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  1. General release is May 3rd but the summer movie season is traditionally May - mid Sept. The UK are getting it early I guess
  2. Pretty much all of them will be on my "to watch" list
  3. It does as British Summer Time started today
  4. 10 pints of milk and two roast dinners for you Too Tall?
  5. I thought you had a butler called Jeeves?
  6. Lady Gaga - the only reason NOT to see Machete Kills!
  7. He was interviewed on Sky News this afternoon about GOT
  8. I heard a "Guest Encounter" with you went for two pints of lager and some pork scratchings!
  9. Great race today in Malaysia. Kicking off at Red Bull with Seb Vettell ignoring team directions to maintain formation and thus overtaking Mark Webber after touching wheels. I am a big fan of Seb's driving, but this was naughty. Also kicking off at Mercedes with Ross Brawn not having "a set" and bowing to the Team Bosses by making sure Nico Rosberg did not pass Lewis Hamilton who had fuel issues.
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