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Latest guest announcement - AVERY BROOKS

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If only you guys had gone to such lengths for a Star Trek The Next Generation reunion in 2012 as you are a DS9 reunion in 2013!

You probably don't need to keep repeating that ;)


And as has been said elsewhere - it's not necessarily about 'effort' it's about who is available when.

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Met Avery at DSTL he was fantastic when I met him at the photo shoot I walked up to him and he shook my hand asked me how I was in return said I was great and pleased to meet him asking him how he was an he shouted at the top of his voice "I am fantastic what a pleasure to meet you" he had a beaming smile and was so pleasant and funny

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Good news, might finally get round to getting that signed baseball from him that I've always wanted!


Planning to get all of them to sign a baseball. :smile:


Not a bad idea that, might think about doing the same myself!


Just imagine if everyone turned up with a baseball for him to sign lol

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