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  1. This has been addressed before Bingo, the day only guests have to be put somewhere and they cannot take into account every combination of passes that attendees have I'm afraid. They have to do what works best for the schedule. I contest that most people have that have BC have Conleth as well, certainly out of all the schedule question's I've answered that combination actually didn't factor in that often. I'm sure many have, but equally many won't as well. You can leave the Benedict talk a little early, you'll get to see most of it and can hurry over to make the end of the shoot.
  2. You cannot change the photo Duke. YOu may have to slip out of the talk for 10 minutes, speak to the crew at the shoot and tell them you need to get back to the talk.
  3. You can bring your Funko and I'm afraid that as you bought really late and will therefore have a high ticket number and can only be there on Saturday there is a risk, small though it may be, that you may not be called for your auto. Speak to the crew manning his queue and explain and they will help you through the auto queue if they can if your number hasn't been called, but if the queue is full of people who have been called they may not be able to help you. You may be fine though, your number may be called and if not they may be able to help you through.
  4. Don't spoil me!
  5. Just be prepared for it to not happen Stassy but I wish you tons of luck.
  6. I think the original question was generic even though it's posted in here but yes that's a good point
  7. You shouldn't have to bypass the queue to get in as everyone will be queuing inside Barty. Go in when you get there and speak to the crew, they should be able to direct you to where you need to go.
  8. Hard to advise exactly for obvious reasons. Mads Diamond has sold out but it did as well last year and he saw tons of VQ's As we have Cumberbatch though there might be more people trying Mads for Strange but I think everyone has a very reasonable chance of seeing him. For Benedict there is simply no way to tell but if you want to try him on the VQ system you want to be there as early as you can be.
  9. They will deal with it as soon as they can but it may not be until after the event for the refund and it will definitely be after for your item to be sent back. Jason G is going to be dealing with getting everything packed up and ready for LFCC so may be concentrating on that.
  10. We don't have confirmation of what time the collections desk is officially opening but hopefully by the wording yes.
  11. I'm sure it will be fine. As long as it was in there in some form. On the poster would have been best but at least you put it in there.
  12. If they say 'I owe you elebenty p' I don't think they do.
  13. Can do. It's the name of the game unfortunately.
  14. True