day before but will then move on to the next batch as quickly as possible, maybe 1-130, or 1-150. they don't increase it by individual numbers but by small manageable batches. They only want about 25/30 people in the actual queue -that's enough to keep it moving but not become unmanageable. Really you can only see on the day to get a gauge of how quickly it's all going.
  8. As QS says. It's tricky because the auto's are dealt with by number whereas photo's by specific day. If you buy late, so therefore get a high pass number you know your auto may be called the second day, but if there is still space on the diamond pass photo's you may have picked to have that done Saturday. It's just something people should be aware of, like QS said here and in another thread, firstly the Dpasses were never designed with the intention of allowing people to get everything done in a day and whilst they do sell limited number there are other factors at play, including the other activities (talks, photo's ect). Take Richard Dean Anderson (At LFCC) and Christopher Lloyd - both are know to be very slow signers, RDA really didn't get through to many VQ's at all last time he was here, so with that in mind and with the lower numbered dpass holders wanting to get through there may simply not be the opportunity to slip later numbers into the queue. However on the other hand, you may ask the crew member during a lull in the number of people in the queue if they are off doing other things.
  9. Hi Nurf, maybe have a read of this as it deals with your very question. Basically yes, they are called in number order so if you can only do one day it's a risk. However as Adam's tickets have only been on sale a day I'd say there's a good change they are still on lower numbers. However even though it's only been a day they may have sold loads already. Who knows, and the organisers won't discuss how many have sold so far. I'd be fairly confident myself, but please do read the attached thread to help you decide.
  10. Group and prop shoots are usually announced closer to the event as they have to talk to the guests to see if they can do extra's.
  11. It may be that they don't expect any poster sized items for the sports guests, you could go for the memorabilia option as that's clearly for large items.
  12. Easy way to judge it though, if you buy as it's gone on sale your number will be relatively low, if it's one that's been available for a while, it might not be high (we haven't had any warnings of diamonds running low other than Pele) but you have to assume it's going to be middling to high.
  13. Please see above
  14. I will just point out that depending on who it is you are wondering about an auto is not guaranteed anyway. If you have a high VQ number the chances of getting through a Diamond pass guest say, will be lower.
  15. He's not on there but just keep checking back Law, I'm sure they will have him up there soon.